My 10 on Tuesday

.Vanessa as Junior Miss Pontins

A bit of frivolity today. I’ve seen a few bloggers doing this ’10 on Tuesday’ thing. My understanding is that it started out with people asking 10 specific questions on a Tuesday, which others then answered on their own blog. Other people seem have adopted the theme of 10 on Tuesday by just doing their own random 10 things on a Tuesday. I may have completely misunderstood the whole thing, but I’m going to go with it anyway and do 10 facts about me that you probably don’t know (unless you’re one of my close friends, in which case you will certainly know some of them).

1) When I was 6, I lived for a year up in the French Alps with just my mother and another family. We were away from society, completely self-sufficient with no electricity/plumbing etc. I have a very good memory of my childhood and will probably write more about this experience at some point.

2) In 1982 I won Junior Miss Pontin’s whilst on a school trip, hence the photo at the top of this post. I’m pretty sure it was the socks that swung it for me

3) When I was in my late 20s/early 30s I lived in Las Vegas for four and a half years. During that time I appeared in a few TV adverts for casinos.

4) During an actual performance of a play I was in a few years ago, a fellow actor accidentally stamped on my hand on stage and broke my finger. I carried on through the rest of the play with my finger swelling, my fingernail hanging off, and blood dripping all over the stage (what a trooper eh?).

5) One day in the mid 90s, a big black limo pulled up to where I was standing and the driver got out to ask me directions. Whilst I was speaking with him, the windows of the limo rolled down and inside were the five Take That boys! They started calling out comments to me and laughing (not unkindly, just messing about). I turned into an absolutely pathetic girly giggling mess who completely lost the power of speech.

6) My Dad (an electronics engineer) taught me to wire a plug when I was 8 years old. I don’t think he knew that I used to go around the house unwiring and rewiring plugs to practise after that.

7) I am allergic to Quorn (yes that’s Quorn, not corn). Or I should probably say intolerant rather than allergic. This is a strange thing for me because I have a strong stomach and can eat anything. I have never been allergic/intolerant/sensitive to anything, yet if I eat even a small piece of Quorn I develop unbelievably excruciating stomach pains.

8) When I was working as a PA on the outskirts of NW London in my 20s, the Managing Director one day asked me to take his car to go and collect a VIP visitor from the train station which was a few minutes drive away (when I say VIP, it’s not anyone you would have heard of, but he was a VIP in the industry we were in). I was a bit nervous, partly because the visitor was a bit of a legend in our game, and partly because I was driving the boss’s big flashy expensive car. After picking him up, I took a wrong turn and ended up on an unfamiliar one-way system which then took me onto a motorway. We drove for many miles up the motorway, where I developed a nervous and slightly hysterical laugh that went on for an uncomfortably long amount of time. When we finally exited the motorway I was completely lost. Almost 2 hours later we made it back to the office. I’m pretty certain that at some point during the drive, the visitor genuinely became concerned that I was some insane woman who had kidnapped him.

9) When I was a child I used to share ice-cream cones with my cat. I would hold it and we would lick a side each for a while. Then I would twist it round so that we could each have a lick of the other side. She liked strawberry best.

10) When I was about 3 or 4 years old, on several occasions I stole a tub of margarine out of our fridge at home and then took it up to my room where I proceeded to eat my way through it with a spoon (I told you I had a strong stomach). It took my parents a while to work out where the margarine kept disappearing to. They eventually found a stash of empty margarine tubs in the wendy house in my room and soon after that a lock appeared on the fridge.

Oh, is that the 10 done already? And I was having such fun.


19 responses to “My 10 on Tuesday

  1. Wow, Heidi, Junior Miss Pontin’s (what’s a pontin?), a kidnapper, and you had a margarine addiction. What is Quorn? Maybe I’ll do an 11 on Wednesday…


    • Haha, a few too many Britishisms in my post here then! Ok Pontin’s is a chain of family vacation camps that used to be really popular in England, but have been in decline over recent years due to the increasing popularity of going abroad. There are other ones apart from Pontin’s. Basically they consist of lots apartments/chalets, and everything you need is on site – restaurants, swimming pools, playgrounds, entertainment, various activities and contests that guests can enter (such as the Junior Miss Pontins!). Quorn is a vegetarian meat alternative made out of a kind of fungus-based protein (mmm, yum right?) I’m not vegetarian though. Funnily enough I was thinking of doing 11 on Wednesday instead and I was going to call it ‘Weleven on Wednesday’ (you’re welcome to steal that idea if you like) 😉


  2. I really enjoyed reading these memories Vanessa! The one about the tub of margarine rang a bell as I did something just as bad when I was about 6. I know it sounds incredible but I ate a wall! Yes, I ate all the plaster off a wall in an outhouse at the farm where we lived at the time. When it was discovered I was watched very closely as everyone thought I would die or at least be ill. But nothing happened. Sometimes I still fancy a bit of wall!


  3. Did u know Mandy also won the Junior Miss @ Pontins, + I of course won the talent show the same year !! Our bluecoat was Shane Ritchie….. I didn’t know about the French Alps nor the margarine…. But I did know you were weird.


  4. I laughed out loud at number 8, but, I hasten to add, not in a nervous or hysterical way!


  5. These are great Vanessa! I didn’t know you were a fellow Brit! 🙂 Miss Pontins sounds amazing, I can’t say I’ve ever been, but I have been to a Haven! 😛

    Oh noooo, number 8 sounds horrendous, where did you go?? On the North Circular??


    • Yep, I’m a Brit! I’m in Kent. Yes, we’ve also done Haven, as well as Park Resorts and Butlins too – I liked those holiday camps as a child, and my children have enjoyed them, but I can’t say I’d be in any rush to go to them for an adult holiday. Although some of my friends have done hen weekends, or birthday weekends with a big group at Butlins and had a good time by all accounts!

      No it wasn’t the North Circular; I was working in Park Royal and there was a little one-way system near there and I think from memory it was the M40 motorway we ended up on.


      • Oh awesome! LimebirdMike lives in Kent! 🙂 Yes I enjoyed them as a child, I think I went to the Sandy Bay Haven. No, I don’t think I’d rush to go back now, but maybe a hen do might not be too bad!

        Oh gosh, poor you! 😦


  6. That made me smile and laugh too! Do you have a sat nav now? 🙂


  7. Thank you Vanessa! This made me smile and also laugh! XX Keep writing!


  8. I particularly loved the ‘kidnap’ story.

    I’m happy also to read the margarine story as my 5yo eats an incredible amount of butter.

    Could it be you also have an intolerance to mushrooms? Isn’t Quorn developed from a type of fungus?


    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I wouldn’t like to advocate eating large amounts of fat, but hopefully you can take comfort in the fact that I turned out reasonably ok! (some might argue of course).

      No I’m completely fine with mushrooms. There is something particular about the fungus, or the way it is processed, for Quorn, which affects me (and a lot of other people apparently too, I looked it up once I discovered my intolerance).


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