21 Things I Hate or Just Don’t Like Very Much Which May or May Not be Irrational

21 on a wall

Some blogging folks, such as Rarasaur, did this 21 Things I Irrationally Hate thing. I wanted to do it too, but “hate” is too strong a word for most of these, and they’re not all irrational either, so that’s why I came up with my own (I’m sure you’ll agree) very catchy title.

I give you 21 things I hate or just don’t like very much which may or may not be irrational. In no particular order…

1) Having to see people chucking up on TV shows and films. It used to be a rarity to see this on our screens but now it’s everywhere – comedies, dramas, reality shows, movies, documentaries, you name it, there are people throwing up on it. Why? Who wants to see people spilling their guts? Anyone? Does anyone ever think “Ooh, I’m so glad they showed that, it has really enhanced my viewing pleasure”?

2) When people ask you a question, but instead of letting you answer it, they run through a list of suggested answers and don’t let you get a word in. Like “So why did you decide to move house? Was it because the old house was too small? Or was it the area you didn’t like? Or maybe it was too long a drive to work? Or perhaps you just felt like a change? Or maybe…” If you just shut-up for a minute, I’ll tell you!

3) When people talk with their mouth full.

4) TV or radio interviewers who think that the best way to interview someone is to continually interrupt them and challenge EVERYTHING they say. It comes across as arrogant and rude, and is annoying to listen to.

5) If I get woken up from a lovely sleep for no good reason. Like if it’s the weekend and I forgot to unset my alarm.

Grumpy face

Getting woken up makes me look like this

6) When someone on Facebook (or wherever) specifically asks for advice/suggestions/help/opinions on something, but then doesn’t thank or even acknowledge those who respond. You don’t have to respond to every comment, but a general “Thanks everyone for your input!” or whatever doesn’t go amiss. Note – if it’s unsolicited advice then that’s different, but if it’s been asked for then it’s only polite.

7) I did a post about this a while ago, and it is still rife – when people share various warnings or bits of advice that they’ve seen somewhere without checking if they are true first. I say again – snopes or hoax-slayer, it doesn’t take a minute.

8) Coriander leaf/cilantro.

Cilantro / coriander

Yuckity yuck yuck

9) Clusters of holes – again, I did a whole post about it.

10) When after much deliberation I finally decide on something I want to buy and they don’t have any left in my size. Why? WHY?!

11) Wasted food. I feel less bad about this though now that we have bins at home for waste food that are collected as part of the recycling collections.

Food waste bin

This is my bin. You don’t want to look inside. It’s not pretty.

12) When I can’t remember what I was going to put for number 12.

13) When I’m really excited to tell someone something, but they already know.

14) When I accidentally hurt one of my cats by stepping on their tail or something, and they look at me all hurt and confused as if I did it deliberately.

15) This is a more serious one, and definitely a “hate” – seeing images of distraught relatives in the media when there has been some kind of disaster. They need to stop shoving cameras in those poor people’s faces, sometimes you can see the people trying to turn away or shield their faces from the camera, and still they are snapped. It’s awful, a really low form of journalism, we’ve seen it a lot in recent weeks with the missing Malaysian plane. It isn’t a necessary part of reporting the story; these are human beings who are suffering; leave them alone.

16) Undercooked potato in any form.

17) An obvious one, but one we all share – the frustration of phoning customer service centres with multilevels of number pressing to get through to the right section, lots of waiting on hold, having to repeat yourself so many times, and all the rest of it.

Angry on phone

I can’t tell you the number of phones I’ve chewed through after one of those conversations

18) Shop staff who are more interested in talking to each other than serving customers.

19) When I grow my nails all lovely and then bite one of then down (yes, I know that’s my own fault but fellow nail-biters will understand).

20) When the weather doesn’t comply with my wishes.

21) When I compile a list and I just know that later after it’s published I’ll think of some better ones I should have included.


Photo credits:
Number 21 – photo credit: coltera via photopin cc
Grumpy kid – photo credit: 4BlueEyes Pete Williamson via photopin cc
The yucky green stuff – photo credit: Qfamily via photopin cc
Phone angry – photo credit: Cayusa via photopin cc


100 responses to “21 Things I Hate or Just Don’t Like Very Much Which May or May Not be Irrational

  1. I think we all agree on many of these. I’m especially with you on #1. I don’t need to see people toss their cookies in a show and I don’t need to see them pee, either. I can use my imagination for both. Oh, and I too hate wasting food. I once took half a tomato on a driving trip because I didn’t want it to go to waste. My husband still laughs about that one.


