Random Tuesday

Vanessa as a WeeMee

This is my WeeMee, created for me by my daughter, using Apple’s WeeMee Avatar Creator. What do we think? Does it look like me?

A few matters of business to go through today. I’ve brought coffee and doughnuts for everyone. Please find a seat quickly and settle down. And don’t eat all the doughnuts, save me a couple, ok?


A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed the author Mike Allegra, and he kindly donated a copy of his book, Sarah Gives Thanks, to be given to one randomly selected lucky commenter on that post. I cut out all the names of those who commented (apart from you Mike, I know it wasn’t specified in the rules, but you weren’t allowed to enter the draw to win a copy of your own book. Sorry ‘n all)…

Strips of paper with bloggers names on

I put all the strips into a big brown envelope, then danced around the room, shaking the envelope, and singing Shake, Rattle and Roll, because that was the only song I could think of at the time that had the word “Shake” in it. I then shut my eyes, reached in, and pulled out…

Strip of paper that says The Hook

Congratulations to The Hook! Mr The Hook, if you could please contact Mike direct using his contact form, then he will get the copy of Sarah Gives Thanks sent out to you pronto!


Yesterday I wrote a guest post over on the wonderful blog of The Mercenary Researcher. My post is about education, and is part of series of posts she has been featuring over there relating to education. You can read mine by clicking here! And while you’re over there, have a general browse around her blog, you’ll find plenty to amuse, interest, and delight you!


I’ve set up a new page on my blog called Books by Bloggers to help promote the books that have been written by bloggers who I interact with; please go and have a browse…There are probably a few blogging author buddies I’ve missed off there who I should have remembered. I’ve already had a couple of middle-of-the-night-springing-bolt-upright moments of “Oh no! I forgot X’s book!” So if you’ve written a book that I know about, and I haven’t included it, please don’t take it personally, I just forgot! There’s a form on that page to tell me about it.


Well?…I’m waiting…


48 responses to “Random Tuesday

  1. Vanessa…You Rock! Great ideas…all of them. Now, I’m off to read your interview with my coffee and doughnut…munch…munch…munch.


  2. Look at you. All sharing the love and whatnot. That’s how you get into heaven, you know.


  3. Yep, the WeeMee looks a lot like you. I was wondering where everybody was making those cartoon figures. Thanks for clearing up the mystery!


  4. By the way…great link on your guest post. I followed the links back to the series The mercenary Research wrote…wonderful series!


  5. No, all the doughnuts have gone. Don’t look at me, I didn’t have any, well, not many. Anyway, if you will go on waffling about stuff you’ve only got yourself to blame if the doughnuts have all gone when you’ve finished. Right?




  7. That lucky Hook! And thank you for writing for me!!


  8. Thanks for being so awesome sauce, Vanessa!

    What does the WeeMee’s uvula look like?


  9. Oops, sorry, I think I stuffed the last doughnut in my mouth. Will you settle for some broccoli?

    Congrats to The Hook. I love the enthusiasm you show while choosing a winner, but next time I would like video proof of it. And I love your WeeMee’s footwear. She’s a girl after my own heart.


  10. Forget the doughnuts! I wanted some coffee! Who drank the last of the coffee!?!?
    I actually wrote a book, and because I am such a bad marketer, I have yet to alert the world about it. What gives? Thanks for the reminder to remedy that! And in case the best I can do is mention it here for the sake of some curious comment reader, it’s “101 Tips for a Happier Marriage” with an actual publisher and all! Find it on Amazon. Christmas is coming, after all! 🙂


  11. I couldn’t find any jelly doughnuts. I LOVE jelly doughnuts. But congrats to Mr. Hook – he lucked out – it’s a great book. Hopefully everyone who didn’t win will go buy Mike Allegra’s Sarah Gives Thanks. Mine is on my coffee table – wonderful for kids AND adults.


  12. I saved you a maple-bacon doughnut, Vanessa. My husband assures me they are divine. I haven’t tried one yet and don’t dare take a bite out of yours now. Thanks for including me on your book list. I love the layout of that page.


    • Someone mentioned bacon doughnuts on a blog post recently, actually I think it was you! I’m definitely willing to give those a go, bacon and sweet go together well. Glad to have you on book list – as you know I read your first book and really enjoyed it, but I had completely forgotten that I got a code or something for copy of your second one too! It wasn’t till I was sorting that page out that I came across something that reminded me! I don’t seem to have any time for fiction reading at the moment with my studies, but I’m glad I remembered I have that for later – I’m not sure if I actually downloaded it or not, I must check!


  13. Congrats to The Hook for the win!
    I will have a read of your guest post shortly. Looks interesting.
    The Books by Bloggers page will be good. Especially when I finish any one of mine and you add it to your page! 😉 No seriously. I’ll definitely check that out.
    *Arrives at Item 4 just as he bites into last doughnut from plate. Freezes in mid-bite. Glances around guiltily, wondering if anyone noticed. Considers replacing remainder of doughbut, whistling innocently while examining paint job on ceiling. Decides no and slowly finishes doughnut, avoiding any sudden movements.*


    • Well if you ever do finish a book and publish it, then definitely let me know about it! And yes, I’m glad you didn’t replace half a doughnut on the place, I think we all are. Was that a Freudian slip when you called it a doughbut on one of the mentions? 😉


      • Hmm. Nothing Freudian about it! The B and the N are so similar. They both have a vertical line up their left hand sides and they are right next to each other on the keyboard. So easy to get them mixed up!


  14. Congrats to The Hook! I love the cartoony-you. Very trendy. Can’t wait to read your guest post.

    Hear no doughnut. See no doughnut. Speak no doughnut.


  15. Congratulations to The Hook! And boy, getting here as late as I did, I know those doughnuts are long gone—which is probably best for my waistline. 😉

    A bit late on catching up with my blog reading. Work was busy, and I’m trying to be good and meet my PerNoReMo goals. Still chugging away at the rebuild!


  16. I think that WiiMii captures your stunning smile quite well, Vanessa! 😀

    Congratulations to The Hook for the win. And, congratulations to you, too, Vanessa, for the guest post. Formalized education is so varied and often so subjective. It makes my head hurt.


  17. Great Avatar and great work all the way around. where do you get your energy? Oh, from the doughnuts… 😉


  18. Love that WeeMee! Yea for Hook!
    Guest posting – interesting!
    Books by Bloggers – great idea. Really great.
    (Rushed, but enjoyed the post….Hook grabbed the extra donuts, right?)


  19. The Hook totally deserves to win, huzzah! I’ll have to check out the books by bloggers page…. Since maybe one day, hopefully, perhaps, I’ll be worthy to be on it 😉


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