Sometimes I Really Think I Can Fly

I’ve come up with a list (you know how I like lists) of those little moments in life that we all experience from time to time, which give us a little burst of feeling of some kind.

The moment when…you’re reading a book and realise this is going to be a GREAT book.

The moment when…you’re climbing up the stairs and you realise that you can’t remember why you’re going up stairs, but you continue climbing anyway, in the hope that you will remember when you get there (you won’t. Not yet. Not until you have come back downstairs, sat back down and continued with what you were doing previously).

Dog climbing up stairs

Now, what was I doing again?

The moment when…you wake up thinking it’s a work day, and then realise it isn’t (thank you for reminding me of that one a while ago Exile on Pain Street, it was that which inspired me to write this post!).

The moment when…you hear that a sequel to a film you loved is going to be made (this can sometimes be two moments; a moment of delight, followed by a moment of concern that it won’t be as good).

The moment when…you’re just about to drift off to sleep, and your bladder screams “Hang on a minute! I need to be emptied! It’s no good trying to ignore me in the hope that you will make it through to the morning, you won’t, you know I’m going to be waking you up, so you may as well force yourself out of that lovely snug warm bed right now, and get it over with!”

Toilet tissue

Great name for a toilet tissue!

The moment when…the postman arrives, and he has brought the thing you’ve been excitedly (or anxiously) waiting for. (More often these days that happens by email, but the moment isn’t the same as when it’s a physical envelope that has been delivered).

The moment when…you deliberately dragged yourself out of bed extra early to work on something, you look at your watch and see that it’s not even 9am and you’ve already achieved more than you usually achieve in a whole day (I LOVE this one).

The moment when…you’re delayed in getting somewhere, and you know with certainty that you have reached the point where it’s too late, there is no way you can make it now, so you may as well relax. (Up until that moment, you were continually doing more arithmetic that you’ve done since school “If I can get through this bit within the next 7.5 minutes, and then the next part takes no more than 3 minutes and 5 seconds, and assuming there is a line of no more than 4 people, then as long as…”)

The moment when…you wake up from a dream in which you were able to fly, and for a short time after waking, you still believe that maybe you really can fly; you know it was a dream, but you think it was a dream where you learned the secret to flying which can be used in real life. Thankfully it is a flying method that is achieved from ground level, simply requiring a graceful leap forward and assertive lifting of the arms, so there is no danger involved in testing it out. (Or maybe this one is just me).

Girl with arms raised

I’m sure if I just wish for it hard enough…

Can you relate to these moments? Any moments you’d like to share?

Photo credits:
Dog on stairs – photo credit: IONclad via photopin cc
Toilet tissue – photo credit: elmada via photopin cc
Girl – photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc


54 responses to “Sometimes I Really Think I Can Fly

  1. OOOH…Oooh

    That moment at work when you are officially on vacation for the next week or two! 😀 😀

    Or…when you are looking for your glasses…and they’re on your head. Or the keys you can’t find are in your hand.

    Heading back down stairs so I can remember the other ones I’ve forgotten….


    • Haha! Yes, number two, I’ve done that with sunglasses, in a shop, asking if I left them behind when they were on top of my head, and the best part was, the sales assistants were helping me look for them! And keys in my hand, yep, and many similar things”


  2. I love that moment when I’m thinking of someone and the phone rings… and it’s them calling me! Yay! 🙂


  3. The moment you find out someone has pinged you in one of their posts. For real! It never gets old. Thank you, dear.


  4. I want to learn the secret to flying in your dreams! Tellll meeee!


  5. Every day is full of good moments … but taking the time to notice them is another story. Well done, Vanessa!


  6. Oh, yes, I can related to these moments. The one where you wake up and realize you can sleep in a bit is a treat indeed. For me, there’s also that moment when I’ve finished all my work for the day, power off my laptop, and go watch my favorite TV show for some quiet downtime.


