Them’s my boots

Vanessa's booted feet

I would like to introduce you to my boots. That’s them in the picture. At the start of every winter I buy myself a pair of boots. They must meet the following criteria – they must be comfortable, lovely to look at, suitable to wear with the majority of my winter wardrobe, and tough. These criteria are all essential as the boots will be worn pretty much every day through the winter. Now, as we head towards the start of warmer weather (she says somewhat optimistically for February), I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness that soon these boots will have reached the end of their time as head boots. They will go into the shoe cupboard to join some of the other boots from previous years that have been kept for occasional outings, but next year some other boots will step up and take on the role of head boots. I wonder if they will be able to live up to the high standard set by this year’s boots? It’ll be a tough job because, I can assure you, this year’s boots have been really good boots. The best. They have never let me down (apart from that one time at Oxford Street tube station when they tripped me up climbing the stairs, but we don’t talk about that anymore). We’ve shared a lot together…

We’ve run and walked and jumped and climbed and skipped (when nobody’s looking) together. Through rain and snow and sleet and wind and sun. We’ve stood patiently waiting on train platforms and in line at the supermarket. We’ve watched films at the cinema and walked round museums and parks and along the seafront. We’ve jumped excitedly in mud at the side of the football field cheering for my son’s school team. We’ve driven children to school and me to work. We’ve sat in dentist’s chairs and hairdresser’s chairs and coffee shop chairs. We’ve kicked things like leaves and stones and footballs. We’ve walked on grass and road and sand and stone and tile and gravel and carpet. And we’ve shopped.

My boots have heard me laughing and crying and singing and shouting and whispering. They’ve supported me through auditions and stopped me slipping on ice. They’ve been witness to birthday, Christmas and New Year preparations. They’ve been with me on visits to friends and relatives. They’ve been complimented “Nice boots!”.

Yep, we’ve done a lot together me and my boots, and not once have they hurt my feet, or leaked, or sustained any cracks, scuffs or worn patches.

And all of that is the reason why I would like to publicly say “Thank you boots, you’ve done me proud”.


10 responses to “Them’s my boots

  1. Hi V
    I’m wondering what happens when all of your past years’ boots get togoether in that cupboard?Are they a colllection of past memories stored, like a photo album, or do they just have a faint aroma of past experiences as they languish lonely and abandoned?? Might they be better re-cycled onto other feet to continue to accrue moving memories? Linda 😉 xx


  2. Well, I know that women have an affection for shoes, clearly that is the right word, but now I’m convinced. I’ve had the same pair of boots for twenty years. Boots should last that long or longer. They never go out of style and the longer you wear them the more comfortable they are. Don’t put them away too soon. I think we have a few more weeks of winter coming.


  3. I like those boots, Vanessa – where can I get some?!!!


  4. Lovely boots indeed. Clearly a “shoe staple.” Thanks for following my blog. I started reading yours and found myself thinking…”I’d really like to hang out with her.” LOL You sound very friendly and funny and irreverent….which is a very winning combination. 🙂


    • Thank you so much, that’s a really lovely compliment to say that I sound like someone you’d like to hang out with, in fact I can’t imagine a nicer compliment! It’s made me smile a lot, like this 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I’m looking forward to getting lots more fashion tips from your blog!


  5. At least you update your boots yearly. I tend to wear mine until even I can tell they’re an embarrassment. 😉


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