    • The throwing up on screen always seems to happen when you’re munching on some snacks while watching; totally puts you off (although as a medical doctor, I imagine you have more of a stomach for such things!). The half a tomato is funny, I would do something like that too. My Neil is really good for using things up, I know I can always say to him “There’s something about to go off in the fridge…er…I mean there’s something delicious in the fridge that I thought you might like” 🙂


  2. #1 got me thinking of another pet peeve: when people get drunk on television after one drink. I see it less so now, and I’m sure it was just a sit-com device to speed the plot along, but it bugs me.


  3. Good list! I especially agree with numbers 4 and 15… and I’m so a culprit of number 2. If you had to pick one (other than your actual phobia – let’s give the others a chance, here) to ban from existence, send to the black hole or otherwise make very illegal, which would it be?


    • Ok I’m also going to discount number 15 (the distraught relatives) because that’s kind of a category of its own in terms of awfulness. So out of the rest, I’m going to pick the phoning customer service centres. One of my utility services is provided by a company where when you phone, you straight away get through to a real person, and it’s a person who is friendly, helpful, understands what you’re saying and deals with it appropriately. Every time. It’s wonderful! I want them all to be like that.


  4. So many good ones…
    #11 – we had a smorgasbord type restaurant, with excellent food…the best I’d ever seen. Each day, they had all the left over food and would donate it to the homeless shelter. It was a great deal until one day they were sued by a homeless person who claimed to have gotten sick. I think they settled, but after that…no more free food…all of it tossed in the trash. So, I’m adding to your list…people who wreck a great thing for their own selfish greed.

    I agree completely with #15

    #17 – hubby was on the phone to customer service on an item that was going out of warranty, so he HAD TO stay on the line…the company was notorious for wait times of an hour or so and he had things to do. He left the house phone on speaker and drove to the auto parts store to pick up an order. When he returned he was informed he was number two in the cue…perfectly timed. 🙂

    I rarely use an alarm clock but once I forgot to turn it off when I went to visit my dad. When I came back the clock was unplugged…it’s one of those that never stops beeping and it was an early flight…I felt so bad knowing I had awoken other people in the house. 😦


    • I like your addition to the list! Totally agree with that one. That customer service story is funny – it reminds me of a sitcom I saw where a man’s mother-in-law phones and he leaves the phone receiver laying on the table, and gets on with other things, and every so often picks it up and says something like “Oh I see, yes.” Ha!


  5. Definitely love your list. Some things we just don’t need to see on TV..


  6. Now I am going to have to figure out my own list.
    Of your 21 dislikes I am absolutely with you on 6 of them, namely #1, 3, 4, 15, 16, 17.
    Do you really hate cilantro (coriander leaf) so much? I absolutely love it…there’s no accounting for taste!
    Another thing I hate is people who don’t reply to an invitation until the last minute – they are waiting to see if a better offer comes in – how rude! In the meantime you can’t plan for numbers vis a vis food etc. P*sses me off.

    Your blog posts are always so thought provoking – keeps the little grey cells on the job!


    • Yes I really hate cilantro, to the point of not being able to even eat it to be polite at somebody’s house, and I’m really not a fussy eater. If you look it up (if you’re interested!) there’s something in it which makes it taste awful for some people, there are whole websites and forum posts dedicated to cilantro-hating. I can detect even a tiny bit of leaf in something. It tastes like detergent to me.

      Thank you, glad to be thought provoking!


    • I meant to add also – yes the invitation late replies, or non replies!


  7. It’s number 1 before all the others for me. I have intense anxiety about seeing people getting sick (or getting sick myself). It’s why I can’t follow some people on Facebook, even, and in the shows and movies, WHY JUST WHY?!?

    Of course, all 21 are aces, but number one is my biggest please-stop-the-insanity one!


  8. 1,2,3,14…ah heck, all of these are horrible things that I dislike.
    🙂 Great list, Vanessa.


  9. Er, sorry, but exactly in what way is ’21 Things I Hate or Just Don’t Like Very Much Which May or May Not be Irrational’ “very catchy”?