  7. The about to fall asleep (finally!) and then realize you need to pee one happens to me all the time. The moment I realize that indeed all the children are in bed and it’s just me and hubby alone and relaxing–also epic, but in a much different way. 🙂


    • The peeing one happens to me all the time too, it’s SO annoying, but I do drink a lot (I don’t mean alcohol, I mean liquids in general!), so I couldn’t possibly leave a long gap between my final drink and bedtime because then I’d get too thirsty! I pee a lot during the day too (oh wait…do you want all this information?). Ahhh, relaxing alone time with your hubby – is that something in your 101 secrets?


      • I went to a fancy dinner event once where one of my friends in attendance had just had some orthodontic work done and couldn’t eat. I told her not to worry. To cover for her I’d just tell everyone that she was going to be drinking her dinner. 🙂 My mother, for Lent, has limited herself to just two alcoholic drinks per day! And that’s all my drinking stories for now.
        And I do believe there is something akin to that in my book. I have heard it’s a good book! 😉


  8. I totally remember the flying moments as a kid. I really felt that each time after a vivid dream, I would be able to fly because I had felt how to do it. Makes me wonder if I really could if I could just open up a little bit more of my brain power that my conscience taps into when I sleep.


  9. The moment when I hit “Publish” – knowing that I can stop beating that dead horse of a post and move onto a new one. Of course, that moment is always followed a few minutes later by the moment I realize how much better the published post could have been.
    I have never in my life had a flying dream. I told a friend that once and he became convinced that there was something terribly wrong with me. He may have been right.


    • Oh yes, the “Publish” moment is another one! It always feels like quite a big deal doesn’t it! That’s a shame that you’ve never had a flying dream, they’re wonderful, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you though, I’m sure you’ll have one one day!


  10. The moment when you click and realize how to do something you have previously struggled with.


  11. Flying dreams are amazing. But I’ve also heard they’re our subconscious brain reacting to stressful situations, so I worry if it’s good when I have one….

    Oh, the stairs. I know that one so well. Maybe there’s something about the movement involved that causes short-term memory to fail. Or stairs are inherently mischievous and cause it to happen just for laughs…. Or they think we all need the extra exercise…. 😉


    • Flying dreams are wonderful at the time though aren’t they.

      I think I heard something somewhere sometime (?) that said the reason we often forget things when we walk out of a room is because the doorway tells our subconscious that we’re leaving one zone (I don’t think “zone” was the right word), and entering another so our brain switches to be ready to deal with whatever is in the new area. Something like that anyway! It seemed to make some sense anyway.


  12. I love love love the moment when you’re on the phone with someone (half listening) and you start looking for your phone, and you panic because you thought you left it somewhere…I’ve done it..and laughed so hard!


  13. It might be me, but I’m thinking that many women of a “certain age” who’ve had children succumb to the bladder moment. And the bladder moment usually happens to me when we’re camping somewhere in the wilderness and it’s a long (often cold) trek to the bathroom.

    How about the moment when you realize that the friend you’ve been waving at madly for the past minute is really a stranger. And they’re staring at you intently, trying to remember who you are. Soon to be followed by the moment they decide you’re a dangerous lunatic. I think this one is also related to being of a “certain age.”

    I love the moment between a joke’s delivery and its comprehension. There’s a pause, a cesura.

    I also love the moment I walk into a bookstore, kind of like that feeling of flying. 😀

    So sad I’ve never had a flying dream. My son had one the other day, and my husband chimed in, saying “aren’t those flying dreams great?” I’m jealous of you all.


    • Oh yes, the bladder moment when camping is the worst!

      It’s really funny that you mentioned the “moment between a joke’s delivery and its comprehension” because I had an almost identical one on my original list! I removed a couple I had because I felt my list was too long, and that one went, mostly because the wording was a bit clumsy, I had something like “The moment when someone tells a hilarious joke and you get it”, but your more articulate way of wording it is so much better!

      That IS a shame you’ve never had a flying dream. I don’t know if it’s the same for others, but for me, it isn’t like some effortless soaring in the sky, it’s a slightly bumpy developing process where I feel that I have finally learned the secret of how to do it, and it feels so vivid and real, that’s why I carry on half-believing it’s possible in real life for a short time after waking!


