My Uvula and Other Animals

UvulaTo clarify for anybody who is unsure – the uvula is the little hanging thing at the back of our throats. We have other uvulas too, but let’s just deal with the throat one for now. A while ago I did a post about a film I had been in produced by an artist. I was singing in the film, and at one point there was a clear view of my uvula – the picture here is a still from that film. Carrie Rubin commented on how much she admired my uvula (she’s a physician, so she knows all about uvulas), and a couple of other commenters said the same. Personally I can’t see anything attractive about anybody’s uvula, but hey, each to their own.

On New Year’s Eve I did another post that involved me singing. This time Carrie expressed sadness at not having seen my uvula, so I suggested I could do a whole post about it. Randy from The Writers’ Village seemed quite keen on the idea. So here I am doing not a whole post, but half a post on it. So, what can be said about the uvula that hasn’t been said so many times before? Hmm… how about a few lesser known uvula facts?

1) The word ‘uvula’ comes from the Latin word for grape, which is uva.

2) There is no completely definitive consensus on what the purpose of the uvula is, although its role in swallowing and speech is generally agreed upon.

3) One of the treatments for severe snoring is to remove part of the uvula.

4) Get this. Some people have their uvula pierced! Aagghh! Why would you do that? Why?! And where would you buy uvula rings? I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any on display at Claire’s Accessories.

I really think that’s enough uvula talk now. Well let’s face it, it was enough before I even started.

So what about the ‘other animals’ I referred to in my heading? Well, last July I did a post entitled The Thoughtful Seagull, where I spoke up for the humble seagull. Mike from heylookawriterfellow made some very unkind comments about seagulls. Later, on his own blog, he apologised and said this to me:

“Tell you what I’ll do: The next time you blog about the virtues of an animal — any animal at all — I will be pro-that-animal. I will sing its praises! I will condemn those who disagree! I will be that thing’s biggest fan! Try me!”

Well I still haven’t done it, so now I need your help to pick an animal. I don’t want to make it easy for him by picking something cute and fluffy, so I have narrowed it down. Of course the deal is that I have to blog about its virtues, so I’m not making it easy for myself either, but I’m game to have a go. Please vote for which creature I should do a funny/interesting post about…

I set the poll to be active for one week, but I’m not sure if that’s one week from when I set it up which was two days ago on Sunday, or one week from today when I publish it. Probably from Sunday. Anyway, vote soon! And thank you.

Finally, for anyone who missed my last post – I now have a second blog which is all about sweet things –


58 responses to “My Uvula and Other Animals

  1. I don’t know if it’s actually mu uvula, but when I laugh something clicks, I always said it was my uvuala LOL. When I was in high school people would say “Laura’s clicking again!”


  2. Is the uvula and tonsil the same thing?

    Go canetoad!!


  3. I went for Cane Toads.. 😀


  4. ooh – love the banner at the bottom Vanessa – you’re hiding your uvula.
    The following needs to be song in a proper manner – and on video with your boyfriend accompanying on guitar..

    “my uvula, my uvula, I want you to play with my uvula”

    Thanks, Randy


  5. I’m really disappointed I did not take a picture of my uvula after my tonsillectomy. That thing become huge. It was actually touching my tongue. I would have been worshipped in that part of the world where people pierce their uvulas.


  6. over the holidays my son’s uvula expanded to three or four times its usual size and choked him–we looked online and determined that he might be dehydrated, so he drank his little heart out (water not beer) and it got better–it was so weird and ever so slightly alarming, so be happy you have an attractive uvula


  7. Looks like head lice are in the lead – I went for flies based on an experience I had whilst living in WA. It didn’t involve my uvula so I’m not sure it’s relevant to tell you about it.


  8. Your post about the lowly uvula must be a first in the history of blogging. Is there no frontier you are unwilling to venture into?

    I see head lice is winning. Can I cast a vote against that one as well as my vote for the jellyfish?


  9. Box Jellyfish all the way!


  10. First off, thanks for the mention! Very kind of you. 🙂

    Second off, it is a rare blog I go to where I learn something about anatomy I don’t already know, but thanks to you, it has happened! Who knew these wonderful facts about the uvula? I am beyond titillated. I’m now wondering what you could do with the amygdala, or the epiglottis, or the cecum, or the Rathke’s pouch. Oh, the possibilities are endless!


  11. I wonder how anyone can insert an uvula ring without gagging?
    That’s a tough list of animals to choose from. I chose cane toad because I’ve never heard of it and would like to know more!


  12. Very funny, Vanessa! I cannot imagine, either, someone ever piercing their uvula. Not only does it sound painful…but can you fathom having the piercer’s hand stuck in your mouth like that? Gross!

    Anyway, here’s another quick uvula factoid: in Japanese, the uvula is called the “nodo chinko,” which means, “throat penis.” Take from that what you will. 😉

    As for your poll, I had to go with Dung Beetle. While not the sexiest of insects, they always remind me of Sisyphus, and any time real life reminds me of mythology, I have to smile a little.


  13. Uvulas are funny, I like the way they quiver. No, I would not intentionally get my pierced, I already have a ridiculous fear of choking to death. Lol.

    I voted for the Head lice, nearly went with the jelly fish… hee hee. Shall look forward to your post! 🙂


  14. I’m almost lost for words. This blog is more informative by the DAY!

    I’m voting for Cane Toads and it’s now neck and neck with Head Lice. C’mon Cane Toads


  15. I went with dung beetles because I thought Carrie could offer up some medical trivia about poop in her comments, even if the beetles aren’t rolling around the human version. 🙂


  16. Seeing as how our elementary school is having an outbreak of head lice and bedbugs (not my kids, don’t even think it, Miss V.), I voted for head lice. I figure that if all goes to heck and gone I can enlighten the school nurse with your interesting post that highlights the pros and beauties of head lice.


    • That’s good thinking there. Bedbugs! You don’t hear of them very often these days, they’re pretty unpleasant aren’t they. And of course it would NEVER cross my mind to think your kids would have anything like that!


  17. Uvulas, Hmmm… 😉
    I voted for cane toads because we’re trying are hardest to get the bastards out of the top half of our country. And not move them to the bottom half. If you stumble across a way to do that that no one else has found you will be national hero. 🙂
    The voting poll is independent of the post it lives in so it would be one week from the day you set it up. But I think you can change it at any time… maybe. If not, then you can’t. Bummer. I don’t know.


    • National hero you say! Although my post is meant to be about the virtues of the creature, so I’m not sure that suggesting was of getting rid of them is really going to fit. I’ll have a think though…

      I think I’ll leave the poll closing date as it is, I’m pretty sure that most people who are going to vote would do so within the first few days anyway.


  18. Your creativity (and sense of adventure in writing) knows no bounds! I really hope the dung beetle wins. I mean that bug is screaming for a post!


  19. Kourtney Heintz

    Intriguing post. If Carrie says it’s to be admired–I believe it. 🙂


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  21. I’ll say this: you’re one clever blogger, my friend!


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