So, Who Identified the Truths Correctly?

Last week we played five truths and one lie on here, and lots of you had a go at guessing. I can now reveal that the lie was…the juggling! I’m afraid I cannot juggle five balls. It’s true that juggling is a skill I would love to have, but I don’t have it. Seven of you guessed correctly, and the randomly selected winner from those was Darla from She’s a Maineiac! Hurrah, congrats Darla!

I’ll give a bit of a run down on the list in a moment, but first, as promised, here is your prize Darla, a poem written and recited for you, by me…

The run down on the votes was:

1) The juggling, 7 votes.
2) The knitting, 12 votes.
3) The Piccadilly line, 3 votes.
4) The scary sea experiences, 3 votes.
5) The changing schools tale, 7 votes.
6) The stand-up comedy, 2 votes.

Regarding the knitting - this one received the highest votes, with several of you saying that you just don’t see me as a knitter. I figured this one would receive the highest votes because I don’t really see myself as a knitter either! And yet I love it. As I mentioned, I just don’t have time to do it these days, which is probably why it’s never come up on my blog. My grandmother was a great knitter and she taught me when I was a young child, so maybe there’s something comforting about knitting that reminds me of happy childhood memories with her.

Regarding the Piccadilly line – yes, I know it off by heart. It’s not the most interesting of party tricks to watch, so it’s best just done in my head.

Regarding the scary sea experiences – not much to say here, they happened as described!

Regarding the changing schools tale – this one received quite a few votes. It seems that several of you believed I could do that but you found it hard to believe that anyone would allow me to change schools without parental approval. I know, it is pretty hard to believe, and yet they did! We’re talking 30 years ago though, I doubt that could happen today.

Regarding the stand-up comedy – yes, I twice put myself through it. I’m pleased only two of you voted for that one though, or I’d have been all insecure like “Nobody thinks I’m funny enough!!!” The reason I did it a second time even though I found the first time unbearably nerve-wracking was that I wanted to see if the second time around the enjoyment would go up and fear would go down. It kind of did, but not enough to make me want to pursue it further. I’m not saying I would definitely never do it again, but I don’t think I would.

Well, congrats again to Darla, if you don’t already follow her fabulous blog, then go check her out, tell her Vanessa sent you. And if you have a go at this game, do let me know so that I can come and have a play!

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66 responses to “So, Who Identified the Truths Correctly?

  1. Oh my GOD. This has made my entire day. I absolutely love the poem with your lovely voice. And the bad juggling. And the clinking noise when you dropped them. How did you do that? Also, thanks to your other half for his poem. You are the best, V!

    • Oh and I have to say I’m impressed about you doing stand-up. That would be a dream of mine to one day try it. I don’t think I’d have the nerve.

      • Yes, stand-up had kind of been on my bucket list for years, but I don’t think I would have had the nerve to seek out an opportunity. But I was directly asked if I wanted to, and it was a fairly safe environment in that it was an evening of lots of people doing stand-up, each doing just five minutes, and a few like me who had never done it before, so we were all supportive of each other. I figured if I was ever going to do it, then that was the time to do it! The second occasion was a similar set up.

    • I’m so glad you liked it! Amazingly we filmed that in one take, I was sure I would forget the words or miss catching the scarf or something and have to do loads of takes. The clinking noise wasn’t planned, it just happened which worked out great!

  2. ROTFL at the video! Bravo! *applauds heartily*

  3. I happen to think that stand-up comedy has got to be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do on stage. There’s no troop of actors up there with you, you’re not following a script that someone else wrote. It’s just you, a microphone, your own words and a bunch of eyes staring back at you. What could be more frightening?

    It’s always such a shock to hear a blogger’s voice. I’ve had several meet-ups and that’s always the strangest part. I don’t know if it was your accent (yes, you have an accent) or a earbud glitch on my end but I initially heard:

    “You make me smile
    You make me twirl”


    “You make me smile
    You make me hurl”

    which is a different poem entirely.

    • Yep, I agree about the stand-up; I’ve done acting and singing and dancing on stage and on film, and the stand-up was definitely the most scary. Like you say, it’s all you – you wrote it, you’re performing it, so if people don’t like it, then it’s definitely personal! It’s one of those things though that I’m pleased to have done, rather than always wishing I had tried it.

      Oh goodness, I hope nobody else hears hurl! Hehe. I also agree that people’s voices are often a surprise!

      • “It’s one of those things though that I’m pleased to have done, rather than always wishing I had tried it.”

        One of the reason’s I like your blog so much…you just go out and do stuff…and have fun with it. And , no worries…I anticipated “hurls” as a possibility in the poem and clearly heard “twirls”…which you confirmed with you little spin. :)

        Hubby was such a good sport…behind the lens!