  14. – The moment when… You reconnect with an old friend like VJC!


  15. How you can so accurately capture so many little moments from my life amazes me, Vanessa! 😀
    I have the waking-on-a-weekend one a lot, as well as the post one (you’re totally right that traditional mail has a completely different feel of joy attached to it than the electronic kind – we need to bring back writing letters!), but my favorite is definitely the flying one. I have that dream a lot, and there are moments in my day when I’ll remember the sensation of flying so vividly, I just need to close my eyes and picture myself soaring over the trees of my old neighborhood. It’s scary and invigorating and freeing, and it centers and thrills me. Thanks for the reminder of that simple joy today!


    • I think we all share the same moments! My flying dreams don’t generally involve me soaring high, they are closer to the ground, like a big leap that I’m able to keep going and going with by using my arms correctly, a bit stumbling, but gradually I get the hang of it. Feels so wonderful though 🙂


  16. Nothing beats an unexpected, lumpy envelope arriving in the mail. For just a wee little moment you’re a kid on Christmas morning.

    And yes, the *knowing* you’re hopelessly late does take a load off, doesn’t it?

    Way back in the day when I was an unsuccessful graphic designer, I would get fired a lot. I always found the *anticipation* for getting fired to be awful and excruciating. That anticipating so terrible that the *getting* fired part was surprisingly lovely.


  17. I never have those “wake up thinking it’s a work day, but it’s not” moments. I have the “wake up thinking it’s a day off, but it’s a work day” moments. Totally different feeling. Very sucky, actually.


  18. I can relate to all of these. I hate it when I climb the stairs and forget what I was going to get. And no doubt about it, I remember after I’ve returned to my original spot.

    This is probably just me, because I’m sure no one else in the world owns a demanding cat who walks around with an air of superiority, but what about that moment when you’re about to fall asleep, and aforementioned cat rattles the bedroom door to be let in so he can sleep with you? Sweet? Yes. Charming? Not so much.


    • Oh yes, I have that with our cats! Usually early in the morning though when I’m not ready to wake up but they’ve decided it’s time for their breakfast! Cats totally expect the world to fit in around them don’t they, hehe.


  19. That moment when you’re reading blogs, and then you look at the clock and realize that it wasn’t a moment but an hour and a half…


  20. I am so behind in my reading! But I marked this post to be read for sure. Great list Vanessa. I love it when my dog Sam knows when I need a cuddle when I’m laying down, he snuggles really well. 🙂


    • Hi Jackie, I’m not surprised you are behind on your blog reading with all this poetry writing you are doing at the moment! It’s really hard to catch up if you get behind with blog reading isn’t it, but I appreciate you marking mine as one to come back to 🙂 Ah yes, the moment when the pet makes the decision to come an snuggle, ahhhh, lovely…


  21. Isn’t there supposed to be a significance to flying in dreams? It’s probably just woo woo inspired nonsense. But I’ve had a few flying dreams, and they seem so real – I can still remember one now, which is unusual for dreams. Now, all I need is an open window … ah, there we are, 3-2-1 …. I can fly, I can fly …. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……………..


  22. Kourtney Heintz

    Definitely relate to most of these. Especially the first one. 🙂


    • I miss that first one because while I’m studying I have no time for fiction reading, so the best I can hope for there is – The moment when…you’re reading a book and realise this is going to really helpful for your essay 🙂


  23. Yup. I can relate. Also–the moment when you walk through the door to a dog who greets you as if you are the most important person in the entire world…


  24. I relate to every single one of these!!! Except for the flying in dreams… for some reason I have never had one of those.


    • That’s very sad, a few people commented that they’ve never had a flying dream, you guys have missed out big time, but don’t give up hope, I’m sure you’ll have one one day and then you can think of me 🙂 I’ll be over at yours later to catch up on your latest vlog and I think I just saw something on facebook about chernobyl!


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