Beer and stone and charities

Well here are my latest published articles for the Canterbury Index magazine. I wrote two articles for the May issue which is just out – a Charity of the Month article about the homeless charity ‘Catching Lives’, and a VIP (Very Important Person) article about Richard Frost, the Head Brewer at the Shepherd Neame Brewery. For the April issue I wrote a Charity of the Month article about the ‘Canterbury Oast Trust’, a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities, and a VIP article about Heather Newton who is Head Stonemason at Canterbury Cathedral. As always, clicking on the article image will open up a bigger version, but if you still can’t read it you can follow the links below the articles to the online copy of the magazine.

Cover of the Canterbury Index May 2012 editionCanterbury Oast Trust articleRichard Frost article

Cover of Canterbury Index April 2012 editionArticle about the charity Catching LivesArticle about Heather Newton

May issue, articles on pages 7 and 8: Canterbury Index May 2012 issue

April issue, articles on pages 9 and 10: Canterbury Index April 2012 issue

As always, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to talk to such varied and interesting people about their lives and work, and I would certainly say that getting a tour round a brewery is the type of research I could get used to!


9 responses to “Beer and stone and charities

  1. Vanessa, you look GOOD in print! Nice articles. It’s exemplory work identifying such positive charitable resources .


  2. Cut the Crop! just took my lines. I quite agree. Nice work, Vanessa.


  3. These are fantastic. Thank you for sharing the. I love seeing people I know with their words in print.


  4. Jackie Paulson is my challenge for 30 days of blogging honesty…and I love it that my blog link brought me to you. You are so beautiful….and of course tom’s link sent me here-where I found out about this challenge.


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