My week in pictures

I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, but I do like to try and digitally capture our lives as we go along. I thought I would select a few photos from this, a fairly random week, to show my week in pictures.

So, firstly we baked…

A plate of cupcakesBread and flapjacks

The cupcake decorating was my daughter’s handiwork. The three of us decorated cakes, but hers were the most photogenic. I am solely responsible for the slightly odd bread with the split in the side, hence the strategic placing of it in front of the bread bin in the hope that the word will help identify what it is. In the tub are flapjacks.

On Tuesday I was privileged to have been one of the judges for an art competition at the Turner Contemporary gallery (although not quite as grand as being a judge for the Turner Prize which my friend mistakenly thought I meant when I told her about my judging experience!). As you will no doubt know, Turner was famous for painting sunsets and so it was fitting that I should photograph a sunset from the gallery window on that judging evening…

A sunset across the sea

My daughter photographed her eye. A slightly strange inclusion in this post perhaps, however photography is something she is becoming more and more interested in, so I wanted to include one of her pics from this week. It’s also the only photo in this post taken on a proper camera rather than my phone…

A close up of eye

On Thursday I got to dress up as a welder for the filming of a DVD that I am in. You may think this is a very unglamorous picture, but I’m sure you will change your mind when I tell you that what you can’t see are the high-heeled strappy shoes I was wearing…

Vanessa dressed as a welder

My son’s school football team made it to the final, and Saturday morning was the match. They didn’t win, but it didn’t matter, they were pleased to have made it to the final and it was a good game. Plus they got medals and cookies. My son is in yellow, in the middle of the photo, just left of the ref…

School football game

After a dull and misty morning, it brightened up and I got the barbeque out. Ok, it’s just a little disposable one that I had knocking around from last summer, but it did the job. After eating we made a volcano…

Vanessa cooking on barbequeSon making a volcano

Sunday we took a little trip to the visitor centre at the Hornby trains factory which isn’t too far from us. They also make Scalextric and Corgi cars. The visitor centre is a mini museum with a couple of hands-on sets to try. My son has wanted to go there for a while; my daughter didn’t, so we took the opportunity to go whilst she was at a friend’s…

Son playing on Scalextric set

A pretty good week I would say. How was yours?


27 responses to “My week in pictures

  1. Suzanna Hughes

    I think you look ruddy gorgeous as a welder, and the tease of the heels is just too much!!!! Loving your blog! Stupidly proud of you… I’m the friend who thought she was judging the Turner prize btw… Yes I’m blonde! I love reading your blog + catching up with you and my beautiful niece + nephew. Oh Alana, about your cupcakes, wedding cake is awfully expensive and I’m pretty sure that cake baking is in her list of bridesmaid duties πŸ˜‰ I’m alright for bread though V! X


  2. jumpingpolarbear

    The baking looks yummy :).


  3. I like your devil may care approach to photography and outlook on life. Also, I enjoy your blog.


  4. This was a lot of fun! You had anything but an ordinary week! I especially liked your daughter’s eye, and what a beautiful eye it is…I think I would kill for those eyelashes. And that’s not football, that’s soccer πŸ™‚ You make me want to start carrying my camera around, just documenting the things I see–which I used to do quite a bit. This week I was going to take a picture of my beautiful baby fringe tree, but the camera battery wasn’t charged. I finally remembered to do it on Friday evening, and then it stormed and knocked all the blossoms off that very night! Sigh! You have to be prepared to seize the moment, and sadly, I was not! (Story of my life.) But now I’m going to turn over a new leaf…


    • Glad you found it fun – it was fun doing it, and it made me realise that I do have quite a bit of variety in my life. I did contemplate calling it soccer rather than football to please my American followers and we do call it soccer over here too, but football is the more common name so I went with that. I’ve never really understood why you guys call your game football when it should really be called handball – the ball spends more time in hands than being kicked, so in that way, our football is a more aptly named πŸ˜‰ Also glad I’ve inspired you to take more photos!


  5. Wonderful pictures, especially liked the sunset from the judging window and the welder’s outfit. Too funny. Thanks for the glimpse into your week. My attempt at sympathy for my week is the subject of my blog today. I think.


  6. Love People’s Pics… A few things…
    Your phone does just fine. Nice ‘Turner’.
    I have never seen a more glamorous welder in my life… that photo brings to mind Claire Danes… so now I am in love with you too.
    How old is your daughter? She is quite talented, judging by her culinary talents and the eye pic.
    Nice bar-b-que.
    Your son is playing Soccer… where do you live?
    You are a pretty good Mom!


    • Thank you for the compliments, actually you’re the second person recently to say I look like Claire Danes, maybe I could get a job as a looky likey. My daughter is 13 and yes, she’s pretty creative. I’m in England, hence me calling it football – as I replied to fakename2 up there ^^^ our football involves a lot more contact between foot and ball than your football does πŸ˜‰


  7. I kind of thought that… hence your use of the word ‘whilst’. My granddaughter is quite the soccer player and such fun to watch. Our football is really just a bunch of big guys beating each other up nowadays.


  8. So true about American football. I hate it. Any other sport–soccer, tennis, track, baseball, skating, skiing…any other sport I can name requrires more skill and finesse.


  9. Except not basketball. Because to be succesful in it in the USA, you have to be a freak. But basketball used to be fun.


  10. I love this idea, what a great way to recall your children and loved ones, and recalling a happy moment when you are in a less happy one…I hope to follow your example, thanks for idea!


    • Thank you, although I’m not sure I really invented the idea! It has made me think I would like like to do a week in pictures more often though, it is a nice little glimpse of a moment in time that would be really good to look back on I think.


  11. Gorgeous sunset Vanessa!


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