Win a Prize at my 100 Posts Day Party!


Happy 100 posts day to me!
Happy 100 posts day to me!
Happy 100 posts day dear Vanessaaaaa!
Happy 100 posts day to me!

Yes folks, this is my 100th post, and I’m having a bit of a party here today to celebrate. The party has only just started, so grab a drink and join in, and you even get the chance to win a prize! This actually shows as my 99th post, but that’s because I deleted one of my early posts several months after posting it, so this is the 100th post I’ve published. Oh dear…now I’m wondering though if my next post should have been my 100th post party? What’s the protocol in post number counting celebrations? Well actually I don’t care, it’s my 100 post day party and I’ll have it when I want to!

I originally thought that for my 100th post party I would do a little review of my blogging journey, talking about the wonderful people I’ve virtually met, and looking at my blog stats – nothing says ‘party’ like a bit of statistical analysis does, right? But then I thought, no, I’m just going to kick back and let you provide a party for me. Several people have held virtual blog parties before, and if you’ve attended one you’ll know they can get pretty wild and CRAZY!

Crazy partyIn exchange for joining in with the party, one of you gets to take a prize home at the end…

A £10 Amazon gift certificate
(or equivalent in your currency, e.g. = approx $15 US).

Can I hear an “Ooohhhh!!!”?

What do you mean it’s like I’m bribing people to come to my party? It’s NOTHING like that!…Well ok, it’s a LITTLE bit like that, but blogland is notoriously quiet over the summer, so cut me some slack ok?

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is bring something to the party in the comments section below. I’ve provided a few suggestions, so pick whichever one you like (you can do more than one if you choose, but that won’t increase your chances of winning I’m afraid). Well, what are you waiting for? The party’s started! Pick one of these, or heck, you can even come up with your own idea! And comment below…

Party Girl

– Tell us your favourite party food/drink, or even better, provide the recipe.

– Is there a song that always gets you in the party mood? Give us the YouTube link, so we can all have a listen.

– Describe your dream party (if money were no object).

– Share a true story about something that happened at a party you have held or attended (preferably not something bad!).

– Or why not entertain us with a hilarious joke? (Make sure it IS hilarious).

– Tell us about a fun party game you like to play.

– Describe what you’re wearing to the party.

Which one will you pick? The party is on until 11pm on July 3, 2013, so comment before then to be entered. A winner will be randomly selected after that date. Let’s get partying people!


photo credit: x-ray delta one via photopin cc
photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via photopin cc
photo credit: *Zephyrance – don’t wake me up. via photopin cc
photo credit: Tal Bright via photopin cc


134 responses to “Win a Prize at my 100 Posts Day Party!

  1. Congratulations Vanessa-Jane!


  2. Happy 100 posts, Vanessa! How about some lovely white sangria to start off the party? A wonderful twist is to make it with Spanish Cava (sparkling wine).

    For a 750 ml bottle of Cava, you also add in a shot each of 1) brandy, 2) Licor 43, and 3) white grape juice. You also add some chopped fruit (bite size) such as peaches, melon, or berries.

    Just pour the Cava over ice in a pitcher, add the other ingredients and stir lightly to mix. I should warn you, this goes down easily but packs a punch. It would probably get the party off to a rollicking start. 🙂


    • Ooh fabulous! I love Cava and I love sangria (although I’ve only ever had the red version before). I had never heard of Licor 43, so I had to look it up; it seems it is available in the UK, but isn’t very well known over here. Anyway, thanks for getting things off to a rollicking start!


  3. Congrats! Looks like a party worth attending…..not much of a cook, hmmmmm…little cupcakes – with sprinkles! Also toss over a few tortilla chips and homemade summer salsa (Chop equal amounts of fresh ripe tomato, red onion, cilantro, mango, a bit of fresh lime – and chill a bit)
    Hey, fat, sugar, salt – all basic party food groups!