    Just saying, that’s all …

    And are you thinking of anyone in particular with some of these, or should someone stop being so paranoid?

    Just asking, that’s all …


  10. Neil, it’s catchy because it isn’t catchy! Vanessa’s tongue fits really well in her cheek! And only YOU know the answer to that last one!
    Fun list, Vanessa! I agree with most everything on it! Unfortunately, we don’t have food recycling over here, at least not where I live.


    • The food recycling is great actually, I like the idea that it goes to some use. I never used to be one for recycling anything much, but now I do it all because it’s all collected, and once you get used to doing it, it just feels so wrong to throw anything that can be recycled into the general landfill rubbish!


  11. A fine list. and I agree with almost everything.

    To my list I would add “seagulls.”

    What, too soon?


  12. Another fine posting Vanessa! However, I must enter my strong objections to #8. Cilantro is a fine herb, and it is not coriander. I agree about the undercooked potatoes. What do you say about parsley? (Warning: I have very strong, personal feelings about parsley and about all greens in general)


  13. Ha! Number 12 happens to me all the time. And then, randomly, five hours later it will pop into my head suddenly … and I will promptly forget what number 15 is …


  14. Since when have you ever displayed irrational behavior? Never, as far as I can tell.

    I read an article in the NY Times not long ago about the new fad in showing people getting sick. I saw a play on Broadway, God of Carnage, and in it, Hope Davis threw up all over some books. Theater magic.

    Do you know who Charlie Rose is? He’s a TV interviewer in the David Frost mold. He never lets a guest finish a sentence. He does it for them. It’s pretty funny until it isn’t.

    Have you ever woken up on a Saturday thinking it’s a work day and you’re late? I’ve done that many times.

    I am constantly being trumped by Facebook. I’ll run to my wife with an exciting bit of news about a friend which she inevitably already knows because of Facebook.

    Can you imagine you graduate from journalism school and you end up chasing ambulances to get the grieving widow on camera? Career fail.


    • Oh really, so others have noticed the increasing prevalence of showing people being sick then. Not sure I would describe that as theater magic myself. I would rather see someone poop themselves than be sick!

      I have woken up on a weekend and thought it was a work day, I love that, I’ve also done the reverse, I don’t love that so much.

      It really takes the wind out of your sails when someone already knows something that you’re excited to share doesn’t it!


  15. These are terrific, except the cilantro one. I’m sorry. It’s an essential component in my husband’s very delicious salsa. Also, never heard about the many holes phobia. How interesting! I’m one of those who can’t do heights to the point where I want to just throw myself over rather than live with the fear of falling. I just want to get it over with already. Isn’t that messed up? But there’s actually a technical term for that phobia too. When I found out I was much relieved to know I wasn’t the only one. My husband is like, “Okay, we are never going up in a hot air balloon together.”


    • It’s funny, I was just commenting above how cilantro always seems to invoke quite strong opinions either way, the lovers and the haters! The holes phobia is actually surprisingly common, and as it’s becoming more well known, people are pleased to discover they’re not the only ones! I can understand how that fear of heights might manifest itself in that way, you probably wouldn’t actually do it, but it’s scary when you have those thoughts! I feel a little like that if I look over the edge of a boat while out at sea because I’m quite scared of deep water (not a proper phobia though).


  16. May I add people talking on their cell phone as though they want everyone to hear their conversation. And people talking on their cell phone while they are checking out at the grocery store. And people talking on their cell phone while driving. And, and, and. Look what you started here. Now I am on a rant.


  17. 4, 12 and 19. Those are great! And I feel for you on the nailbiting one. I did it to ALL my nails this past week and am now MAD at myself. When will I learn? How old will I be before I have all 10 nails long and pretty…or even just above the nub for Pete’s sake. (Okay, enough of my rant. I guess I really hate #19 too).


  18. Oh, I can identify with all of these, Vanessa? You are so much better at articulating my thoughts than I am! Definitely, can we please leave people suffering through disasters or the potential loss of loved ones alone? Where have our sense of decency and compassion for others gone?


    • Argh! That was supposed to be an exclamation point at the end of my first sentence—not a question mark!


      • Haha, I thought for a second you weren’t sure if it was me 😉

        Any thoughts you’d like me to articulate for you anytime, just let me know.

