Excuse me while I answer some questions and accept some awards

It’s that time again! A little round-up of awards received and some tricky questions to be answered. First, the lovely MsKatykins tagged me, and posed some fun questions, here are my answers:

1) What name do you wish your parents had given you? Hmmm, I think I’m fairly happy with Vanessa. When I was little I wished my first name was Jane, which is my middle name, I think that was because Vanessa was more unusual and you don’t want to be unusual when you’re little. When I was a bit older than that, I wished my name was Candy for a while (!).

2) What’s your favourite type of hat? Well, for myself, I think a grandad flat cap. Here I am sporting one:

Vanessa wearing a cap

3) Did you ever have an imaginary friend? Tell me about them! I did have an imaginary friend, he was called Mr. Bing. I don’t want to talk about it.

4) Do you have a favourite gem stone? I’ll pick sapphires, for the very unoriginal reason that they are my birthstone. On second thoughts, I’ll pick diamonds because I’ve heard they make very good friends.

5) What foreign language, if any, would you like to learn? I speak French pretty fluently and lived in France for a couple of years when I was a child. But I don’t really enjoy the process of learning languages – I’m too impatient. But if I could be miraculously injected with instant knowledge of another language, I’d probably choose Spanish or Klingon.

6) What’s the most reckless thing you’ve ever done? I once ticked the box which said that I had read and agreed to the terms and conditions, when I hadn’t so much as glanced at them.

7) If you have a bucket list, what’s the most significant thing on it? Ooh, I don’t have one, I mean of course there are lots of things I want to do and achieve, but I haven’t written them into a list or anything, they’re all up here (I’m pointing at my head).

8) If you could have starred as any character in any film, what would it be and why? I think I’m going to go for Baby from Dirty Dancing because I’ve always loved dancing, and I loved that film. When he lifts her in the air, it’s the ultimate feel good movie moment.

9) How many fingers am I holding up? Three.

10) What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had and who was responsible for it? This is another picture round. When I was five, my mother decided it would be a good idea to cut my fringe (bangs) the night before I was having a school photo taken (sorry Mum if you’re reading this!). Here was the result:

Vanessa with dodgy haircut

11) What do you plan to do this weekend? I’m having a night out with the gals which I’m really looking forward to – one of my very bestest bestest friends in the whole wide world is having her hen night, so we’re hitting central London. Woohoo!

And now for the awards. Thank you to the all the lovely people who have showered me with awards…

In August, Lorna’s Voice gave me the Beautiful Lipstick award and the Versatile Blogger award:

Beautiful lipstick award Lorna's Voice AugustVersatile Blogger Award Lorna's Voice August

In August, MsKatykins gave me the Commentator award:

Commentator Award MsKatykins August

In August, 4amWriter Kate gave me the One Lovely Blog Award:

One-lovely-blog-award 4am writer August

In September, Jennifer M. Eaton gave me the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award:

Sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award jennifer eaton september

In September, Lorinda J Taylor gave me the Versatile Blogger Award:

Versatile Blogger termitespeaker september

In September, 4amWriter Kate gave me the Daisy award:

Daisy Award

Thank you so much! I am very grateful to those kind folk who have passed these to me. As I explained last time I did an award thanking post, I don’t follow all the rules associated with all the awards, and I don’t pass them on to others anymore. That’s just the way I roll. But really I’d like to just pass them on to anyone who wants one because I can’t pick, so if you think you are worthy of any of these awards, then just take them as a gift from me – you can find the rules by clicking on the links to the people who gave them to me. You’re welcome.


41 responses to “Excuse me while I answer some questions and accept some awards

  1. I love this, especially 3, 6, and 9


  2. Your mum’s haircut is hilarious. But you still look v cute in the school photo. And as for the photo of the flat cap – it’s the boots I love, they look fantastic. I could possibly imagine wearing them instead of crocs whem I’m in front of the laptop… The awards question is interesting. Really they are just annoying e-chain letters that force you to waste a lot of time – but also come with good intentions. I think you’ve found a good solution by offering them as a share out. Nicola http://homemadekids.wordpress.com


    • I did a whole blog post about those very boots back in February! https://vanessa-chapman.com/2012/02/20/thems-my-boots/

      Yes, some people like the awards, and others not, I don’t think anyone should feel forced to do anything with them if they don’t want to, but as you say, the intentions are good and they are a way of spreading the word about other blogs that you like – except that I don’t do that bit! Mostly because I find it hard to pick, and I also don’t want to end up giving them to someone who doesn’t like them!


  3. Was your mum cutting your hair with a scythe? Oh, to be at that age again, when even the trauma of a bad hairdo can’t dampen your spirit.


  4. Vanessa,
    Congrats on the awards. And. Why are you holding three fingers up? Le Clown wants to know.
    Le Clown


  5. Your school photo looks adorable. But your mom has vision problems, yes?

    Oh, and may I call you Candy?


  6. I think you are being hard on your mum. I bet that haircut looked fine until you turned to your left. It’s a permanently front facing swivel cut.


  7. Say, I could use a little trim of my bangs. Are you available?


  8. Great pictures of you! And me thinks you need to build an award room for all your trophies! Congratulations!


  9. Your answers are terrific! Thanks for more laughs. 🙂


  10. Haha! This is great, made me laugh! 🙂


  11. This is one reason I don’t have bangs—no one can mess them up. 🙂 The other is that they always did their own thing when I had them—which was never what I wanted them to do. So no more.

    Congratulations on all the awards!


  12. Fun questions and answers. Love the bang problem, been there, done that. Great hat, too. Wow, you got a lot of awards! Congrats on them all.


  13. You really are rather funny love 🙂


  14. The bad fringe photo….yes, I understand from a deep intimate place. LOL

    These are great. I love finding out about you.


  15. Congrats, Vanessa! I am very intrigued by Mr. Bing. ; )


  16. Hmm – see when you were wishing to be called Candy? Was that during your porn star phase? :p

    Well done. This post made me laugh out loud and snort! Fantastic responses! Really made me smile. You’re totally rocking that flat cap, by the way! 🙂


  17. First off, congratulations. I loved all your answers but we are head-to-head on number 8–I like your style, Vanessa.


  18. I like 10. It’s sweet and cute. HF


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