It Was All Jen and Tonic’s Idea!

Last week, over at Sips of Jen and Tonic, Jen did a fun game to see how well her blogging followers know her. She told us five truths and one lie about herself, and invited us to guess which one was the lie. She then suggested that others might like to do the same thing on their blogs. Several others have already, and now I am!

I’m also offering a prize with mine, oh yes! Is it cash? No, it’s something better. Is it a gift certificate? No, much better. Books? Wine? Chocolate maybe? No, no, no. Far more exciting than that. One lucky winner will get…wait for it… the fantastic prize of me writing a poem specifically for them and posting a video of me reciting it on my blog! Da-daaaa!!! You’re welcome! If only one person gets the right answer, they win. If more than one person does, then I will randomly select one from those. If nobody gets it right, then I will randomly select someone from all those who guessed. One way or another, someone who makes a guess will get a poem from me whether they like it or not.

So, read the six things below about me, and guess which one is the lie, and answer in the comments. I’ll get my poker face ready…

Vanessa doing poker face

Is it still acceptable to play poker in your PJs in front of a big flower while going a bit cross-eyed? It’s so long since I’ve played, I don’t know what the etiquette is any more.

1) I’m quite a proficient juggler. It was something I’d always wanted to do, so several years back I bought a kit that came with an instructional video, a tips ‘n tricks book, and some juggling balls. I managed to work up to juggling five balls, and was very pleased with myself! Every so often I dig my balls out and have a little practice to make sure I don’t lose the skill.

2) I’m not really one for doing practical crafts, but I do love knitting; I find it very therapeutic, and am fairly good at it. I barely ever do it anymore because of time, but when I was pregnant I knitted baby blankets, cardigans, loads of unusual booties and some teddy bears. A few years ago I knitted chunky woolly hats for my friends for Christmas. I plan to knit a lot when I retire.

3) I can recite the whole Piccadilly line off by heart. I learned it over 25 years ago when I lived in London and had to travel on that underground line to and from work every day, and have never forgotten it. Staring up at the map helped me avoid catching anyone’s eye. It looks like this:

The Piccadilly Line

4) As a child I had two scary sea experiences that I’m pretty sure are the reason I’m nervous in deep water. When I was 5, I and three adults got stuck in a horrendous thunderstorm when the motor on our motorised dinghy broke while we were way out at sea, and it started filling with water. When I was 10, I and two other kids and one adult almost got stuck on a large raised area of sand when the tide was out, and we didn’t realise it had started coming back in around us and cutting off our access back to the beach. We only realised when the lifeguard came rushing out to help us get back!

5) When I was 13 I decided I didn’t like the school I had been going to for two years and wanted to change. While my Dad was away in Greece for a fortnight, and I was being looked after by my gran, I told the school I was at that I wasn’t coming back, went to see the headteacher (principal) of the school I wanted to change to and told him I wanted a place there. I made all the arrangements myself, and by the time my Dad got back from his trip I had already started at the new school, and he had known nothing about it!

6) Last year I twice performed some stand-up comedy at two pubs in London having never done it before. I did get lots of laughs which was quite a buzz, but unfortunately the extreme cramping nerves I felt leading up to it far outweighed any pleasure I derived from it.

To be in with a chance of winning the unique poem written and recited for you (again, you’re welcome), please  leave your guess in the comments below by end of play this Friday, November 29. And if you found this fun, why not do the same thing on your own blog! (You don’t have to do the poem bit).

P.S. Only one entry per person! (I’ve had to add this after Bulldog was very naughty).

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95 responses to “It Was All Jen and Tonic’s Idea!

  1. This was tough, but I’ll guess number one — you are not a juggler. This is such a cool idea, I might have to do it on my own blog.

  2. Vanessa,
    I want a poem read to me, with the sound of Coronation Street playing in the background. So… I say #4, because you give two examples. and one might be off… I mean, you might be afraid of deep water, but it’s probably because you fell in the Thames as a kid.
    Le Clown

  3. I love this game! The cool part of it is that even if I am wrong…the other five answers are right…which means you have some pretty interesting life tid bits…hmmm…which one…eeny…meeny…miny…oh never mind…I guess…wait…still thinking…okay number four…I mean five is a lie.

    I wondered how much of this was in your blog and was very tempted to cheat. It would have put your stats out the room looking but somewhere in school, I learned to play fair…darn.