        Sometimes after a tragic event they report in the press that the people have asked to be allowed to grieve in private (or words to that effect) – they really shouldn’t have to ask for that should they!


  19. Ha ha, Vanessa! Ditto to many of these…especially the customer service one. What a complete waste of our time. I do, however, enjoy cilantro!


  20. Snazzy title, Vanessa! 😉 I agree with most of your points, although I’d have to add to number 15 a little. Why, when there is a disaster, must journalists report from the scene? Is it because they (the TV channels) want to get more viewing figures? Or perhaps they want to get another scoop… oh, sorry (I’m reminded of number 2!) But yeah. Good post!


    • Thanks Tom, at least SOMEONE appreciates my title-crafting techniques. Yes, the on the scene thing – the news reader in the studio tells us the story, then goes to the on the scene reporter and says “So Judy, what do we know?”, and Judy says “Well Bob, what we know is that…” and says the exact same thing that the studio news reader told us! What’s that all about?!


  21. Did you know that the coriander/cilantro thing is genetic? Apparently, you can train yourself to tolerate it, but I’m not sure why you would want to do this. Perhaps if you wanted to eat salsa?

    I love your compost bin. I’ve been looking for something that size, but I can only find ones that are much smaller. Although, there’s nothing in the photo to give me a true sense of its proportions, so maybe it’s not larger than the one I have.

    I agree with all of your pet peeves. But I have solved the nail problem by biting all of mine to the quick. Voila!


    • I knew there was a reason why coriander/cilantro was hated by certain people, and now that you’ve said that, I think I do remember hearing it was genetic. Actually I wouldn’t mind training myself to like it because it does happen that sometimes I’m at someone’s house, or in a restaurant and there’s some in something I’m eating, and it would be much easier if I didn’t mind! Maybe I should force myself to eat a leaf a day or something?

      The food waste bin on my countertop is approximately the width from my wrist to my elbow (at the widest part of the bin which is the top), and those bags inside are compostable bags. We then have a bigger bin outside which holds about four of those bags full, and that’s the bin that gets collected every week. The council gave us all both the indoor and outdoor bins, so we didn’t have to buy them. (That might have been more information than you needed, ha!)

      Ahh, another nail biter! Mine often used to be all bitten right down, but these days I manage to keep them reasonable, but with the occasional slip up!


  22. I am so with you on #1. If I even think it’s about to happen, I shut my eyes and plug my ears (because hearing it is just as bad as seeing it!) I also hate wasting food. Every time the kids don’t finish something, I tell them to think about all the starving children in Kentucky. (I used to use Africa as an example, but we watched a documentary about children in our own country who are living on the streets, and my kids were appalled that it actually happens *here*.)


    • Oh my goodness, you won’t believe this, I was just about to type a reply to you when Ted on How I Met Your Mother just threw up on a doormat! And I had no time to turn away or plug my ears! This has to stop.

      Sorry, I know it’s not funny, but I couldn’t help laughing about you saying the starving children in Kentucky, but that makes perfect sense to bring it close to home so that they can relate better than Africa.


  23. #1, #1, #1! I did a PSA wherein I played a drunk co-ed who got alcohol poisoning (and may or may not have been sexually assaulted while under the influence, but that’s another story), and we decided not to film any regurgitation scene, for precisely your reasoning. Though, people who are that drunk don’t even regurgitate – it just sort of falls out of them. Which is more disgusting, when you think about it. (Sorry!)

    And, #15. The lack of respect shown by journalists in these situations is appalling. It’s one thing if some tortured soul wants to make their story known, but chasing after someone like a vulture is horribly egregious just from a morals standpoint, and I genuinely hate it, too.

    I did love your title, though, Vanessa. 😉


    • I was just saying to 4am Kate, that I was just about to reply to her comment when there was a chucking up scene on How I Met Your Mother right in front of me! There’s no escape…

      I don’t know how journalists can do that I really don’t, how do they justify it to themselves?

      Lovely to see you coming back around Mayumi! 🙂


  24. The only thing I can’t agree with on this list is coriander / cilantro! Really? That’s one of those herbs I can’t seem to grow, but can’t live without either 🙂


    • It’s so funny that you should say that about coriander/cilantro, it’s the thing that everyone’s commenting on! There are apparently genetic reasons why lots of people hate it. And plenty seem to love it. There’s no indifference to it!


