News about your ticket!

Do you believe in luck? If you do, then guess what? I’m currently experiencing a lucky streak! And if you don’t, then guess what? I’m currently experiencing a series of unrelated good occurences. A lot of people say that you make your own luck, but I don’t really understand what that means, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s a phrase that doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. But I guess the point of it is to say that you are responsible for making your own success, and that’s what the logical part of me believes.

Starting 10 days ago, I have had these wins:

1) I won a bookmark signed by J.Keller-Ford, one of the authors of the soon to be released anthology ‘Make Believe’, by being the randomly selected person who solved a riddle on her blog –

Bookmark - Make Believe

2) I won £10 on the Lotto lottery.

3) I won £3.10 on the Euromillions lottery.

4) I won a copy of the newly published book ‘Graeveburn’, signed by its author, Craig Hallam, over at his blog, by wearing the front cover of his book as a dress! (Don’t ask) –

Book - Graeveburn
5) I won an ARC copy of the soon to be released anthology ‘Make Believe’ (yes, the one that I won the bookmark for in prize one!), by writing a poem which begged for the release of another of the authors, Jennifer M.Eaton, who had been tied up by a little blue lady from Mars (the things I do to win prizes!). For those who don’t know, ARC stands for ‘Advanced Reader Copy’, so that means I get to read it before it’s even released, yay! –
Book - Make Believe
6) I won a $10 Amazon Gift card from Carrie Rubin, author of ‘The Seneca Scourge’, by being one of two randomly selected people on Char’s blog, Joy in the Moments. I shall of course spend the gift card on buying Carrie’s book! –
Book - The Seneca Scourge

Yes, all that has been in the last 10 days, and in case you’re wondering, I haven’t been entering LOADS of things. To the best of my recollection, these are the only things I have entered in that time. Oh, I think there’s one more on another blog where the winner hasn’t been announced yet…

The lottery wins bring me to the title of this post. Here in the UK we have the option of buying our lottery tickets online. The benefit of buying them online is that you don’t have to remember to check your numbers, the site emails you if you’ve won. The downside is that the site emails you if you’ve won. The problem is in the cruelty of the email. The email arrives with the subject line ‘News about your ticket!’. You know this means you have won, but it doesn’t tell you how much, it just tells you to log in to your account. During that time from when you receive the email until you log in, you dare to dream, you dare to build up your hopes, and then you log in and your hopes are dashed as you discover that you have won just a few pounds. Do you see the cruelty? I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but… At least they have dropped the word ‘exciting’; the emails used to say ‘We have exciting news about your ticket!’ which was even more cruel, now it just says ‘News about your ticket!’ but they still couldn’t resist leaving the exclamation mark in at the end.

Whatever logical thoughts I usually have get thrown out of the window as soon as I receive the ‘News about your ticket!’ email. I start to believe that maybe I can influence the outcome, depending on how and when I choose to log in to my lottery account – maybe I have won the millions, but unless I log in to my account within 30 seconds of receiving the email, it will shrink back to a small prize…or maybe it’s currently a small prize, but if I leave it for a few minutes, hours, or even days, it will give the luck a chance to grow the small prize into a big prize…or maybe it has nothing to do with the timing, but everything to do with the method, maybe I have to stand on my head and use my toes to tap the password in. Whatever the right way is to log in to maximise the luck, I certainly haven’t discovered it yet.

So going back to my little series of wins, again, any logical thoughts have been cast aside and I have been pondering on how I can make best use of the luck I am currently experiencing. Should I enter more competitions? Should I buy extra lottery tickets? Or maybe luck doesn’t like to be tested, so perhaps I should just sit and wait for more luck to be thrown in my direction. What are the rules when it comes to luck? Anyone know?


49 responses to “News about your ticket!

  1. I don’t know much about luck but I do know that is one awesome dress! You are one brave woman! hehehe congrats on all your wins! I wish we could do lottery online here….erm maybe that would be a bad thing for me actually!


    • Haha! The general feel of the whole photo was quite seedy wasn’t it, which clearly paid off!

      Yes, it’s a bit too convenient to be able to buy the lottery tickets online actually, you can even do scratchcards on the site too!


  2. Wow, spread some of that luck over here!


  3. They say luck runs in streaks. I’d submit something for publication if I were you.


  4. You must be living in “the flow” where good things come easily. Just be grateful, don’t question it, and keep doing what you’re doing! I’m so happy for you!


  5. Hmmm, my first thought was to tell you to go buy more lottery tickets. But then I loved when you said “Or maybe luck doesn’t like to be tested”–perhaps you’re onto something. Maybe we jinx ourselves by seeking more of it.

