It’s Time to Play Again!

Fairground ducks

We previously had such fun playing the Five Truths and One Lie game on here. Do you remember? So I thought we’d play it again. Last time, the prize I gave was to write a poem for the winner and record myself reciting it (prizes don’t get much better than that right?). Darla from She’s a Maineiac won last time:

I thought I’d do a different prize this time, but couldn’t think of anything good, so I’m doing the same prize again.

Here we are then, five truths and one lie about things from my past. Tell me in the comments which one you think is the lie. If more than one person gets it right, there will be a random drawing. If nobody gets it right, I will do a poem for the person who I think gave the best reasoning for their answer.

Only one guess per person folks. You have until this time next week. Ready? Go…

1.  When I was a child I used to think that horses made that clip clop noise with their mouths rather than with their hooves. I think it was probably because when people pretend to be horses they often make that noise with their mouths.

2.  When I was about 22/23 I went out shopping with my slippers on, and didn’t notice until I was in the shopping mall, and so quickly popped into a shoe shop to buy an emergency pair. I spent rather too long browsing, and after a while was approached by two policemen who spoke to me in kind tones, smiling and glancing at my slippers, telling me it was time to go back to the centre. I wasn’t quite sure what centre they were talking about, but I eventually managed to persuade them that I didn’t need to go back to any centre, and had simply made a footwear error!

3.  In my early 20s I had a makeover done in a magazine. This was my first experience of discovering that magazine/newspaper writers can completely make things up. They printed a supposed quote from me saying “I never thought my hair could look like this, I’ve got curls!” Seriously, who talks like that? (Try saying it out loud).

4.  I was extremely greedy as a small child, and one of the ways this manifested itself was that I used to sneak tubs of margarine out of the fridge and eat them with a spoon. My parents used to find empty tubs of margarine hidden in my room.

5.  When I was about 11/12 (1981/2) a well-known TV comedian kissed me on the mouth backstage after a live show, not in a creepy secretive way, but in a joke way. He did that thing of pointing at his cheek for a kiss and then turning his head at the last second when I went to kiss his cheek. It’s a real sign of how times have changed because there were other adults around, everyone laughed, it was no big deal, and I wasn’t bothered by it (other than feeling a bit silly that he’d tricked me). Now when I look back at it I find it a bit inappropriate, but back then it all seemed quite normal. I’m not going to name him because he’s still a well known personality and these things can get blown out of proportion, it was innocent at the time.

6. When I was five I went on a trip to Malta with my Mum, and we took a ride on a horse-drawn carriage. My head got bashed repeatedly throughout the trip by something hard sticking out of the carriage. It hurt so much I was having to fight back the tears, but I didn’t say a word about it, because I was embarrassed to in front of the man driving (is “driving” the right word?). A couple of days later, I fell down some marble stairs outside the hotel and cut the back of my head pretty bad, I still have the scar. It wasn’t a good trip for my head!

If you’re short of posting ideas, why not do a Five Truths and One Lie game on your blog? If you do, let me know so that I can come and play yours!

photo credit: Sutton Coldfield Carnival 2012 via photopin (license)


67 responses to “It’s Time to Play Again!

  1. Nope … you weren’t Margarine Girl … that is #4.

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  2. #5 sounds too creepy to be real. (I hope.)

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  3. I sincerely hope #4 is the lie, because the thought of someone scooping out margarine and eating it like ice cream makes me queasy. :/

    So #4 is my guess. I’m betting #6 is true, because as a fellow introvert, I’ve sustained discomfort to avoid speaking up too. So I understand that completely!

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  4. Woh, this is more difficult than I thought it would be…I am swithering between 2 and 4. On balance I think it is probably number 2 – policemen, slippers etc…no that can’t be true. Vis a vis number 5, I had a similar experience when I was young, and I know others who did too. We have all just factored it into one of life’s lessons, we are not going to get them arrested for being greasy groping men who fancied young girls, which is what they probably were. Its part of life and we learnt to avoid such situations. My grandmother warned me that there were young men who were NSIT (not safe in taxis) and that I should stay away from them. Nowadays people call up lawyers and demand punitive damages!

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    • What is also quite difficult is replying to comments without giving away whether the guesser got it right, so as to not help others who come along later! NSIT, ha! Haven’t heard that one, did she give you advice about how to recognise the men who were NSIT?

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  5. As I recall from your previous quiz the right answer was not so unusual. I want to say 4 or 2 because they are so bizarre but I’m going to go with 1. Just to be different you know.
    Oh and your food quiz, as requested, just hit the presses. 🙂

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  6. I so hope #4 is a lie. I just can’t imagine.

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  7. I’m going with #3. Although I do hope the margarine thing is not real, because you would be one slippery kid. lol
    Why #3? Because I’m a rebel! 🙂

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  8. I’m going to pick number two, because it’s red. No logic whatsoever. Love the accent, by the way.

