5 Daily Simple Pleasures and 2 Weekly Ones

A stripey mug of tea

My last couple of list posts have focused on negative things – 5 Things I have grown to hate since having kids and The 6 worst (non-serious) things that can happen to you so this time I am taking a more positive slant with a list of simple pleasures that I enjoy regularly. But first I must give a shout out to my blog twin (as I now call her), mskatykins as she and I seem to be developing a habit of coming up with the same ideas for our blog posts. Only yesterday she wrote a post with a list of things she was thankful for, which is in a very similar vein to this post which I had already started composing. Anyway, without further ado…


1) A hot shower – I love my daily shower. The hot powerful jets of water cascading over me, I could spend hours in there. It is also an opportunity for me to get lost in my thoughts. Many a blog post or piece of writing has been composed in my head whilst in the shower, even if it is interrupted with the occasional “Mum I’m hungry! Can I have…”.

2) The first cup of tea of the day – I drink quite a lot of tea and coffee throughout the day (don’t judge me), but nothing quite beats that first cup which serves to save me from the early signs of dehydration that have set in overnight.

3) Hugs – Hugs are great right? We hug when we are happy and when we are sad, we hug to say hello and to say goodbye, we hug to show sympathy or support, and we hug to congratulate. What else but a hug is appropriate to so many situations? I like to hug my kids and my partner as much as possible, and I’m sure you do too (although I do wish you would stop hugging my kids and partner, and find your own). But why stop at loved ones? Hug your neighbour, hug your cat, hug your neighbour’s cat, or if all else fails, hug yourself; you deserve it.

4) Eating – Eating is definitely one of life’s great daily pleasures, and I try to always make a point of appreciating having plenty of good food available to me, because not everybody does.

5) Laughter – I laugh a lot, as often as possible. If something funny happens I try and remember it often so that I can laugh again. I laugh about things that happened years ago, so the older I get, the more stock of things I have to laugh about.


1) Cooking a roast dinner – Most Sundays, if we’re home in the evening, then I’ll cook a roast dinner. It’s not just that we all enjoy eating a roast, it’s also the cooking process that I enjoy. I hang out in the kitchen for the whole two or so hours that it takes to cook. I put the radio on, I pour myself a glass of something nice, and I have the laptop open on a counter top so that I can dip into Facebook, Twitter, and blog reading in between tending to the dinner. The kids will pop in and out wanting to help, or just to show me something. It is always a lovely, relaxed couple of hours for me.

2) Climbing into freshly laundered bed sheets – How wonderful are clean sheets? The gentle lingering scent of lavender and jasmine emanating from the cool crisp white cotton sheets. Heaven.

As you go about your daily business, it’s always worth taking a bit of time to appreciate the simple pleasures.


23 responses to “5 Daily Simple Pleasures and 2 Weekly Ones

  1. Love that mug! I’m not so huggy as you – but might try and train myself to do it a bit more, or at least not faint if my neighbour hugs me! Nicola http://homemadekids.wordpress.com


    • Yes, that’s my favourite mug – it actually came as a Christmas gift from Boots, one of those where you get a sachet of hot chocolate and some marshmallows with it! I’m probably not as huggy as the impression I may have given, I don’t literally go around hugging everyone! πŸ˜‰


  2. For me, one of the best Daily (or Nightly) Simple Pleasures is peeking in on my boy after he has fallen asleep. Seeing him there makes my heart feel so very full.


    • Oh yes, that’s a good one – even though mine are 13 and 10, they both still look so sweet when they’re asleep, I always go and have a little look at them and smile before I go to bed. There’s also something about relaxing when you know they are safely tucked up asleep in bed instead of out in the scary world!


  3. I found you, I found you! Yay! πŸ™‚ Finally. Thank you for the directions, I was rather lost!

    What a wonderful post and I can totally agree with all of your list items. Wow, hugs – what a fab thing, eh? You are so right. This year at work, I hugged someone who it very quickly turned out, did not want to be hugged. She was down and homesick, I thought it appropriate to show my support in that way. I learned the lesson the hard way. Ha ha! Thankfully my man is really into hugging. πŸ™‚

    Definitely great to think about the little things that make us happy!


  4. Lovely list. What time should I be over for the roast? I’ll bring the wine.


  5. I would never judge someone who drinks too much tea or coffee, I’m right there with you! There is a Thai restaurant in town that I like to go to when the budget permits (it’s a bit pricey), and one day I was there and couldn’t decide if I wanted the Thai Iced Tea or the Thai Coffee….so I asked for both! The owner said, “Ohhhh you like to drink!!” haha


  6. Heck yes! I agree, except that I dislike cooking. All the others, right on. Great mug!!


  7. I love your pleasures Vanessa. Very beautiful.


  8. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the negative sometimes huh? Thank you for the reminder to look at the bright side once in a while πŸ™‚


  9. I love making myself a pot of coffee in the morning and then drinking it out of either my sons’s Spider-Man mug, or my ‘Best Dad in the World’ mug that my son bought for me. I also love looking in on both my boys before I go to bed. I always give them a peck on the cheek as they sleep, and whisper ‘I love you.’ Once or twice my youngest son has, whilst still fast asleep, whispered sleepily back, ‘I love you too.’ Wonderful.
    Nice list, and an interesting perspective on hugs. I had never thought of hugs being able to communicate so many different things.


    • The simple pleasures are lovely aren’t they! And they’re ones that we never get tired of.

      You just reminded me there of one time a few months ago when I gave my son a little kiss when he was fast asleep, and like you, whispered “I love you”, and he opened his eyes and said “Can I have a sandwich?”, which literally made me laugh out loud!

      I hadn’t actually thought of hugs communicating so many different things either until I wrote that paragraph.


  10. What tea do you recommend?
    Thank you!


  11. Your list is similar to mine, in the same order. My weekly pleasure is the treat of a crisp and freshly changed bed. If I had the time and energy, I’d change it everyday.


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