Some photographs…

It seems I have been remiss in my goal to do at least one blog per week. So here are some photos of me instead. Taken a few weeks ago by the wonderful Rob Duncan Photography. So in a very self-indulgent way, I give you me…

(The header image at the top of the page is one of Rob’s too).

Vanessa ChapmanVanessa ChapmanVanessa ChapmanVanessa ChapmanVanessa ChapmanVanessa ChapmanVanessa ChapmanVanessa Chapman

Vanessa in coat


16 responses to “Some photographs…

  1. Oh my, what a fantastic arrangement of photos, you look fantastic V and lucky wall I say, lol tee hee….. keep smiling Gx


  2. One thing, why do photographers ask their models to tilt their head to one side? Is there a reason for this? Gx


    • Well I can’t speak for other photographers, but in my case, I don’t think Rob particularly asked me to tilt my head to the side – you commented on that when I had my last lot of photos done, so it must just be something I do! x


  3. Really like the pics V, I particularly like 6b and 8 as I think it brings out “you” in the pic. Your ‘tog has a good eye for setting the photo. Really good work.


  4. Just a quick note to say….that these are really beautiful.


  5. These are all great but really love the last one with the sun!


    • Thank you – we were really lucky that day because the weather had been quite rainy and variable for several days, and that area also often has a lot of fine spray coming up from the sea (my hair would have been a frizzball!), but the weather was just perfect.


  6. With rain in the last couple of days it would have cleaned the air giving great opportunity for photos. But Rob did a great job with a great model!


  7. PS – the shot by your daughter of he eye is very well done as well!


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