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  9. What a fun game! Yes, I’ll play it on my blog sometime too. It’s a great writing activity – you write all five quite realistically and descriptively. I’m going to guess #4 is untrue. First, because it’s the shortest one with the least description. Second, because a year ago halfway through buying groceries, I wondered why my feet felt so good, looked down, and realized I was still wearing my house slippers. Embarrassing, but no police came to take me away.

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  10. I think it’s 2. You are always so immaculately turned out and smart and fashionable that I do not think you would make this mistake re the slippers even if you were a bit distracted. And I don’t think police would think there would be anything too unusual about a woman shopping in her slippers. If it is 2 and there needs to be a random draw just remember that Mike would be a great name to have in a poem because there could be nice rhymes like ‘Hike’ and ‘Bike’ and ‘Like’ – not that I am trying to influence the randomness of the draw!

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  11. I’ll go with 6. #2? Slipper footwear is pretty common around here, so it wouldn’t raise any notice. What is slippy to one is stylin’ to another.

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  12. And is there any way of avoiding having to scroll up and down to try and remember the #s? Phew …

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  13. They all sound like possibilities–clever girl. I’ll go with #3. And laugh if it’s truly right.

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  14. I too have a fondness for butter more than margarine though I would not have eaten it by the tub. So what’s so strange about eating butter?

    I have to say the slippers are the lie. Not that you wouldn’t have mistakenly gone out in slippers but that the police wanted to take you to the center. If you were in a shoe store, it is clearly obvious…(is that redundant?) that you had forgotten your shoes. Now if perhaps you had forgotten to brush your hair and were dribbling drool as well, then the police suggesting you need to go back to the center might be appropriate.

    I do know for sure that one of these on the list is true because you and I discussed this once…but I won’t tell…mum’s the word!

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    • Yeah, eating butter is less strange than eating margarine right?

      Well I often forget to brush my hair and drool, so maybe it was that!

      Ooh, I can’t remember which one we discussed now! You’ll have to reveal once I reveal the answer.

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      • Finally coming back to this one. You had mentioned the kiss episode…I once had a similar experience. 😀

        Now I have to check the next post to see the true you!


  15. I’m going to go with number 5. The other things totally sound like you to me (though the margarine is iffy). Maybe number 5 happened to someone you know.

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  16. I’m going with #3. Why? Because all the rest of them sound like things that would totally have happened to me except for #3. And we are totally alike, you and me, V. So #3 it is. 🙂

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  17. You are such a delight Vanessa-Jane. I am also voting for #2. Because “the Centre” isn’t real enough. And yes, although there are truly many people shopping and shuffling about in Walmarts here in the US, it’s not your best real story. I remember your butter in the mountains. You do real real well.
    Love to you and you make all of this seem effortless which I admire beyond words.


  18. I’m thinking the slipper story is the lie. How would the police know that you weren’t trying on slippers? On another note, you may have been innocent, but the comedian wasn’t. Oh no, he wasn’t.

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  19. Clearly, #4 is a lie. I don’t see you as the tubs-of-margarine-eating type. That’s a disorder that would carry into adulthood and you’re far too svelte for that.

    P.S. I used to eat spoon fulls of dirt in my back yard. Dr. Stein told my mom it was because I had a potassium deficiency. I think it was a deficiency, alright, but not from potassium.

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  20. Okay, I’m going with #2, the slippers, because I don’t think that’s something police would call someone out on. Now, if you were wearing institutional-style pajamas, I could see that. Were you wearing institutional-style pajamas? If so, I’ll change my answer to #4. Except, terrible as that sound to me as an adult, I can see it appealing to a little child!

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  21. I’m going with the margarine story because…yuck.

    Love your Darla poem!

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  22. Egads. I had a friend who told me her little brother used to take sticks of butter to bed with him and eat them. So, as much as I can’t stomach the thought (I actually despise butter/margarine myself — don’t even add it to veggies or toast/bread), I can see how little kids would love it. And it does look kinda cool in the tub with the whipped waves and all that. And I find that many people have this weird obsession over butter/margarine. So, this is my long reasoning for not picking the one that is the most zany. And gross. No offense.

    Rather, I’m picking the slipper story because you added the police to it. I would hope that the police have better things to do than pick on poor, innocent slipper-wearing women. 🙂

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    • I hate it when I do this – find old comments I haven’t replied to! I think I’ve done that with you a few times because you’re often a bit late to the party 🙂 Anyway, I’m finally getting around to doing the results of this, so that should be my next post later this week. But wait, you don’t like butter?! It’s one of my great luxuries in life!

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  24. Okay, just to let you know, I’m going to play your game on September 4 on my blog. I’ll credit you with the idea, of course!


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