The start of the book journey

A wrapped present

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here, but I have a good excuse, or nine. There was the post-Christmas/New Year recovery, there were auditions, there’s the kids, the cats, the hamster, my job, I’ve done a bit of filming, wrote and submitted another magazine article, started writing and planning a short comedy film I’m producing with Stacey (you know Stacey right?), not to mention the new series’ of Desperate Housewives and Dancing on Ice starting. But today I will be mostly talking about my book. It’s not a book yet, it’s a plan, of sorts. Most people seem to believe that they have a book inside them somewhere waiting to get out if only they had the time. Time can be an enemy indeed, but this year I’ve decided to just get on with it. I know vaguely that it’s going to be about parenting, and I know vaguely that it will be lighthearted, and I know exactly what the title is going to be (which I’m not going to reveal at the moment). Beyond that, I don’t know a lot yet.

As part of my research, I decided to set up a short survey for parents to fill in which will help me to define the themes for the book, and provide some material for it. So I shall now take the opportunity to post the link to the survey for any parent (who has at least one child aged 18 or under still living at home) to fill in for me if they would be so kind:

The survey is anonymous, so I will not know who you are. Which brings me to the picture of the gift at the top of this post; it’s a thank you to everyone who completes my survey – I have no way of contacting you to thank you personally for giving me a few minutes of your time, so it’s just a little gift to show my gratitude. What’s inside you ask? Well it can be whatever you want it to be (as long as it’s book-shaped).

And if you are one of those people yourself with a book inside you waiting to be released, then why not take inspiration from me and get started – good luck!


4 responses to “The start of the book journey

  1. It’s so exciting to start a new book journey. I hope you enjoy the ride.


  2. Wow–your description of yourself could have been me! Thanks for stopping by walkingpapers and I wish you all the luck with your book! It is a “one day at a time” labor of love. I just completed the survey too. Have fun!



    • Thanks Suzanne – for stopping by and commenting and for doing the survey! It’s been really interesting reading the responses coming in on the survey, I get excited with each new one that comes in!


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