  4. I’m in the spirit! So since there is no party on earth like Mardi Gras in New Orleans (although Rio probably disagrees), I’m bringing beads.. Trust me, the beads will suddenly become the most desirable jewels on the planet after two or three glasses of that white sangria. We will gaily toss them to one another and toast the person who ends up with the most beads. Ideally, of course, the beads should be thrown from a float during a parade. Maybe some virtual DIY person will bring a float 🙂 Happy 100th!


    • Oh yes, that sounds excellent! My only experience of the Rio carnival is the Rio Hotel and Casino in Vegas! But yes, they had floats going around…in the air, and threw strings of beads out to us, so I’m sure it’s EXACTLY the same as the real thing! Thank you 🙂


  5. Congratulations, Vanessa! I would tell a joke here but most of mine aren’t really suitable for a non-mature blog… But I would bring chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, because every time I’ve brought them to a party they’ve been very popular. And I might bring a few bottles of bubbly because it’s a special occasion!


  6. Congrats!! My favorite party game is called the Name Game (very generic). Everyone writes down the name of a famous person and puts the name in a hat. Then someone reads off all the names once, so listen very carefully. Then you choose one person to go first. That person guesses someone else for a particular name. If they are wrong, it’s that person’s turn to guess. Once you guess someone correctly, they are now on your team. The goal is to be the last person not guessed. We’ve played it pretty much at every party we’ve had for YEARS. It’s a major favorite of our usual crowd.


    • I should clarify a bit more. Once you get people on your team, you become the captain. They can assist you in deciding whom to try to guess next, but you do the guessing. Then if no one can correctly guess your name, you win.


      • Hi and welcome to the party! I’ve read that twice, and I’m still not completely sure I understand, but then maybe I’ve had a few too many glasses of JM’s sangria already! When the names are put in a hat, does everyone take one and become that name, or are they the name that they thought of? I’ll tell you what, I’ll go grab a hat and some paper, and you can start explaining the rules to the others and we’ll give it a go, I’m sure it will all become clear once we start playing!


        • Sorry. It IS a bit hard to explain. Everyone puts their name in a hat, and one person reads all the names off. Just remember which name was yours. Then one person starts the game by choosing a person to guess. As in, “Oh Vanessa I’ll bet you put in Daniel Craig because you love James Bond.” And you’d sheepishly reply, “Yep, that was me.” Then you’d come over and sit next to me and be on my team, but I’m still the captain because I wasn’t picked. My turn continues until I guess someone wrong. Then it becomes that person’s turn to try to guess someone else.
          Is that a bit clearer? I hope you can get it to work because it is quite a lot fun. And if I’m still not being clear, you’ll just have to fly out here and I’ll show you how it’s done. Or, to be fair, I’d be willing to come to you so long as a tour is involved. 🙂


  7. HEY, I’m here! Where the women at? Congratulations on 100!
    “Get the Message” by Electronic (Johnny Marr, Bernard Sumner) will always take me back to a party that began as a barbecue with friends and ended up dancing to music blaring from the back of the van. This song has since been pulled out at many a living room dance party over the years and never fails to get feet moving. Now let’s see if I can embed this sucker:


  8. Wahoo!!!! Ok, I’ll bring curly fries with salsa, mini cupcakes and loads of that awesome 80’s music that is Not heard all the time! ~ blows party whistles and dons a super cool hat ~


