Who Doesn’t Love a Wion?

Before I start, let me just announce that I shall be signing books in Waterstones bookstore this Saturday. From 3pm until security throw me out.

(Yes Guy, I know that was your joke, but I hope you don’t mind me using it! You probably got it from somewhere else in the first place anyway).

Well, today I thought I would list some of my favourite things for you. It all started the other day when I was going through some of my children’s old drawings that they had done when they were small. I came across this drawing my son had done of a Wion when he was about six I guess, and I thought to myself how it really is my very favourite drawing ever of a Wion –

Child's drawing of a lion, with the word 'Wion'

So here are some of my other favourite things:

My favourite words beginning with ‘S’

– Serendipity (Isn’t it just the most beautiful word ever?)

– Shenanigan (It’s a mischievous little word isn’t it)

– Sausages (It’s such a funny word, it always makes me laugh)

My favourite example of festive quick-thinking (mine that is)

When my daughter was little, we went to the Christmas fair at her school. While we were lining up to see Santa, an older girl came over and asked her if she was going to see Santa. My daughter confirmed that she was, and the girl said, “He’s my teacher!” I had a brief moment of panic before smiling and saying “He’s ALL our teacher”. Phew.

My favourite flowers



My favourite thing to do that I can do a little bit but wish I could do better

Sing (You’ll get to see a video of me singing at On the Homefront’s virtual party this Saturday. People will be joining in the party by providing recipes and entertainment and allsorts of things in the comments section on the day, and that’s where my video will be. Why not come along on Saturday and join in the fun!).

My favourite theme park ride

The Vampire ride at Chessington World of Adventures. I’m not very brave with thrill rides, but the Vampire ride has it just right, it gives me a bit of a thrill but without terrorising me. I don’t have a photo of me on the Vampire, but I do have this completely hideous photo of me on a different ride which I am clearly NOT enjoying:

On the Rita rollercoaster

My favourite film about a fish that gets fishnapped by a dentist

Finding Nemo (No, it’s not the only film about a fish that gets fishnapped by a dentist. There’s also that other one…you know that one…what’s it called?…well anyway, there ARE others, I just can’t remember them right now).

I think that’s enough favourites for now, but I feel there may be a favourites part 2 coming in the future…

What are your favourite favourites? (Or favorite favorites if you’re American)


87 responses to “Who Doesn’t Love a Wion?

  1. You are such a busy lady, Vanessa. How clever to come up with favourites starting with the letter ‘s’.
    My favourite part of this post, though, is the Wion. I LOVE kid-art because children see life in a way we no longer do: at bare minimum.


  2. I love sunflowers and once was in Wiltshire and saw that you could cut them yourself from the field. Brilliant activity for the children… Except that my kids were too little to cut using secateurs; then I hugely over-bought & finally traumatised everyone in the hire car on the motorway (which I obviously couldn’t stop on) because all the other sunflower lovers (spiders, bugs, etc) hiked up the stems & heads to say hello to my two kids who were innocently holding the sunflowers in the back seat, causing massive panic! It’s one of my favourite memories though as it was so funny – once everyone had calmed down! Nicola http://homemadekids.wordpress.com


  3. Favorite “S” thing…..Sandwich…..what else would it be???


  4. Nice lists, Vanessa.

    Favorite “S” words: splendid, snazzy, sagacity, slew, superfluous.

    Favorite flowers: fuschia, orchid, stargazer lily.


  5. Hi Vanessa – What a nice surprise to see you picture when I opened this today. Bill who know goes by Ken has filled me in with what has been going on over the years. Glad you and the kids are doing well!

    Charly Kenyon


  6. Wion. Precious. Reminds me of when my nephew was little, he called me Aunt Wobin.

    My favorite S word? Snazzy! I use it all the time.


  7. Like that drawing!


  8. What book are you signing? Did you publish a book? I knew you published articles, but please, lead me to your book. 🙂

    And I agree–shenanigans is a great word.


