A Small Favour (with a ‘u’) To Ask…

Dolls in school

I need some help with sharing a link, via Twitter, or whatever means you would like. It’s part of the research that I’m doing for my dissertation. I’m looking at how mentoring is used with students in schools, particularly students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I’ve set up a survey which is for staff in any schools in England (secondary school age) to fill in. Even if you’re not based in England yourself, you probably have followers on your social media platforms who are, so the more people who can share the link, the more potential survey-completers I will find!

This is the link to the survey:


I’ve prepared a couple of versions of a tweet that you can simply copy and paste (you’re welcome), or feel free to share the link to the survey in any other way you would like. I would be SOOOOOO grateful.


Do you work in a secondary school in England? Do you have 10 mins to fill in a survey? http://heat.surveything.net/12DW636 @VanessaJ2011

If you work in a secondary school in England, please consider filling in this survey, thank you! http://heat.surveything.net/12DW636 @VanessaJ2011

The survey will be open for two weeks initially, but I may extend if I need to.

Apologies that I haven’t been as active in reading and commenting on your blogs lately, I’ve been busy with my studies, some of you have been lucky enough to receive a visit from me, ha! But it’s all been a bit random. Normal service will resume in September.

Thanks in advance of your help!

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44 responses to “A Small Favour (with a ‘u’) To Ask…

  1. David Woodworth

    Sorry, don’t know any secondary teachers. Know plenty of people who should have never left school but no secondary teachers. Good luck… x


  2. tweet tweeted. Good luck with your research.


  3. Shared! 🙂 All the best! 🙂


  4. No problem, Vanessa! I’m happy to help. Good luck with the survey!


  5. Very happy to help. My tweet is out in the cybersphere. Best of luck with the research!


  6. Doune! Also with a “u”!


  7. it has been twitted, good luck!


  8. Once again, I do not meet the minimum standards and am under qualified. This happens to me A LOT.


  9. I just tweeted! I DO have quite a few twittering friends in the UK! Hope you get lots of responses!


  10. I’m afraid I am not much help Vanessa. So sorry.


  11. I did a RT. Do you think it’s better to do a straight Tweet? (That might make for an interesting bit of research…effectiveness of RTs over MTs or direct Tweets….)

    Keep on keeping on, Vanessa!


  12. I don’t do favours. Only favors.

    Just kiddin’. I don’t know any teachers in England (hence the the missing “U” in favor), however. So I’m afraid I can’t be much help.

    Good luck with the survey! Will you share the results someday?


  13. I wish I could help, but I got rid of my Face book page and I don’t belong to any other social media site besides WP. I’m a dinosaur, I know… ;(


  14. Just sent your link to a blogger colleague who may be able to help. Good luck!


  15. Best of luck with this!


  16. Oh, dear—I don’t tweet. And my blogging and FBing is very sporadic this summer. But I hope more socially oriented bloggers are helping you with the research!


  17. Hi Vanessa,

    Let me see if I can be of some help as I know exactly one teacher. How are your studies going?



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