I Let Him Rub Gold Into My Face

A few days ago I had a little day trip to London with the kids. Whilst I was perfectly happy to pose for pictures, the kids were a little more reluctant…

4 pics of Vanessa and kids

So I had to catch them unaware when they were on their devices or watching floating green men…

2 pics of Vanessas kids

None of that has anything to do with the main point of this post, but I’m just setting the scene. Now I’ll get to the point. As we walked down past some fancy shops, a very well-dressed man appeared and handed me this sample…

Sample of gold cream

I really would have liked to just walk on, but being terribly useless in these situations, I found myself engaging in conversation, AND allowing myself to get led into the shop for him to try some product on me. Why? Why can’t I just say no thank you?!

As he dabbed some stuff under my eye, he told me that the product was incredible and contained real gold. He asked what products I usually use on my face.

“Nivea.” I told him.

He also asked what I type of maintenance I usually do on my eyes.

“Er…maintenance…um, well, you know…the Nivea I put on my face also goes under my eyes.” I told him. Maintenance? What am I, a car?

When he was done he produced a mirror for me to say “wow” and pretend I could tell the difference between the eye he had done and the one he hadn’t (the kids also dutifully nodded and said appropriate things to please him). I cut to the chase and asked him how much it was. He told me there was a special offer on at the moment where I could get two products for £198 (that’s around US $310), usually that was the price just for one. What a bargain! (For people who spend hundreds on face cream).

Girl with cream on her face

Wow, I can totally see how much better I look. Wait, you want HOW MUCH for it?! (photo credit: IMG_2902.jpg via photopin (license) )

I reminded him that I generally use Nivea costing around £5, and that would be quite a leap. He reminded me that there was real gold in this product. I thanked him politely, declined, and we left. To his credit, he wasn’t overly pushy, he was gentle in his sales approach, friendly, and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about saying no.

During the process of him dabbing stuff on me, he had a guess at my age, “35” he said. I played the game of pretending to be delighted while I told him I was actually nearly 45, and he played the game of pretending to be impressed and surprised. I knew he was just flattering me to get a sale, but afterwards I realised I totally missed a trick, I should have said “Well clearly the Nivea is working well for me then.” I want to go back there now just to be able to say that!

Maybe you’ve heard of Orogold before, I hadn’t, but I looked them up online later and found lots of stuff about them, both good and bad. I’m not making any comment about the company or the products, I don’t know enough about them, but I am wondering how many people do spend that kind of money on face cream. I guess I’m lucky that I’ve always had pretty good skin, so it’s easy for me to say “I would NEVER spend that much on face cream,” but maybe under different circumstances I would, who knows. I’m pretty sure I’d want to do more research first though and not just spend a few hundred on a product I’d never heard of before, on the strength of a five minute sales pitch from someone who approached me on the street.

For now, I’ll stick with Nivea thank you. What about you?

(By the way, I know I still owe someone a poem, I haven’t forgotten, it’ll be soon!)


64 responses to “I Let Him Rub Gold Into My Face

  1. I’ve decided to skip any sort of face cream regimen and just opt for the grizzled old timer look. The smile lines and crows’ feet add character and give me the appearance of a well worn boot with lots of stories to tell. Lucky for me, I’m a guy, so that look actually works.

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  2. Candid shots are always, ALWAYS better than posed shots. It’s the oldest rule in the photog book.

    What’s up with the desire to want to please a salesman? Are we crazy, as a society?

    Orogold. Brought to you by the same folks who sell feng shui. Step right this way.

    So lucky to be in London. How I wish.

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    • Yes, I know candid shots are always better, but us gals often prefer some posed shots so that we can show off our good side 🙂 I usually have a horrible double chin in candid shots of me.

      I think my desire to please salesmen is partly my introversion not letting me be assertive enough to say no, but also I generally like to be nice to everyone unless they give me good reason not to, I kind of figure salesmen are just trying to make a living. If they get too pushy or aggressive then I don’t mind being a little less nice.

      And you’re lucky to be in New York, how I wish!


      • Boy, I’m a people-pleaser too and it’s gotten me into all sorts of trouble. I’ve developed a bit of a backbone but it’s come along rather late in life. I am the classic late bloomer in so many respects. Too numerous to list here.