  9. Well in celebration of your century posting, how can I refuse to participate in a virtual party with my golfing partner?
    What food am I going to enjoy at the party? Easy one this, a good rack of Karoo Saddle chops braaied to perfection, making sure there are enough to share with you.
    The music to start me going? Another easy one this, Nickelback “Never gonna be alone”
    Dream party? Oh this just has to happen at a private camp in the Kruger National Park, on the top of a hill where all the night sounds of the wild can be heard, and all by candle light. Romantic cuddling with your favourite partner, the sounds of Lion roaring in the distance, antelope giving their warning barks, hyena laughing and the jackal yapping away telling of the impending food. (Actually attended such a party before, when attending a conference for course superintendents, it was a once in a life time experience)
    What happened at a party? I was asked by a good friend to supply the meat for a spit braai for a birthday party he was throwing. When I delivered the meat, he asked if I was bringing a girlfriend, which I was. He said to make an excuse for the night as he had too many woman attending solo.. I agreed and that night met my wife, and the rest is history…
    A joke? Hmmm ok here’s one… but you asked for it..
    A husband and his wife were playing golf, she hit a hell of a slice and broke a window of the house adjacent to the course. Feeling obliged to investigate and apologise they neared the house.
    Looking inside they saw a small gentleman sitting there almost in shock, “are you alright” they asked. “Fine” he said “I’m a genie and you have just released me from that bottle. I’m going give you two wishes and the last I’m going to keep for myself.”
    A quick consultation, and they asked for a scratch handicap for the husband and a $1 000 000 income per year. “Done” said the Genie. “Now for my wish, I want to make love to your wife, I’ve been stuck in that bottle for years.”
    Well they were now going to be good golfers and rich beyond their wildest dreams so they agreed.
    When the Genie had had his way, he asked the wife “how long have you been married?” “three years” she answered.. “how old is your husband?” he asked..”31” she answered… “and how long has he believed in this Genie crap?” he asked……
    Party games..?? Not for me…
    What am I wearing to this virtual party?? A wet towel and that’s all….
    Congrats on the 100….


    • My goodness, you answered ALL of them. You certainly are in the party spirit here…either that or you misread my post and didn’t realise you only needed to do one, hehe 😉 But these are great additions to the party, thank you so much! I enjoyed every one of your answers there, and I hadn’t heard that joke before, very funny. I’m not 100% sure about the wet towel, but hey, I guess I did warn people that things can get a bit wild and crazy! Grab a drink, and get partying then!


  10. Cheers Vanessa to the milestone. Great party and it’s great to see other of my friends here. Typically, I’m a red wine guy, but for this occasion I brought along one of my favorite drinks and the recipe for you and your party friends.

    Also brought along some entertainment. Enjoy!


  11. Why did I think you’ve been around much longer than 100 posts? What gave me that impression? I don’t mean to imply that you appear older. You don’t!

    My relationship with my stats is NOT a healthy one. You shouldn’t care about stats because there’s nothing you can do about them. But I pour over them like a scholar pours over a new archeological dig. It’s a slippery slope to obsession.

    Here’s a joke but I’m hesitant to post it because it’s crass. Well…unlike Madame Weebels, I’ll put my dignity on the line. Every party need some inappropriate behavior and I’m just the person to risk humiliation and anger. So here goes. I hope no children are in the room.

    A man wearing a mask and holding a gun walks into a sperm bank. The startled receptionist looks up and puts her hands in the air.

    “Sir! You’re in the wrong place! This is just a sperm bank!”

    “I know it is! Pick up that bottle behind you! Take the top off. Okay, now drink it!”

    The receptionist complies.

    The man takes off his mask. It’s her husband!

    “See…it’s not that bad.”


    • Well I have been around blogging for about 2 years, but as I only do an average of one post a week, it’s taken me this long to reach the 100. I do like to look at my stats, but not in an obsessive way, mostly I just like to be amused by the various search terms that have brought people there. I place more value on the likes and comments I get on posts rather than on the numbers behind them.

      I think we’re all adults here, so I will allow that joke 😉 At least the language used in it is more clinical than offensive! And I do think some innappropriate behaviour is definitely in order at the party. Thanks for joining in!


      • Well, I usually don’t work blue and definitely didn’t want to litter your nice blog with a lot of coarse language. That’s about as risque as I dared get.

        You have a very evolved and healthy attitude towards your stats. I wish I could say the same but I can’t help myself. Stats = audience. And anyone who tells you they’re just blogging for the visceral thrill of hitting the “publish” button is full of it. Everyone wants an audience.


