Popcorn and Making the World a Better Place…

…are just two of the five things that my lovely blogging buddy, The Hook, asked me about when he interviewed me as part of his 5×5 feature. To see what I had to say, hop on over there.

Yep, that’s right, for the second week in a row I’m sending you off somewhere else. Next week I shall attempt to post some content over here again!

Thank you to The Hook for having me over there and being such a wonderful host.


18 responses to “Popcorn and Making the World a Better Place…

  1. At least you’re sending your friends somewhere cool to hang out!
    Thanks, VJC!


  2. Are you being apologetic? So unnecessary. Kudos to you that your presence is requested!

    I like the snowfall effect. It tickles my Christmas bone.


  3. Thanks to the Hook, you are now more of an enigma than you were 5 minutes ago. Very nicely done.


  4. Consider it done! …. great answers to good questions.


  5. I do enjoy popcorn, although I cringe when my husband eats the “old maids.” I’m always afraid he’ll break a tooth. But add some chocolate and caramel to it (the popcorn, not the old maids), and there’s a treat that’s hard to beat!


  6. Fun interview, Vanessa!


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