    • “I love this game!” is exactly what I thought when I read it over at Jen’s! I tried to pick things mainly that I haven’t spoken about in my blog, although some may have been mentioned in comments by me, either on mine or on others’ blogs – but really not worth the big time investment in doing the research!

  4. I think it’s No 6…

    Please delete the incorrect ones… I want a poem…

  5. I’m going to say #2 is a lie, though #5 sure sounds like it could be. But you’ve got gumption, so I’m thinking #5 might actually be true!

  6. Great idea. I believe it’s number 2. I don’t see you knitting in your retirement. writing, yes. Knitting no.

  7. I too don’t think you juggle :-)

  8. No. 2 – Knitting. From the short time I’ve known you online, I’d say that you’re a very active, energetic person and I can’t see you enjoying sitting in a chair making “chunky woolly hats”! You’re a performer, so juggling and stand-up comedy don’t seem so far off, and I can even imagine you might have engineered a school change by yourself, although it seems more unlikely than some of the others. Altogether, all of this makes you a very interesting person!

    • Haha, thank you for your entry Lorinda! It’s funny how people come to the conclusions they do about which one it is (I don’t just mean here, I also mean on a few other blogs I’ve seen where they’ve played this over the last few days!).

  9. Hehee, this is a brilliant idea.
    Not sure I’d dare try it myself, but cool none the less.

    Okay… let’s go for… *meep* #1. Total fib. o.O

  10. I just can’t see #1 being true, but that may just be because I find it utterly impossible to juggle

  11. What a great idea … and you’ve written them as all believable … but I’m saying no to the knitting.

  12. Vanessa I am new to your blog and am enjoying it a great deal! Fabulous idea this quiiz. I am going to be different and go with number 5 and changing schools without parental consent. I would like Oh Canada playing in the background when you read the poem about me :)

  13. This is a tough challenge, Vanessa. Hmm. I’ll pick #2. I can’t see you knitting and I believe I recall something about you and crafts (but I may be confused) so I’m sticking to this one. :-D

  14. Totally random, because I don’t know you and this is my first visit to your blog… but all your examples have good details making them all believable except the comedy club and even that rings true. So judging from my own life’s experiences my guess is…#5. As a former teacher, I’m finding it very hard to believe that any school would allow a child to complete all the necessary paperwork to be transferred or withdrawn.

  15. It’s #2. Knitting is a LIE. You’d have mentioned it by now.

    Can you include an interpretive dance while dressed in ostrich feathers along with the poem? Is that asking too much?

    • Thanks for your vote! And this isn’t the first time where you’ve appeared to read my mind. When I first wrote this post I said the prize was going to be an interpretive dance performed for the winner while I chant their name, but then I chickened out of that one and went for the poem instead! I may incorporate some interpretive dance moves too though now that I know it’s what people want! (Assuming you represent the people as a whole).

      • Not sure I represent the people as a whole but, honestly, who else matters? Should I win–and I’m PRAYING I win–I pretty much demand the interpretive dance. I’m entitled for the mind-read. Don’t forget the feathers.

  16. It’s what I get if I’m wrong that worries me! … Er, it’s definately #3, it hadn’t even been built when you were working in London … had it? Aaaaggghh!

  17. I’m going to go with number 4. It seems likely, which is why it feels iffy to me. Juggling–way impressive. Knitting teddy bears even?!–ditto. IF those are true. Heck, even the Piccadilly Line thing is cool, and understandable. If I’m wrong and those other things are a lie, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to recover!

    • Well I can’t give anything away right now, but at least you know that SOMETHING amongst all of that you said is going to be right seeing as only one of the list isn’t. Either way, I’m sure you’ll recover in time.

  18. Vanessa, you make this tricky and hard. You are so clever with all your fine details. I’m going to go with #1 being lie, not that I don’t think you could do it. It just doesn’t seem as authentic as the others. Oh, I hope I’m right.

  19. Hi Vanessa, firstly, I must apologize for Bulldog……hehehe….. I think it is no. 5.

  20. Well, let me firstly say that I think you proffered six excellent choices for us! And it wouldn’t surprise me if they were all true. :) But since I must pick one, I will say . . . um . . . two. I was tempted by the juggling, but then thought that might be a useful skill for an actor!

    It would be fun to do a post like this, but I’m not sure I could think of anything real that was interesting enough to use!