        • Well I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t care at all about my stats! I do look at them, and I probably would start fretting if they started going on a downward slope, it’s just that comments mean more because you know they’ve done more than just click on the page.


    • Hi Vanessa

      Got in late here will list my “items” below – and I just had to throw in um, jokes in the same vain as the above.

      True story: My first wife was a nurse and her good friend Sally was also. Sally was married to Tom a psych professor at the local university. They were having problems conceiving and Sally was checked and the doctors saw no problems.

      They asked Tom to give a sperm sample and Tom refused.

      Inventive Sally one night gets Tom all hot and bothered and offered him his favorite form of sex. Just as Tom was releasing Sally slapped a test tube on the end. When my wife told me of this I nearly split a gut. And she swore me to secrecy. I promised her I’d never tell Tom I knew but I couldn’t let it go.

      As it so happened I was working on my masters in psych and taking Tom’s class on Behavioral Therapy (Oh, my God behavior mod). Before class began, one day, I brought in a test tube (empty) wrapped in a lab slip marked for a sperm count and left it on Tom’s lectern. It was priceless to see his face, and then his eyes searching and beseeching at the same time that the culprit didn’t say anything.

      I use to tell my second wife Polish jokes, and being British, she’d say they were Irish jokes. Well here’s the joke (feel free to put in your own nationality).

      X girl walks into a sperm bank. The clerk says, “May I help you?’ X girl holding her head tipped backwards says, “Uh, whar oo wan me poot it?


  12. One hundred posts calls for champagne. Congratulations!

    I had written a long joke on here and just as I was about to hit “send”, the thunderstorm in my area escalated and knocked out the internet. I took that as the omen it was and have put that particular joke back up on the shelf.

    Instead I’ll favor you with this little gem:

    Three explorers were captured by cannibals. The chief told them they were going to be eaten and their skins would be used to make canoes. Since he considered himself a noble savage, each man was given his choice of how he wished to die.

    The first explorer, a Frenchman, answered, “I weesh to die from zee poison – it eez, how you say, romantic” The cannibals complied and the man’s corpse was dragged off to be skinned and cooked.

    The second explorer, a German said, “I vish to die from a bullet to mein brain – it iss zee most efficient vay to terminate zee life” Again, the cannibals complied.

    The third explorer, a New Yorker, was asked how he wished to die.

    “I’d like to kill myself wit a fawk”

    The cannibals were confused having never heard this request before. Still, they rummaged through their huts until someone was able to find a fork. The chief presented the utensil to the New Yorker.

    The explorer took the fork and began stabbing himself all over and said, “Here’s yer &%#$&!! canoe!”


    • Ha! Very good! And champagne is most welcome. I am wondering about that other joke now though, maybe I can persuade you to reveal it later…


      • It’s a joke I’ve told a million times, but I’ve never written it down. I’m not sure how well it will translate to the written form. Let me have a couple more glasses of champagne, and I’m sure the jokes will start. I suppressed the urge to write a rather off color one, as I didn’t wish to offend anyone else.


  13. Time for everyone to get up and move!


  14. Congrats on 100 posts!
    For a good party starter your can’t go past the Birdy Dance! (aka Chicken Dance)


  15. My ultimate bash?
    A party at the White House open to EVERYONE, especially the homeless.
    Food, tunes, food, and a new start for all!


  16. By the way, congrats on hitting 100! Posts, that is…


  17. Vanessa! Congrats on your 100th post! My, don’t you look lovely! How’s your uvula? Beautiful as always, I see!

    I do hope I’m not overdressed. I’ve often seen people in movies wear a tuxedo jacket with a kilt and thought, “Huh! Why not?” I suppose I don’t really have the calves for it, but hey, it’s a party!

    I brought some Woodchuck hard cider. It goes well with something salty, so I also brought a plate of pigs in blankets. Good?