        • Thank you Mrs P – it’s good to experience lots of things, even if they seem scary…maybe especially if they seem scary!

          I never even thought of the word hurl as a possible rhyme for girl! I guess because hurl isn’t that common a word over here.

  4. Well I won… I got to see you and here you perform the poem… well done… but you could have selected the right one for me, seeing as you did not include only one selection in the fine print… but I’ll let you off this time,,,

  5. Best prize ever! Congrats to She’s a Maniac. Now THAT’S a prize to treasure. By the way, if you ever DO want to learn how to juggle, my youngest teen son can teach you…

  6. You’re really funny and talented and terrific, Vanessa (even if you can’t juggle), and so is Neil and I’m happy to have made your acquaintances! However, as an American I must say that across the pond “scarf” and “laugh” don’t rhyme!

  7. Congratulations to Darla. TWO poems. Lucky girl, and a video. You are so imaginative, Vanessa.
    It was a toss up between juggling (oops :-)) and knitting. You fooled us because all of these habits sounded TRUE. :-D

  8. I guessed right, Vanessa!! I loved your poem. I just inserted my own name in there in private….ha ha, hee hee, ho ho!! You’re so cute.

    • I found it really interesting how different people approached their guess – some people seemed to think about which one was most likely to be something I do/did, and others seemed to try and pick out which one I asserted most unconvincingly. I definitely felt you went for the latter because you said something like it didn’t sound as authentic rather than you didn’t believe I would be able to juggle. So you’re probably someone who usually makes decisions by instinct and gut feelings right? (Get me with the psychoanalysis!). When I read the original one by Jen and Tonic, I guessed right too, and it was because one just didn’t sound right, not the subject, but the way it was said. And yet on someone else’s I went to, they all seemed to be expressed as convincingly as each other so I had to try and decide based on the subject, and I got that one wrong. All very interesting!

      • Yes! All very interesting. To me, it was something about the kind of details you provided. In the case of the juggling, it didn’t seem personal and more general in nature. With the other subjects, you had some little story behind them. So, that’s how I decided. Gut sort of, but also I think on the logical side. I can be highly logical and rational if I set my mind to it! That was a fun game. Well played.

  9. So bummed I didn’t win. Do it again some time! I didn’t think you’d have the lie right off the bat. I thought you’d try to sneak it in the middle somewhere. You tricky, tricky, lyrical girl. But I enjoyed the poem!

  10. Awesome poem for Darla. This was such a fun post idea (this and the previous one). I want to do it, but I haven’t had 2 seconds to sit down and think. Even though the big wedding is done, we’re doing a little open house here in 3 weeks for my Boise friends, so my time is still not mine until after Christmas. But I don’t want to forget this, so will you remind me to come up with a lie and some truths about myself after then? Just kidding. I won’t be that mean to you to make you remember something else that isn’t your problem. I’m glad you can’t juggle…because if you could, I was going to be very jealous that you could do EVERYTHING!

  11. Drat, I should have stuck with my first choice, which was juggling! :) Ah, well, congratulations to She’s A Maineac for winning such a great poem!

  12. This game was a great idea for an author’s blog! The less people guessing the correct answer, the more convincing your writing must be – and it seems you did pretty well!

    • Well I certainly had fun doing it! I just read your latest blog post about leaving bits out with characters, it was really interesting – a tricky balance to strike like you said. I thought I’d just mention that here in case I don’t make it back over there later to comment!

  13. Well drat, I lost.
    But your poem video was amazing. You’re kind of adorable. You’re like Frauelein Maria :)

  14. Love the poem, Darla is very lucky to have you write a poem in her honor. I will say that initially, because it is a rhyming poem, that you were going to rhyme ‘scarf’ with ‘barf’, but ‘laugh’ is much nicer.

    And I still don’t believe you can knit. I need proof. A video. Of you knitting. How much fun would that be!! :)

  15. Great poem! But dangit, I wanna poem! Be sure to do this contest thing again, ‘kay?

  16. Oh no! Now a knitting-poetry-reading video! – what do you want me to throw at you this time?

  17. Sorry I missed the original post, Vanessa…but I think these insights were just as enjoyable as trying to sort out the mystery! I really like in particular what you say about knitting. So many hobbies can fall by the wayside as we become older and more consumed with other projects and responsibilities. I love the image of your grandmother teaching a young Vanessa (maybe in ponytails and a romper) how to knit, though. :)

  18. Great poetry, Vanessa! Glad I got to see your video before things froze around here! Sorry I missed your original post, however…

  19. Sweet! Perhaps you should recite poetry for your stand-up comedy act?

  20. Congrats Darla! Vanessa, you got me. I didn’t think it could be the juggling. ;)

  21. I thought it was the school thing. I guess (your) truth is stranger than fiction ha.

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