    • Thank you. I’m sure you could think of things that were interesting enough! It took me quite a few days, I changed my list a few times till I was happy with it. I’m really enjoying seeing what people go for :)

  21. Wow, this is tough. I’m going to go with ummmm 5! Because as much as I hope it’s true, I’m really hoping the school people weren’t so stupid as to let you change schools without an adult’s okay. But on the other hand I have known some pretty clueless adults. haha!

  22. This is a cool idea. I think you probably juggle all sorts of things with ease.

  23. I would say the juggling is a lie. And if it isn’t, then please, please, please put up a video demo showing off your skills so I can be awed. This was fun.

  24. I say knitting. I can believe all of the others. :D

  25. Sorry, but I don’t see you as a knitter. The others sound totally like you — especially the school one!

  26. Think #5 is the lie…because even though you seem totally the type to try to pull off such a stunt, there would be some petty jobsworth at one or other of the schools who would want a parent to sign something or speak to someone. BTW I have discovered that there are quite a few secret knitters out there, and you might well be one of them.

  27. I’m so glad you did this! And…….. I vote #6…..

  28. I’m going to guess number 3. I don’t think anyone can memorize the Picadilly line no matter how bored you are. The other things kinda sound like you. I have no problem believing that you learned juggling on your own. I tried that myself, and I also wanted to learn the harmonica, neither panned out. I can hardly wait to see which one is false.

    • No – you are wrong , lots of people have memorised (from sheer boredom) all the stations on the Piccadilly line, and I, myself, know the whole of the Northern Line (both branches) and am not too bad on the Metropolitan line. OMG that makes me sound like such a sad nerd. And I live in Beijing now so none of that is of any use anyway.

    • Always nice to see you O! I can tell you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the result. It will probably be in a post on Monday (assuming I can write and record the winners’ poem at the weekend!).

  29. I’m new to your blog, and your stories are all so entertaining that really any of them can work. I’m going to guess knitting, #2.

  30. I’m going to go with #6. This was fun!

  31. These all fee pretty real to me. You’re a good fibber!

    But #5 smells a bit fishy to me.

  32. This is a brilliant idea! Here’s my thinking:

    1. Juggling? Yes, of course you can juggle!
    2. Knitting? Hmmm… I just can’t see you doing that – you’re too active.
    3. Picadilly Line? Yes, of course you can do that. But hang on… 25 years ago? What, when you were 5? I don’t think you’d have been commuting at that age.
    4. Tides? Yes, I can see that happening.
    5. Schools? Absolutely – this definitely happened to you!
    6. Stand-up? Real out-of-comfort-zone stuff. Yes, I can see you challenging yourself like that. Not sure why you’d do it twice if it was that painful for you. But yes, I think you did this.

    Bottom line – no.2 – you don’t love knitting. Fingers crossed!

    • Thank you for your run down of thoughts on all of them, I’m loving hearing people’s thought processes. I can’t comment on your comments, other than the (I’m sure totally genuine ;) ) one about my age – I’m 43, so no, 25 years ago I wasn’t 5, but thank you :)

  33. I’m going with #4, but who knows really? After all, you have layers, girl.
    By the way, I’ll be hitting you up for my 5×5 feature soon, so be prepared to be silly!

  34. “Every so often I dig my balls out” – best line of the whole post. You dig those balls out!

    I’m going to guess the knitting thing is a lie, and only because it seems like the most likely of the bunch to be true.

    • I smiled to myself after I wrote that line too, but you’re the only one to comment on it!

      Funny how everyone has different perceptions – the others who have picked knitting said it seemed the least likely one!

      Thanks for coming by Jen, I bet you’re glad it’s the end of November!

  35. Hi there! I’ve been following you for a while. Haven’t said anything – I’m a little intimidated because you’re so gosh dang pretty! Like, magazine ad pretty! And the pics across the top of your blog are all so different – you go from “girl next door” to “psycho girl next door” to “I’m wearing a vivisected dog on my head.” Very versatile!

    I’m too late to enter the contest, but I’m going to have to go with #!, juggling. Although I’m sure it would be cool if you could actually go and dig your balls out. I just don’t see it.

    When is the reveal?????

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  37. how did I miss this–the one that is not true is the juggling because I read your post that said you cannot juggle

  38. I know I’m too late, but I think you can’t possibly be a juggler. (And I didn’t read anything recent because that’s not the way I roll!) :)

  39. Love all the little stories attached to each one, Vanessa. Even though I know which one is the right answer, now. ;) :D

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