What We Did In Corfu

Corfu Sea picture

If anyone has noticed me missing over the last week or so, it’s because I took the kids away to Sidari in Corfu. What a lovely time we had. Here’s what we did…

We enjoyed the pool at our resort, and the poolside refreshments; Tequila Sunrise anyone?

Vanessa on liloCorfu poolVanessa sipping a tequila sunrise

We battled the crowds on the beach. What do you mean you can’t see any crowds? There are at least three people in this picture, look again…

Sidari beach Corfu

My daughter walked down paths showing off her tan, whilst my son did things that made me say “Ooh be careful!”, “Don’t go any closer!”, “Come away from there right now…just as soon as I’ve taken a photo!” –

Daughter walking down pathSon by splashing wave

We jumped off the back of a boat into the sea and swam in water so clear it looked like a swimming pool. Can you spot me in the water there? Yes, that really is the sea…

Swimming in the Ionian Sea

I posed for photographs in front of water a lot:

Vanessa sitting by the seaVanessa standing on one leg in front of sea

And on the second night we discovered Madison’s Bar on the Sidari Strip, and then went there every night after dinner until about midnight. Great atmosphere there with music quizzes, tribute acts, and regular standing on tables and bar stools clapping and singing along to ‘We Will Rock You’. All pulled together by the fabulous DJ Simon, here he is with my kids:

DJ Simon with my kids at Madisons Bar

Yep, we had a truly wonderful time. The only good thing about coming home was that I had missed my partner Neil very much, so I was really happy to see him again. Next time I think we’ll all go, and maybe just stay there…


42 responses to “What We Did In Corfu

  1. Wow! Just wow.

    if you want I can show off my pics of me repainting the garage. That was pretty much my summer vacation in a nutshell.


  2. I love photo journals (if this isn’t called that, let’s do it anyway because at least I know what I’m talking about).

    Awesome pictures and informative captions. Nice.


  3. What a great looking place to get away! The scenery on my trip to our Midwest can’t begin to compare. 🙂 But there’s nothing like a break to refresh the soul, is there. Especially in such a beautiful setting!


    • Yes, the Greek islands are very pretty. But there is plenty of stunning scenery in the states too isn’t there, I saw some truly breathtaking sites when I lived there. What I loved as well where we were in Corfu was how uncrowded it was, it made it all feel so peaceful and relaxing. The main Sidari strip gets busy at night, but then you need the lively buzz of people around for an evening out, you wouldn’t want to be the only ones sitting in a bar really!


  4. Nice vacation… glad for you and also glad you didn’t fall off that wall…


  5. Wow, what an amazing place! I will have to pull out my globe for this one! welcome back!


  6. My kids and I love reading Gerald Durrell’s time in Corfu with My Family and Other Animals, etc. Gosh it looks beautiful even now.


  7. You were having way too much of a good time. Jealous! 😉


  8. Beautiful photos, and beautiful family. Looks like you had a truly lovely time, Vanessa!


  9. What a great vacation that sounds like! I have never heard of that place, where is it exactly? So glad you got a chance to get away and take it easy for a bit. 🙂


    • It’s one of the Greek islands, but a bit closer to Albania than mainland Greece. It’s a very popular destination with the British. Yes, I’m glad I got the chance to get away too, I wasn’t sure I would until about a week before we went, and then I just went online to search out a bargain deal to somewhere sunny, I wasn’t particularly set on going to Corfu, but that one just met what we were looking for. It’s nice now the kids are a bit older, I do actually feel like I have a break myself when we go away because they don’t need that constant attention that younger children need.


  10. I did, I did. Grabs your legs and doesn’t let go. Take me with you next time.
    I love these photos. All of you looks so relaxed.


  11. Ooooh, you lucky dog! Looks incredible. I’m glad you had a fun time!


  12. Wow, those rocks are so smooth that they look like coral reefs to me. What an extraordinary place it looks like.


  13. Looks like you all had a great time and I love the colour of the sky in the first photograph.


  14. Looks like Lots of fun and lovely weather


  15. Good commentary. Well written. Enjoyed it. HF


  16. Wow, look at you, ya hottie in your bikini! 🙂 That drink looks amazing. It just looks like you had an utterly fabulous time. I can’t believe that you post this way back on the 5th September. I am ridiculously behind.

    I am envious – that holiday would be great round about now! Still, good to have you back home. 🙂


    • Yes, it was fabulous, it makes me feel a bit sad though looking at it now because it feels so long ago and I want to go back! Well, kind of happy and sad at the same time if you know what I mean.

      It’s almost impossible to catch up on yourself with blogs when you’ve got behind on them. You just have to start from where you are, apart from when people force you to go and look at the ones you missed by giving you the links of course, but I can’t imagine what type of people would do that 🙂


      • Lmao – thank you for making me chuckle, Ms Vanessa! 🙂 You are so naughty but nice!!! 😀 I might just take your advice (now if I was deliberately rhyming there, I would have presented it as couplets, okay? 😉 )

        I totally know what you mean about the holiday! It’s brilliant that you are able to record your memories and experiences through photographs and on the blog so that you can remind yourself dead easily any time you want. 🙂


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