I would have way more time to do cool stuff if I didn’t spend so long…

Gogglebox Steph and Dom

I would have more time to receive baking certificates from Gogglebox’s Steph and Dom (This won’t be impressive to those of you outside of the UK I know, but trust me, Steph and Dom are cool!)

Ever wonder why you don’t have more time to do all the really cool stuff you want to do? These are some of the time-wasting things that stop me doing more of the cool stuff I’m doing in the photos…

– Looking for my keys.
– Looking for a pen.
– Looking for my phone.
– Untangling wires and wondering why the world isn’t more wireless by now.
– Trying to decide what to wear.
– Lamenting over having nothing to wear.
– Trying to decide what to eat.
– Trying to decide what to watch on Netflix.

Still from a film

I would have more time to be in films like this one (yes that’s me in the dark glasses). It’s uncanny how we look EXACTLY like the girls from Sex and the City right?

– Pairing socks (and wondering why socks from the same pairing age at different rates).
– Sitting in traffic (in the car you understand).
– Trying to entice my cats to come indoors (and believing that reasoning with them will help).
– Waiting for things to stop buffering.
– Waiting on hold on the phone (and making increasingly loud scoffing noises each time the recording tells me how important my call is to them).
– Answering unwanted marketing calls (and wishing I was brave enough to do some of those joke things people do to those callers).
– Trying to decide what to read and changing my mind too many times, thus cutting into my actual reading time.

Dog selfie

I would have more time to take selfies with dogs. I don’t have a dog, but taking selfies with other people’s dogs is cool.

– Playing with the settings on my phone, and then changing them back to the settings I had in the first place.
– Staring at envelopes that come in the mail for me for far too long trying to work out who they might be from before actually opening them.
– Rummaging through the freezer hoping there might be a tub of Ben & Jerry’s I’d forgotten about in there.
– Rummaging through the kitchen cupboards hoping there might be some chocolate I’d forgotten about in there.
– Rummaging through various jacket pockets and bags hoping there might be some cash I’d forgotten about so that I can go and buy ice-cream and chocolate…unless…let me just go check the freezer again, I didn’t actually pull the drawers right out and look behind them…

Vanessa and Neil in front of tractor

I would have more time to sit in front of tractors (yes, sitting in front of tractors IS cool. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it!)

– Looking at YouTube videos of cats and dogs doing cute and hilarious things…oh no wait, that IS one of the cool things I wish I had more time to do.
– Examining clothes scattered on my kids’ bedroom floors, trying to figure out if they are for the laundry or the wardrobe.
– Looking at stationery, imagining what I could write in those gorgeous hardback notebooks, or store in those beautiful files, oh and look at that textured paper, and that cute little set of art deco patterned paper clips! (come on, who doesn’t love stationery?).
– Planning little projects at home that I know I will never get around to.
– Googling trivia that neither matters, nor will be retained by me.
– Writing grocery shopping lists that will have completely disappeared by the time I actually need them, only to resurface after the shopping is done.

Camel balls

I would have more time to scour the shops for hilarious candy like this.

What time-wasting things stop you from spending more time doing really cool stuff?


47 responses to “I would have way more time to do cool stuff if I didn’t spend so long…

  1. There were far too many of yours on my list, lol. How many blank books have you bought to write those brilliant thoughts that come to you that you are sure some generation in the future would love to read. I started a diary of my daughter when she was born to jot down some of the cuteness and wonder that children provide. I got to about nine months old when I stopped having a minute to spare. She found it when she was eighteen and loved reading about her little self, then looked at me and asked why did you stop?
    Ever since then I have been meaning to pick up where I left off. I still have it all…up here in my head…three years later, lots of blank books, no pages. Maybe I should stop wasting time buying books and just write. 😀

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    • I know, those blank books are so lovely and we imagine filling them with wonderful things. I think you did pretty well getting up to nine months! If only we could all do as much as our imaginations and intentions think we can do, but we’re too busy doing pointless time wasting things instead!

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  2. Dinking around on social media and blogging! Ha! And here I am….
    I found a great gizmo for you. I am going to order several for my family.

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    • I think dinking (dinking? Never heard of that word, but I like it!) around social media and blogging can be justified if you are writer, or aspiring to be, it’s like going to the gym for your writing skills (see how I linked that to your last post?). Love the gizmo link, thank you, I need a few of those..


  3. TermiteWriter

    having chemotherapy is a great waste of time. Sorry to be serious. Also watching hockey games, particularly this year when I always fall asleep during them.

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    • I’m not sure you can describe a lifesaving procedure as being a waste of time Lorinda! Maybe a user of much more time than you would wish. I’ve never been much of a follower of any kind of sport so I can’t really relate to that one.


  4. That’s too funny. One of my great time wasters is writing lists. I promptly forget them when I need them. So I write more lists. I’m a list addict. 😉

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  5. You list is fabulous. You’ve covered every one of my time wasters—wait. I have another one to add. I hate wasting time taking out the garbage because I have to double check the cats aren’t following me to make a dash for the great outdoors 😀

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    • Oh yes garbage is a pain and takes too much time. Also laundry, you know what it’s like when you have a family, this constant cycle of clothes going through the constant neverending cycle of washing, drying, folding, putting away, (I don’t include ironing in that list because I avoid that as much as possible!). I always resent the time spent on sorting laundry! Still at least I should be grateful that I don’t have to go down to the river and wash my clothes on rocks or something!