    Congrats on your wins! It’s fun when things go well. Maybe now you’ll feel bold enough to get rid of that scary alien spider web. 😉

    And thank you for the mention of my book. I appreciate it!


  6. I have a football game I’m coaching today…..wave your magic my way!!!!


  7. Congrats on all your wins, Vanessa. Have you noticed days when you’re feeling sunny and have an extra spring in your step, everything stays rosy? I believe that positive thinking attracts positive returns. Why is it that bad days simply grow worse as the negativity weighs you down? Enjoy the great ride until life levels out.


  8. Wow. Congrats. Pictures of the book cover dress, please!!


  9. Yes, I’m always afraid to “jinx” luck when it’s running my way. (Which is probably more often than I think….) So I’m for enjoying the run while it lasts and enjoying the goodies that are coming with it. I would never have the nerve to “wear” a dress like that! 🙂


  10. Congratulations on your good fortune. Head to the racecourse immediately. Well, not at this time of night, but first thing in the morning.

    I saw the picture of your, ahem, dress on Mr Hallam’s blog at the weekend. The things we do to win stuff 😉

    The lottery email is cruel. I saw a popular C4 house type programme a few years ago and the house-hunters had won £1.7m or so on the lottery and they had the same email. No idea they’d won so much money. Every time one arrives in my email box (not often enough) I think of them and the house they bought…

    …then I log into my account to collect my tenner 🙂


    • Thank you. I’ve never bet on the horses before (other than when people run a grand national sweepstake in the office!), so I wouldn’t know what to do!

      I said to Craig when I emailed him the photo that I thought it was a bit Readers’ Wives, hehe.

      With the lottery, we must never stop believing that next time, it could be us! 🙂


  11. Wow, what an impressive winning streak, Vanessa! 🙂 That’s ace. I say just keep pursuing until your streak ebbs! 🙂 I have never been a regular lottery player and now there are so many different types of games, I don’t understand how to follow it – lol! Enjoy your prizes! 🙂

    Wow – saucy dress, by the way! And very nice legs! lol. 🙂


    • Well I made the mistake with the lottery of always getting the same numbers, and that means that you just can’t miss a week because they would obviously come up in that week! Much better to be random about it.

      And thank you! 🙂


      • That’s it! We tended to stick to the same number on the rare occasion that we played. It’s just not right doing it, it’s too much pressure! lol!


  12. There’s a new book called “The Wisdom of Jedward”. I’m going to start my own competition where people can model the cover. The pocket book edition.


  13. Yeah, you slaughtered me on Eaton’s Little Blue Lady poll!

    But if I was gonna lose to anyone, I’d want it to be you.

    Now go out and get a book contract before your luck starts to fade!


  14. Luck had absolutely nothing to do with that Greavebrun win, Vanessa. It was my complete respect for what huge kahonas it took to pose for that pic…and all the printer ink, too ;D

    Hope you enjoy the book. You should have it in your mailbox very soon.


  15. I love that you have those little games before opening the email, which you think will influence the outcome. I remember, when I was younger and taking exams, I would always have to run and catch doors that were closing. If I caught them, I would pass my next exam. Sometimes I would be running and shoving people aside, just to get to them on time!


  16. You are having a great streak of good things your way. I don’t know about luck. I used to believe in luck, but then as I got older I saw how the same people seemed to get all the ‘luck’. It didn’t seem fair until it dawned on me that I bet these people believe in the power of positive thinking. I don’t think that means we are constantly wishing for good things to happen, but I do think that it means we approach each day and each incident, each moment, with a positive attitude. So, I think, in a sense, we make our own luck.

    Keep it up, girl!


    • They did an experiment on a TV show a while ago, I can’t remember it exactly, but they’d asked for people to come forward who considered themselves unlucky. There was this one guy I remember who the programme followed round for a while, and they had set things up without him knowing, so for instance they put a £50 note on the ground where he was going to be walking, and he just walked by without noticing it, then they sent him a scratch card in the mail that he would have won a prize on, but he just threw it away without scratching it, various things like that. It wasn’t a particularly scientific experiment, but it basically concluded that those who appear to be lucky are just much more aware of opportunities around them, and always take them. I think there’s a lot of truth in that.


      • Yes, I think that makes a lot of sense. I know a girl who is always taking advantage of coupons and deals and because of that she has no debt to speak of, and actually gets a lot of things for free (or very close to free) because of how often she jumps on deals. Same idea–being aware of opportunities and taking advantage of them.


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