  25. Great list! I often wonder too about the throwing up stuff on tv. I mean really? One reason I don’t watch much. And the journalists who insist on forcing themselves on grieving relatives! That’s just awful! I was shaking my head ‘yes’ throughout this. 🙂


  26. Oh the constant interrupting of people drives me insane too! I listen to a ton of interview shows, and I hate when the host will do that. Especially when they’re going into a story or topic I want to hear about. Then the get sidetracked and never go back to it. Drives me crazy!

    Oh and good list by the way.


    • I listen to Radio 4 a lot over here and they are often interviewing people about political issues, and I know sometimes people come on with the own agenda of what they want to say, which might not fit against the questions, but to not let them get more than 3 words out without interrupting them is SOOO annoying to listen to!


  27. I can relate to many of these, but the grocery store is one place where I can be easily irritated … mainly because too many people don’t know how to operate shopping carts!


  28. 10 is definitely agony. That 15 with cameras at tragic events is a big hate. Leave those people alone. It’s not news or journalism, it’s just ugly.
    Totally real and great list


    • Thank you! Nobody wants to see that kind of journalism, right? Also, sometimes on news clips at the scene, you see people being wheeled off on stretchers to ambulances, and there are the photographers, running alongside, snapping away. Awful.


  29. WOW!!! Every single one, we have in common! Except for the cilantro, of course 😉


  30. I love cilantro, but everything else – yes! Especially #4. It’s so rude!!


  31. I’m with the last couple of commenters — agree with every one, except I love cilantro. (And that’s a very rare thing, when I’m the one defending a green, leafy food.)

    Excellent post, Vanessa.


  32. Kourtney Heintz

    #17 is especially awful when then transfer you but really disconnect you and it starts all over again.


  33. This list is actually freaking me out a bit because I think you might have dug in my brain for it!

    Except for coriander leaves. I have no strong opinions on coriander, though, oddly enough, my sister also hates it. Maybe you dug in her brain for that one?


  34. This is a great list! Coming from the TV industry I can especially relate to #4 & #15. Yeah, “hate” those.


    • TV industry you say? *Cough* Oh look! Is that my resume just casually lying around? Who left that there I wonder!…THERE…RIGHT THERE WHERE I’M POINTING!


      • Heheheh…Yes, I am a TV producer but I’ve been “in transition” now for a couple of years. Mostly, I write for a living now. I’m in Canada and we share a healthy TV relationship with the BBC and a lot of our Networks bring in British shows. Of course I am a “Corrie” fan since I was very young.


        • I used to be a Corrie fan, for years, but then I lived in the states for a few years in my late 20s/early 30s, and wasn’t able to continue watching it there, and never started again when I returned to the UK. I know I would get back into it if I started again, so I don’t let myself, soaps are such a big time commitment aren’t they, with several episodes a week!


          • It’s funny, I don’t think we really think of it as a “soap”. We are so use to the soaps here with all the perfectly plastic people (having lived in the US I know you know what I mean) that Corrie seems different. For me it is a family thing. I have a plethora of sisters living all over the place and the one thing we all have in common is “Did you see Corrie last night?”.


            • For us in the UK, Corrie was the original “soap”, so that’s what we thought of as a soap! Most of our soaps here are more gritty and real, like Eastenders, and Emmerdale, they have people that look like real people. We knew nothing of those American ones that you speak of until more recently. When I lived in the US, I watched some of those soaps now and again, like Days of Our Lives, mostly out of amused fascination! The thing that used to make me laugh was that often it seemed the only way the writers could think of to get the viewers to understand what was happening, was to have the characters talk to themselves; every other scene was a like a character would be on her own in a room, she would pick up an object, hug it to her chest, gaze into the distance and then start “Oh Rick, I’m so sorry I lied to you, but I had no choice….” Ha! I could totally be an American soap writer 🙂


              • That’s hysterical! I haven’t seen an American soap since I was a kid but that is exactly what they were like then, and from what I can tell, now. A lot of them have been cancelled over the last couple of years and some of them have moved to the internet.
                I think my favourite Brit show right now is “Orphan Black”. Of course I am also addicted to “The Graham Norton Show”.


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