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  6. Ah yes, the time spent unraveling cords and waiting for things to buffer. I know them well. To your wonderful list, I would add spending five to ten minutes coming up with a 140-character tweet (hashtag or no hashtag? comma here or no?). Maybe that last one is just me. Probably that last one is just me.

    Nice to see a post from you. Congrats on your baking certificate! That’s pretty cool.

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  7. Mine would be I would have more time if I didn’t spend so much time deciding what to do next. 🙂 Lovely to see you Vanessa!

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  8. There is never enough chocolate or ice cream in my house. Ah, the fruitless searches. I feel your pain in that regard.

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  9. You’re right…I don’t know who Steph and Dom are, but if they gave you a certificate, then they MUST be intelligent, well though-out, well regarded people. You’re so very cute! Has anyone told you so?

    I wouldn’t put a camel ball in my mouth, ever. Extra sour or not. And you don’t want to know how I waste my time. I don’t work blue at my place and I won’t here, either.

    I agree with Carrie. It’s about bloody time we saw a post from you. Who do you think you are?! I can knock five or six things off that list above that would give you extra time to put up a post every now and then. Think about that.

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    • Aww, thank you for the compliment! Cute he says! Steph and Dom are hilarious, we have this TV show called Gogglebox which has been a surprise hit, where it’s a reality show but filming people watching TV in their own homes, the idea doesn’t sound particularly promising but the makers of the show have picked some great characters to be the ones to observe so it ends up being quite entertaining. Steph and Dom are two of the most popular ones on there, they’re an eccentric posh British couple who happen to live just about 3 miles from where I do, which is why they were giving out certificates at our local baking contest.

      I found the camel balls a little disturbing I must say, they were in a shop I went into, just amongst all the general candies for kids – is that really appropriate? Oh go on, do tell me how you waste your time! Oh no…hang on…best not.

      Sorry for my absence, I still really want to get back to my weekly posting schedule, I must! I can’t use the no-time excuse, because we can always make time for things if we want to can’t we, I have NO excuse.

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  10. I might just copy your list! Talking about telemarketers calling: I tried straight out lying to them about my details. They already had my name and phone nbumber and probably my address so occupation and financial status was up for some creative editing! They called back a few weeks later to tell me I matched their profiling (or some rubbish) and would I like some financial advice (or some other rubbish). They reminded me that I (a software dude with a mortgage) worked in the food industry and owned my own home. I just acted confused and convinced them they made a mistake and that I investigate fraud for a living and I’m too busy. That was fun! Beats the usual “sorry, they’re not home” routine!

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    • Lying about some details helps to find out who has passed your details on to other companies too (as long as you keep note of what you said to who!). I had a thing where someone called me at work to try and sell us something work-related, they asked to check whether they had our address details correct and proceeded to read out my home address! I realised that this could only come from one place, when I had recently purchased an online service for work, but for speed had paid for it on my personal debit card to later claim back and so had put my home address in as that was the address that matched the card. Obviously there weren’t any lies involved there, but it made me realise that if you gave little bits of different information to different people you could catch them out!

      The one that another blogger told me about that amused me – if you get a telemarketer call, whatever their first line is, you say “Ah yes, hello, could I order a large pepperoni pizza please”, and then whatever they say about not being a pizza place, you then say “Oh sorry, I think you have the wrong number then.” Silly, but made me laugh!

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  11. Hey, you copied my list! LOL–great list, and soooo true! I have to add the time-sucking games on my tablet to the list. You know the one(s)–Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda. Just one more try. Just one more. Oh, I used my 5 lives. (an hour later) Oh, I’ve got another life, gotta try to pass this board.
    Yet, I’ve tried to remove them from my tablet, but they keep appearing… Social media is another time suck, but the experts suggest you need a platform, and those connections with other writers are going to be valuable someday. 😀 Great list!

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    • I’ve never allowed myself to try Candy Crush Saga or any of those related games because I know I would probably get hooked, so it’s best not to know what I’m missing! I always remind myself of what I went through with Tetris 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Julie!

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  12. Vanessa-Jane, You are a goddess. And I think tractor man knows it. Spend more time with him or writing funny blog posts for your adoring fans .
    Love to you,

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  13. Keep writing, it is beautiful. You have the talent. http://www.bellofpeace.org

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  14. An excellent list. I would add: “…trying to remember why I entered a room.”

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  15. Oh, those are spot on, Vanessa! Although, fortunately, I don’t have to deal with children’s clothes or their cords. 🙂 But alas, the cords of my own things and my husband’s more than make up for that absence….

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  16. There’s a realistic list. (Cute cat/dog videos…they are a plot!
    Sometimes I don’t know what I do all day long, but I’m really busy!

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  18. Sitting around waiting for my kids to do their cool stuff. I spend more time in the car or on a soccer/baseball field or basketball court or in the school lobby waiting for them!! If only I had free internet access while out and about. I’d get much more accomplished.

    Congrats on your baking certificate!

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    • Ah yes – I don’t seem to have much of that anymore, now that they’re teenagers, they either make their own way places, or I just drop them off, but I don’t seem to have those waiting around times any more very often. I get quite a bit of included internet access on my phone each month, so I can do a bit of blog commenting or whatever if I do find myself having to wait around.

      Thank you! 🙂

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  19. Bahaha!!! “Extra-sour camel balls”! For those times when regular camel balls just won’t do…

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