  3. I think a Nivea fan club is in the making. Third generation Nivean. Actually the daughter uses it too. Maybe I should write them and we could get a testimonial going. Maybe I could get a lifetime supply of Nivea. Outings with the kiddos are always memorable. Golden, so to speak.

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  4. I always say yes when I’m in a pressure sales situation (although this guy sounded not too bad), which is why I am totally avoiding any mention of this product anywhere. My wife would not be pleased if I bought cream at that cost… Yikes. Pure gold, eh? Really? How does that actually make it better???

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  5. I use Neutragena mostly, or something else I can get in a drugstore. I can’t imagine paying that much for a face cream. And really, I’m of the mind it’s the moisturizing that helps, not the mix of fancy ingredients (though a dermatologist would probably sigh in horror at my words).

    It’s times like these my resting introvert face helps me. These salespeople start to approach me, see my grumpy face, then smartly beeline to another prospective customer. 😉

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    • As I understand it, moisturiser in its simplest form is basically oil and water, and the first ingredient on that product is water, so really, how much more value can be added by all the other ingredients? Personally (and you may correct me if I’m wrong with your medical knowledge!), I believe that things like good diet and enough sleep, along with genes, are the main players in what our skin is like rather than what we rub into it.

      I’m more of a smiley introvert, so I think I attract them!

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  6. Smiled throughout the entire post. Kids? Pose? No way, However, my grandkids (6 and under) pose like well-paid models. That may be worse! As far as moisturizer, no to the big bucks. I’ve read reviews of the expensive and the inexpensive, and experts often think there’s no difference. However, you don’t look a day over 30, so perhaps you should write to Nivea and recommend some modeling work for them!

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    • Yes, little kids and adults tend to be the most cooperative for photos, those teens, not so much. I guess if I had more money than sense I might not think twice about spending money like that on something, just to try it, but as it is, I’m glad I have some sense!

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  7. At this point of my life I just dab a little body lotion on my cheeks to keep them from feeling chapped! Oh, and ChapStick on my lips. But I’m in sympathy with you about appropriate combacks – I always think of what I should have said in a particular situation when I go to bed that night!

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  8. Bare Minerals is based on the fact that minerals don’t absorb into the skin. Not sure I believe gold could or that I want gold in my bloodstream. I might end up looking like a character from Goldfinger….Cute pics of your kiddles!

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  9. NotAPunkRocker

    Oil of Olay and sunscreen. I’m hoping it pays off to make up for all the sun damage I got as a kid 🙂

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  10. I love how your kids tried to get out of getting their faces planted on your blog. Reminds me of my mom (she’s a hider when the camera comes out). My skin is super sensitive, so I will pay a little more to get something for my face that won’t make me break out–but not at those prices. I guess I’m not a fan of gold on my face. I love how sweet you were to go through the whole sales pitch though.

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    • Well they didn’t know the pictures were going on the blog, actually I didn’t know either at the time, they’re just generally resistant to me taking pictures of them!

      I can understand paying a bit more when there’s a particular skin issue like you, but really, several hundred!

      I’m not sure I was being sweet, just finding it difficult to extricate myself! In reality I was wasting his time because I knew from the start that the price was likely to be more than I was willing to pay.


      • Ha ha. I know what you mean about now being sweet, just unable to get out of the situation. I’ve been there…done that. And when I talk about more expensive, I’m talking like $25 instead of $5. That’s expensive to me. Hee hee.


  11. I don’t think you need it. You don’t look remotely frightening. Victo Dolore did a great post about a face cream Oprah was pushing. It’s made with human foreskin. Make the story outlandish, get someone prominent to endorse it, price it in exclusive territory and everyone needs it.

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    • Yes, well these Orogold products are supposedly celebrity-endorsed, so that’s all part of the glamorous image. You know you can genuinely get face creams that have human placenta in? I’ll pass.

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      • That’s awesome. Now there is both internal and external human leftovers available in facial creams. Maybe I should write a story about recycling defunct humans. Perhaps an aggressive company decides not to wait for them to expire.