    And since we are in England, I thought I’d bring a cd of my favorite English band that is not the Beatles. The Vapors are an overlooked gem, don’t you agree?

    Hot damn, is that Madame Weebles? She’s from New Jersey, you know. Anyhoo, I’m gonna mingle. Great party, Vanessa! Great party!


  18. Rock and Roll! Congrats on 100!! Little smoked sausages drowned in BBQ sauce skewered with colored toothpicks and washed down with a pint of damn near anything!!! Did someone say dancing girls???


  19. Can’t resist coming to the party! I love your “non-mature” blog, Vanessa! (I do understand what that commenter meant, though – that it’s suitable for the youthful viewer, hence for me!) You always make me laugh in the best way!
    What I’ll be wearing to the party is my usual writing garb – crummy old jeans, crummy old T-shirt, and sandals (no socks if it’s hot – and it’s hot as blazes right now! Ooh, bad cliche, what with all the fires in the state). As for party food, for the Christmas party at work I used to take dates stuffed with whole walnuts, or maybe pumpkin bread – I used to make mean pumpkin bread!
    I just checked and I’m up to 152 on my termitewriter blog and 73 on the termitespeaker blog. Never occurred to me to celebrate! Maybe I’ll have to plan something for the numbers 200 and 100 respectively!


    • You are most welcome Lorinda! Especially with your stuffed dates and/or pumpkin bread! Yes, you should definitely plan something for 200 and 100 posts. I don’t know if you’ll top what I have going on here though… 😉


  20. I used to love pin the tail on the donkey–that is before tequila showed up and made parties fun without having to be spun around


  21. Time for an upbeat song by a crooner.


  22. Happy party!!

    Several years ago I was a manager at McDonald’s – the glory years I tell myself…yeah right! Anywho, there was a basement. Real smart architecture there…a basement in the back of a greasy fast food restaurant. Surely no one will slip and fall down the stairs, right? I’m not particularly known to be graceful as it is, I fall over standing up sometimes! Add stairs and grease…it was only a matter of time before I went down.
    And down I did go! I didn’t fall down the stairs head over feet thank goodness, no, I hit each step one at a time on my bottom, bonk bonk bonk , down I went.
    Well, as you can imagine that left quite a bruise on my bottom.

    As I was around 20 or 21 at the time, I probably wasn’t making the best choices in life….but that was one glorious bruise and it just needed to be recorded for all time. So I had my husband (though just my boyfriend then) take a picture! That was before I had all the digital whats it’s and cell phone whose its…so we had to get the picture printed!

    Fast forward some months later in a drunken state at a party, I thought it would be just an amazing idea to pull out the picture of my bruised bottom, one perfectly rectangle gloriously purple bruise and my rear for all to see.

    As it turns out looking at it became so funny to my friends that they decided to take turns taping it to their foreheads so no matter what everyone could always be looking at my bruised bottom …

    So I come to you today, Vanessa, into your party, with a picture of my gloriously bruised rear taped to my forehead!

    Congrats on the 100!!


  23. First of all, congratulations on reaching your milestone of 100 posts. Great effort.

    Not much for parties, but food wise anything that you can dip. Oh, and a dip to dip them into. Sour cream and chive is ALWAYS a winner for me 🙂

    Music. Why not a bit of Pink. Get the Party Started


    • I’m not much of one for parties either in the real world, these virtual parties are much more my style! Dips are good, I like all dips really, but I prefer the more substantial ones like hummus, or a hot artichoke dip, that’s my favourite, it’s yummy yummy in your tummy (as long as you like artichokes). Pink, yes, good party song!


  24. Party!!! Yea, girl. Congrats on this party-rific milestone. I’ll just tell you my favorite party foods and make myself hungry: guacamole (oh yeah!), chocolate chex mix, salsa, little cookie fruit bowls (I don’t know what they’re really called, but they were yummy when I tried them), and maybe a chocolate fondue fountain (I guess that’s more wedding like, but I want it at your party because we can then cover everything else available with a nice layer of chocolate perfection).


