She was the one from Jonny Briggs

My first article in the Canterbury Index magazine has been published. The article is on page 39 ‘One Day in the Life of…Sue Devaney’, so if you can’t read it well enough by clicking on the image of the article below, then here is the link to the online version of the magazine:

Sue was lovely and charming to interview, and having been a big fan of Jonny Briggs as a kid, I was somewhat starstruck (but I think I hid it well). Some may know her better from Coronation Street or Dinnerladies. Whether she is known to you or not, if you’re in Canterbury this Christmas season, do pop down to the Marlowe Theatre to see her in what I’m sure will be a fabulous performance of Cinderella.

December Index Canterbury magazine coverMagazine article about Sue Devaney


2 responses to “She was the one from Jonny Briggs

  1. Lovely article Vanessa. Congratulations. Looking forward to reading more days in the lives of…
    Please could you arrange to interview Claire Skinner as she is so wonderful as the mum in “Outnumbered”. You may have to find a Canterbury connection but as a good journalist I am sure you can come up with something.
    Mike x


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