  12. The Nivea comment would have been priceless. (pun!) I would love to see his face if you said that. He’d be all, “Crap, now what do I say?” internally. Or, if when he guessed 35, you’d said, “That’s right!” I wonder what his face would have been like then, too!
    Oooh, ooh, another option, if the three of you hadn’t played along and just been like, “Nope, I see no difference. No thank you.” I wonder if anyone has ever said that. I’m going to keep that in mind if I’m ever in that situation.

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  13. That price is pretty steep for face cream. That’s a car payment or an airline ticket! I consider Oil of Olay a splurge at the moment. I think that’s about $28! Real gold, huh? I hope so.

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  14. One of your eyes is looking distinctly youthful and vibrant today … just saying …

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  15. Never heard of it, but, then again, I’m on a fixed income. I stay out of the sun, use Alba lotions, drink only tea and water, and never look in the mirror. That’s the key to looking young (don’t look at yourself). 😉

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  16. I pay a bit more than Nivea as since I turned 50 my face seems to want to say to the floor. No gold required yet.

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  17. I don’t spend much on facial stuff at all, but that’s not because I have wonderful skin — it’s because I’m too lazy to deal with “product.” I don’t do anything to my hair or nails either. I can’t imagine how much money people are willing to pay for something like you describe. I think that Neutrogena et al do the job okay!

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  18. i’ll share my experience with facial cream …. I don’t use it. 😉 …. and I’m so youthful. 😉 … Good work on not caving in.

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  19. I think I’d rather have some real gold in my pocket than spread it under my eyes. But, thanks for the tip, Vanessa! I’m impressed the kids went with you and gave such polite support, too!

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    • I did wonder if this product could be more expensive per ounce than just gold alone, in fact I might work that out later. I too would rather just have the gold. I guess as the kids are teens they understand about being polite in those situations, a few years ago they’d have probably been like “I can’t see any difference!”.

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  20. Good grief, I can think of much better uses for gold than putting it on my face, only to wear off during the day or night! No wonder that product was so expensive!

    I think I find myself, however, being the first person to say she does use something more than Neutrogena and the like. I have started using Dermalogica, and some of the products do seem to make a difference—in a good way. 🙂 But I’m tempted to try what I’ve heard Italian and Greek women traditionally have done—rub a few drops of good olive oil into their facial skin!

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    • Gosh I’m so behind on blogging at the moment! I can certainly see paying a bit extra for something like Dermalogica if it works for you, but it’s still way less a cost than the gold-infused cream – really it’s the idea of spending hundreds on something like that just on the strength of a quick test and sales pitch that gets me! You’d at least want to leave it a while to see how your skin is a few hours late or whatever wouldn’t you!

      Similar to good olive oil is good coconut oil that women in certain parts of the world use. I sometimes use that, It’s a bit greasy, but if I’m just at home and know I’m going to have a shower later, I occasionally put that on my face, neck, and also hair because it conditions hair too.

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  21. “dutifully nodded and said appropriate things to please” Oh so familiar….(and making a quick exit while they turn to pull another product you simply must have…)
    A good sunblock that your skin tolerates – all year long. Roll out of bed and put it on before you forget – that’s what a derm guy told me years ago. It works – no gold required either in ointment or bank.

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  22. I don’t know how I missed this post. I think you’re brave for allowing him to dab the stuff on. I know that sets up expectations that I’ll buy, and I don’t want the pressure.

    Off topic, what’s with the floating green guy? Is that in Trafalgar Square?

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    • I’m not brave, I just find it hard to say no! Although I did manage to find that ability when it came to not buying it! Yes, that is Trafalgar Square, well spotted – there seems to be a thing for these floating people in London these days, mainly in Covent Garden.


  23. Don’t you hate it when you remember the perfect retort…a day later?

    I carry my gray (silver) hair and wrinkles with pride. I think how old you look often reflects how old you feel…and I still feel like I am in my twenties, though the creaks and aches tell me that is not so. It’s never been the face, but the hair for me…I get compliments several times a week and some even try to stroke it.

    I do believe in using facial moisturizers but have no special favorites. I often get freebies from my wealthy clients. Some are expensive and some are not. I don’t think any are THAT expensive!


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