Two tales about my children’s hair


This is my daughter. Note what a good head of hair she has…or should I say had? (Don’t worry, it’s nothing THAT bad).

Glasspainting with lovely hairRunning with long hair

A week or so ago, she mentioned that she had a bit of a knotty tangle in her hair. I’m ashamed to admit that I completely dismissed it and told her to just brush it out, despite her protestations that she couldn’t. Over the course of the next two or three hair washes, she kept mentioning that the tangle was getting worse, she couldn’t get a brush through it, all she could do was grab it and twist it all round into a big bun. Finally I had a proper look at it and, oh my goodness me, I’ve never seen such a matted mass of tangle! I made her sleep overnight with half a bottle of conditioner in her hair, and in the morning I set to work. I kid you not, I spent three hours painstakingly working through the matted mass. Quite a bit of hair was lost along the way – despite my best efforts to be gentle, some of it just ripped and came out. Some bits I had to cut. Mostly, she was very patient, but all the pulling and tugging was clearly quite painful. I felt awful for not having attended to it sooner, but finally she had smooth tangle-free hair, albeit a little less of it. This is how much hair I gathered up from the floor after we were done:

A pile of cut hair

Despite the rather shocking appearance of this mass of hair, you wouldn’t know about the ordeal that her hair had gone through to look at her. She just looks like she’s had a bit of a trim. Phew.


Looking through some old photographs recently, I found pictures of my son’s very first haircut, which I did for him myself. I have no hairdressing training, but that has never stopped me from cutting my friends’ and family’s hair. With some of them, it’s just the once; honestly I don’t know why they make such a fuss, it’s not like it doesn’t grow back. Anyway, much as we loved my son’s tousled look with his blond hair and big blue eyes, we eventually decided that it was time for his first cut. Like most little boys his age, he wasn’t known for sitting still for long, so we had to catch him whilst he was strapped in his high chair after eating.

So this is him prior to the haircut. The expression on his face says that he knows something is about to happen…

Son prior to haircut

Then here he is part way through the cut, clearly resigned to what is happening.

Son during haircut

And the end result. Do you think he likes it?

Son after haircut


20 responses to “Two tales about my children’s hair

  1. I just wish I could find a hairbrush that actually removed tangles! My youngest gets loads of them. My oldest had a horrible time with knots until her hair was cut shorter. Well done your girl for letting you attack her mop so successfully.


    • Generally she doesn’t have a problem, she’s had long hair for a long time, and this was the first time we had a knotting incident that she couldn’t deal with herself. She’s 13, so she was old enough to understand that she had to either sit still and let me deal with it, or go to the hairdressers and risk that they might want to cut it all off!


  2. Nice work with your son’s hair. And yikes about your daughter’s! That did look like a lot of hair! Nice that she was so good about it.


  3. Three hours is a long time doing anything. A parent’s job is never done.


  4. I could use a trim. Are you game?


  5. You should try the tangle teezer if it happens again – seriously good brush! Don’t worry, I once got a small round brush stuck in my hair and Aaron had to spent about an hour detangling… then I did it again the next week. I wish this was a joke.. but seriously that happened to me! haha


    • Someone else mentioned that brush to me, I think I shall have to invest in one – maybe if I’d had one last week, the 3 hour detangling time could have been halved! That’s funny about the hairbrush in your hair! I’ve accidentally pointed the wrong end of the hairdryer at my hair before and sucked some hair into the hairdryer that got all caught up in the mechanisms and burnt! (just the once though!).


  6. That is shameful about that tangle! I’m getting straight on the phone to Child Line!!! 😉 I’m pretty sure you could make a 118 wig out of that hair, there might even be enough left for a tache afterwards! 😉

    Actually, I think your hairdressing skills are pretty good and your children are so cute. Funny how you didn’t post the ‘after’ picture of your girl… 😉


  7. SO cute, really. How’s your daughter faring with her new ‘do’? (Your kids are adorable, btw)


  8. despite the hair-tasophies, you have adorable kids.


  9. What a delightful family you have. Despite not having formal training, the results look awesome. Must be a natural talent.


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