Body Parts Have Love and Hate Things Too

Hands and feet

A few people, like Amy and Mark have been doing this 10 things I love/10 things I hate, thing. I’ve done similar listsΒ on here before, so I thought I’d go for a bit of a different take on it this time with things I love and hate for my feet and hands. Why feet and hands you may ask? No good reason, it just came to me. I’ve gone for 5 each of each for both giving a total of 20 things, which is the same as the general list 10 of each x 2, also giving 20 things (did you follow that? No? Never mind).

5 Things I love for my feet

1. Walking them through warm sand up to water’s edge to get that first feel of the water lapping up on them.
2. Taking shoes off after a long day and wiggling my toes.
3. Trying on a pair of fabulous shoes in a shop and looking at them in those little low mirrors.
4. Pulling warm fluffy socks on over cold feet.
5. A foot massage done on myself (is that weird?).

5 Things I hate for my feet

1. Blisters.
2. Shoes that are too tight and need to be kept on for hours because I’m already out somewhere by the time I realise they’re too tight.
3. Accidentally stepping barefoot on something sharp and painful.
4. Standing in something unpleasant like doggy doo, and then the job of cleaning it off my shoes later.
5. Getting an itch on the sole of my foot that can’t be scratched to satisfaction.

5 Things I love for my hands

1. Rubbing a really good hand cream into them so that they’re soft but not greasy.
2. Freshly painting my nails when I’ve managed to not bite my them for a while and they’ve grown lovely.
3. Holding someone else’s hand.
4. Stroking something soft, like fur (just to clarify, I mean while it’s still on a live animal!).
5. Pressing certain buttons that are particularly satisfying in feel, firm but smooth, a little click at the end.

5 Things I hate for my hands

1. When I bite my nails.
2. When I get a little cut on the end of a finger and it hurts ridiculously too much for the size of it, and continues to hurt and get in the way for too many days.
3. When I’m unprepared for a colder than expected day and my gloveless fingers get so painfully cold that they won’t work properly.
4. When I’m cleaning up something yucky and a bit of it gets on my hand – ugh!
5. When they’re being uncooperative in a fiddly task I want them to do.

Any body parts you’d like to do a love and hate listing for? (Keep it clean!)

Photo credit: Faceless Bunny and Kitty by Helga Weber


62 responses to “Body Parts Have Love and Hate Things Too

  1. “Pressing certain buttons that are particularly satisfying in feel”—That’s so funny, because I like that too. But I wouldn’t have dared come out of the closet about it until I saw your post. You breaker-down-of-walls, you!

    (I love that you’re behind in tweeting, because my promotional tweet you shared May 30th is still in your sidebar. That certainly worked out well for me! πŸ˜‰ )

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  2. You’re so creative! Yes, to all, though I don’t have to deal with the cold where I live anymore. Not sure I noticed about the pressing button things. I do enjoy my tap tap tappity tap of keys at this moment, however!

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    • I was going to do a general love/hate list but then the first thing I thought of was the feet in warm sand and then wondered if I could come up with more for feet and then I thought of hands too – it all makes sense!

      Yes, the tap tap tappity tap of keys is similar to button pressing πŸ™‚

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  3. Great lists, V! Do one for noses and knees (not necessarily in the same post)… πŸ˜‰


  4. Thanks for the linking, Vanessa. 😊 If your feet are sore, it can make your whole body ache. And with hands, that pesky little hangnail can drive you nuts! Fun idea! Way to mix it up.

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  5. A handy list on solid footing.
    (Nobody likes stepping on/ picking up unidentified squishy substances – yucky!)

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  6. Oh, I like these lists. I especially shadow you when it comes to colder than usual weather and hands being cold. They hurt.
    Stepping in poo I definitely second, as well. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  7. At least you didn’t include sucking your own toes. Then again, it wasn’t on your hate list. πŸ˜‰

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  8. I’d add to your hand list of hates when you go to those Halloween Scary houses and have to put your hands into a bowl of something slimy and weird in the dark not knowing what it is. That kind of freaks me out.

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    • I don’t mind that too much because I tend to trust that it will only be jelly and plastic spiders and stuff, I would really struggle though with those celebrity jungle shows where they have to put their hands in through holes that really do have live nasties in – not sure I could do that!


  9. Well that gets one thinking. Both my feet and hands are very unhappy with cold. A bit of a problem living in Canada. πŸ™‚

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  10. Thanks for the link! Nice. You didn’t mention manicures and pedicures. How do you feel about those? I had one once and hated it. Couldn’t wait until it was over. You have to experience everything once, I suppose. A+ on the button-pressing.

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    • I’ve actually never had a manicure or pedicure can you believe! Even though I’m quite girly in lots of ways, I never go for the whole beauty/pampering treatment thing, aside from going to get my haircut (an experience which I do actually enjoy), I pretty much just do all my own maintenance πŸ™‚


  11. One thing I hate about my hands: I keep injuring them.

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  12. I tend to take my hands and feet for granted until something happens to make them hurt. That’s a quicker reminder of how important they are for our well being. πŸ™‚

    You come up with the most creative posts!

