Chocolate and beautiful gardens

Here are the latest two ‘Day in the life’ articles I wrote for the Canterbury Index magazine. The first was published in the February edition and the second in March. You should be able to view a larger (readable!) version of the articles by clicking on them, but If not, I’ve posted a link to the online version of the magazines below the pictures. One of the best things about writing these articles is getting to interview such varied and interesting people. Then the challenge is trying to capture the essence of what they do in only 250 words.

Canterbury Index magazine cover Feb 12Magazine article about Sandrine May

Canterbury Index magazine March 23 coverMagazine article about Lesley Dawes

Direct links:

Canterbury Index February 2012 – Article is on page 17

Canterbury Index March 2012 – Article is on page 48


2 responses to “Chocolate and beautiful gardens

  1. Do they not give you a byline? Do you take the photographs as well? These are well written short pieces, and I’ll bet you do meet some interesting people.


    • Yes they’re supposed to give me a byline and they did for the December and January ones (you can see them under my menu heading of ‘Published’). For February and March they had someone else looking after it and they missed my name off, but I have been promised that my name will be back on there for April! I don’t take the photographs, but I’m responsible for getting photographs, so either the person I’m writing about provides the photos if they have good high res ones, or I bring my photographer friend along with me.


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