  9. Is that scary ride you’re on named Rita? Because that’s what people used to say back in my high school: “Come ride Rita!” And it was, indeed, terrifying and thrilling.


  10. Wion is wonderful. My fave words are showstopping. Or shennanegins at the shindig were showstoppingly splendid. Stop it Susan, you’re being a silly sausage now…


  11. I had no idea that there was a “dentist fish heist” genre. Do let me know if you can recall a few other titles.

    My favorite film about a fish called Wanda: “A Fish Called Wanda.” (Did Finding Nemo have a Wanda?)


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  13. Aww, I wuv de wion picshur! 🙂

    Darn it all, why can’t I think on my feet today about my favorite things? All that’s coming to mind is chocolate. Belgian chocolate. Belgian chocolate truffles. Chocolate liqueur. Chocolate liqueur with Belgian chocolate truffles. Arghh!


  14. When I first read that I was all “A book signing – wonderful! You’re my hero.” Then I read the comments. Still, if you go through with it you WILL be my hero, and that will more than make up for being arrested by store security, right?

    And I’ve never seen a wion quite as wonderful as your son’s. Weally first rate.


  15. It’s said that Picasso labored for years to learn how to draw like a child again. Very nice lion drawing.


  16. I went to the bookstore. Where were you? HF


  17. The wion is one of the few animals that has a head that hovers just above it’s own body. That’s pretty incredible.


  18. Ha ha ha, you make me chuckle! Love the new picture in your banner, by the way. Very lovely. 🙂 Looking forward to your singing. I’d love to be able to sing but I really can’t! 😦

    Have you ever played the Sausages game? We used to play that as children. So silly, but hey. It’s like the Yes and No game in that you’re asked a series of questions. The difference being that you are only allowed to answer “Sausages!”
    “What’s your name?”
    “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
    You see where this is going… it’s just silly, but after a while ‘sausages’ no longer sounds like a real word! Hee hee hee! 🙂


  19. First time I read this post was on my phone (with no pictures…) so I had absolutely no idea what you were talking about 😀 I thought it was one of those new memes or something that I’d missed – but naturally I pretended I knew and was all like “Ah, yes, of course. The Wion – one of my favourite things.”

    My favourite things… Hmm… Completely blue skies with no clouds. Love ’em.


    • I did wonder if people reading the post without pictures would be totally confused by the Wion. I like how you even needed to pretend to yourself that you knew what I was talking about!

      Ah yes, blue clouds, sunshine…


  20. Hmm, I hear Julie Andrews in the background…


  21. Ah, so many good things here and I can’t wait to check in and hear you sing!


  22. I love the picture on the roller coaster. Precious.


  23. That Santa one reminded me of my son. Nearly the same story. 6 yo, school Christmas fair, we tell the kids, Grandpa has to “go home to check on the garden and water some plants”, etc. After the kids visit Santa, Son says, “Santa had a missing finger, just like Grandpa!”
    “Oh, really?”
    “Yes, and he had a funny accent just like Grandpa.”
    “Did he, now?”…


  24. That is THE BEST picture of you ever! I love coasters!


    • I always want to love coasters, but then I really don’t! The Vampire one that I like is one of those where you are hanging under the track rather than sitting on top, which somehow feels more secure, also it doesn’t go upside down which helps!


  25. who doesn’t wove your bwog…. Wanessa Chwapman.

    I like your “s” word of: sashaying

    mine is the Brooklyn-ese version of the word “something”: sumptin’

    as in “sumptin’ needs to be done about him.”

    Wandy fwom da witers willage


  26. This post has gone on my “Favourite Things” list!


  27. That wion is my favourite and has just eclipsed anything I could come up with. What I particularly love is that your son didn’t just say wion, but he wrote it. Too adorable.


  28. Hi Vanessa. I nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award. You can find the post here http://4amwriter.com/2012/12/20/blog-of-the-year-award/


  29. Now I want a pet wion….


  30. Does that make him Weo the Wion-hearted?
    Found you through 4amwriter!


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