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  13. I like the pressing buttons one, Vanessa… and the sore finger one screamed paper cut to me. Ouch!

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    • There’s quite a little group of us now liking the button pressing. I haven’t had a paper cut in a while thankfully! I did recently skim the edge off the tip of a finger with a sharp knife while cutting veg, it was that I was particularly thinking of when I wrote it – I literally nearly passed out and had to lie down even though it was really quite small! (I’m a big wuss with blood and pain).


  14. I think the button-pressing thing is the reason I don’t like my tablet. I spent an extra $100 to get a docking station with keyboard because I don’t like the feel of the virtual kind. Now the USB link between the 2 pieces doesn’t seem to work and I’m stuck with the virtual keyboard. Le sigh.

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    • Le sigh indeed! Yes the tactile feel of clicky keys on a keyboard is so much nicer than touching the flat image of a keyboard isn’t it. My daughter can tap out messages on her smartphone using the flat touchscreen keys without looking – I’ve no idea how she can do that! I can touch type on a conventional keyboard, but feeling where the keys are is part of it, plus the phone one is so much smaller too, quite a skill! That’s teenagers for you I guess.


  15. These are all great, Vanessa. I agree with all five of your feet loves, especially number one. There is nothing quite like the feel of saltwater rushing between warm, dry toes! πŸ™‚ I agree with the keyboard one, too. My husband has rolled his eyes over my shoulder plenty of times as I’ve tested out new keyboards: “The click isn’t right on this one.” “This one has too much give.” “What? No click at all?!”

    These self-appreciation posts might seem frivolous, at first, but it’s important to remember the things we love about ourselves, since it’s so easy to get stuck on what we don’t like. I was giggling at a lot of your “hates,” too. I smiled at the doggy-doo one…only because squishing my big military boots into soft, sticky mud is one of my favorite things for my feet! πŸ˜€

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    • Hi Mayumi, nice to see you here! πŸ™‚

      Yes, the click has to be right doesn’t it. It’s almost addictive if you get the right click, so delicious!

      It is important to remember what we love about ourselves, but I don’t mind just being a bit frivolous too, I try to keep things not too serious around here most of the time. Boots into mud is fun, doggy-doo not so much.


  16. You nailed several of my likes and dislikes, including the button-snappy thing. I also like the feel of my piano keys when I play.

    Now, big confession here: when I was a child growing up on the farm, I loved stepping barefoot into fresh cow pies. Of course my feet ended up in a creek shortly thereafter, so my mother never knew about this. I also liked stepping in the powder of a hot, dusty footpath. Little mushroom clouds of dust would spurt up between my toes. Ah, the memories…..

    Dislikes? At the moment, my nails are bitten so deeply, I’ve got to hide my fingertips from myself and others to avoid being embarrassed at their ugliness.

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    • Lots of people are liking the button thing! Funny how some things that we think might be just us aren’t at all – we’re far less unique than we think we are!

      Fresh cow pies barefoot – yuck! The hot powdery dusty footpath I can understand a bit better though.

      The curse of the bitten nails – it’s horrible isn’t it! I go through phases where I grow them all lovely, and vow that I will never bite them again, but sooner or later I do, and as you say, it’s then embarrassing! Why do we do this to ourselves?

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      • I’ve tried to figure out the cyclical nature of my nail-biting and why I can’t stay away from them after they’ve grown out. Must be a major character flaw.

        I knew you’d be disgusted with the cow flop story. I think I grew out of it by the age of 10. πŸ˜€

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  17. I love the click of certain buttons too! Some keyboards feel really good to the touch. Stroking animal fur (on a live animal!) feels amazing and is very calming. I can’t get satisfaction from massaging my own feet, but I lurve it when someone else does it.

    I would add hangnails and ingrown toenails to the hate list. Actually nail care for me in general. I’m so bad at maintaining my nails, because every time I make an effort, it gets ruined somehow.

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    • Even thinking about those clicky buttons makes me feel happy!

      I’ve never had ingrown toenails but I’m pretty sure they would be on my hate list too if I had. I also an not good at nail maintenance, mainly because of the nail biting that I mentioned, but as soon as I have any bit of length on my nails I tend to paint them dark red because that puts me off biting them a bit – bits of chipped red nail polish in your teeth isn’t a good look.


  18. Kourtney Heintz

    This is fun. I just stepped in and smeared doogie doo all over the treads of my rainboots.Still cleaning them out. I like that my feet can be graceful, but I hate when they ache and refuse to take another step. πŸ™‚

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  19. Smearing doggie doo on your boots to check out the effect seems a bit OTT – you do inspire the strangest things Van!


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