    • Ok yep, that all sounds good, not sure I’ve had chocolate chex mix though, chex mix isn’t really a thing over here, I had regular chex mix in the states only. And yes, the chocolate fondue is already flowing nicely, come and have a dip!


      • The chocolate chex mix takes Chocolate Chex cereal and then makes it even more unhealthy by pouring brown sugar/butter concoction over it and drizzling it with dark and white chocolate and adding reeses PB cups, marshmallows and toffee bits to it. Divine! Heavenly! Yeah. And I double dipped into the fondue. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.


        • Oh goodness, that sounds wonderful! It’s the sort of thing where we can try and kid ourselves that it’s almost healthy because it’s cereal! And don’t worry, we’re past worrying about double dipping now!


  25. I’m the one hanging out by the wall, trying not to make eye contact with anybody. If anyone tries to talk to me, I’ll nod slightly then turn away. After ten minutes, I will leave a card for the hostess thanking her SO MUCH for inviting me to her FABULOUS party, and then I will vanish and nobody will know I was ever there. 🙂


  26. I’m starting to have a lot of fun at this party! I really needed a shot of that limoncello after hearing Exile’s joke, Then spit up most of it when I heard 1point’s joke. Would someone pass that little yellow bottle over to the dance floor, please?


  27. Congrats Vanessa!!!

    I’m totally bringing my dancing shoes and my playlist (in case we need more music). I’ll bring some alcohol too — I don’t drink but the more everyone else does, the better I dance 😉


  28. Yawn. I suddenly remembered it’s way past my bedtime, and I’ve had too much Limoncello and too many cupcakes. Now I’m going to have to take a cab home and come back for my car in the morning. Would someone give me directions to that place just past Bermuda where I can get a Slurpee on the way back?


  29. For those of us who enjoy oldies.


  30. Congratulations on the big 100, Vanessa!

    I’m a dancer, and the one song that gets me up and going without fail is “ABC 123” by the Jackson 5:

    As for party games, there’s always 7 Minutes in Heaven. Though, you have to be a bit mindful of wedding rings and possessive boyfriends/girlfriends! 😉


  31. I ‘liked’ this I think yesterday? Congratulations! And, I came back to say I love love love those red shoes on the party girl!


  32. Congrats on 100 posts, V! I have no jokes, but I laughed at Exile’s sperm bank one. I’m not that great at drink recipes…all I need is a glass, some ice and a little gin. How’s ’bout I show up wearing my fleece toga and holding a jumbo-sized bag of Cool Ranch Doritos?


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  34. My favorite party song – an oldie but a goodie.


  35. I’m so happy for you! But I’m just not a party girl. Most of my party experiences turn out to be fodder for comical Lorna stories. I have over 400 posts. Maybe when I hit 500, I’ll throw a bash…


  36. I have read the others and you have salsa, so I will share my recipe for guacamole!


  37. Vanessa Congrats on your 100th!

    I’ve invited a feel “friends” to help you celebrate:

    It has been a long time since MC Hammer made “U Can’t Touch This” a fantastic hit and tonight I asked him to do it one more time for you: “Ladies, and Gentlemen put your hands together for one of the world’s greatest rappers – “MC HAMMER!”

    Wait . . . what”s that? . . . Really? he can make it . . . Great!

    Vanessa, MC asked me if he could bring a friend, as with so many conflicts in the industry MC wasn’t sure if his friend could make it so we were keeping it quiet.

    But I’m pleased to tell you that not since MC has there been a singer that has taken the industry by such storm, and here is with MC to introduce him –

    Now didn’t I see mulled wine somewhere?
    “Can’t touch this ….”


  38. Kourtney Heintz

    I love Cranium with a bunch of friends. Especially when the liquor is flowing. 🙂


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