My latest published article – Stephen Hussey

You may have read the post I wrote for the Limebird Writers site last week – Interviewing for Magazine Articles. Well, here is an example of an article I have written which was based on an interview. This has just been published in the June 2012 edition of the Canterbury Index magazine. The article is about Stephen Hussey, the founder of the Urban Soul Orchestra. An extremely interesting and talented man.

Canterbury Index June 2012 coverArticle about Stephen Hussey

If you can’t read it properly above, you can go direct to the online version of the magazine here, the article is on page 43:


13 responses to “My latest published article – Stephen Hussey

  1. How wonderful! You are so talented!


    • Well I don’t know about that, but thank you! I’ve learnt that the main skill is in the choice of interview questions – if you get that right then the article pretty much writes itself!


  2. Congrats on the article. I think being able to interview someone and then do a write-up so that it doesn’t sound like ‘he said/she asked’ is extremely hard to do. After reading your article, I think you did a fab job!


  3. You rock! I am so jealous!


  4. Enjoyed the interview, and the mag is interesting too. I listened to the band (orchestra) on you tube and love their sound. Urban soul is not so big in the US (I think) but it is very creative.


    • Thank you, yes it is a nice magazine, I’ve been writing for them for several months – there are always a few copies of it lying around the reception area where I work and I can often be found casually looking over people’s shoulders to see if they are reading my article!

      Yes, they do have a good sound, I’ve never seen them play live, but I think I might go to their performance at the festival.


  5. Bang up job, Vanessa. You are truly talented. Fab article.


  6. You really do rock


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