Sunday Sundries – Can You Help?

A few unrelated things…


Even this picture is unrelated to anything else in the post. It’s just a stone I found on the beach a couple of years ago. Cute isn’t it?

1. Looking for a recommendation here. Does anybody know of a good print-on-demand company who can do reproductions of old books? A friend has a very old, out of copyright, book. He has professionally scanned print-ready pdfs of it, but would ideally like a company to try to replicate the original in terms of the material the cover was made of etc, or at least a semblance of the original, so that it’s an actual reproduction rather than simply a reprint of an old book. He would then like to sell them as reproductions. He doesn’t want to have to bulk buy a load of copies upfront, hence the print-on-demand requirement.

2. I’ve updated my Books by Bloggers page. If you’ve written a book, or books, please see if you’re listed there, and if the details are correct. If your book isn’t there, and you’d like it to be, please contact me using the form on that page.

Empty chairs around a tree

And another completely unrelated to anything picture

3. You may recall in December I mentioned that I had volunteered to have a stall at a craft fair, even though I don’t really do crafts, and so had whipped up a batch of decorated boxes. Doing that gave me the urge to take up knitting again, something I do every now and again. I’ve set up a little site with Big Cartel to sell my knitted items – So far I only have five hats to sell, plus I appreciate this isn’t the most ideal time of year to start selling woolly hats, but there are no costs involved in having this site up (as it currently stands), so no harm in it sitting there. I’m a big-time procrastinator, plus I have a short attention span, so I needed to just get it up there quickly while I was feeling enthused. I also have a Twitter account for it – (unfortunately @knittingness was already taken on Twitter, by another Vanessa, which I hadn’t thought to check when I set up, so I’ve had to put a ‘y’ on the end, oh well!). And I’ve just set up a Facebook page for it too, which is rather sparse at the moment –

And that’s my Sunday Sundries over. To recap, I’m hoping you’ll…

1. Let me know of an appropriate print-on-demand company
2. Check my Books by Bloggers page.
3. Follow my knitting twitter account, and like the facebook page

photo credits –
Stone that looks a little like a Minion: Me!
Chairs around tree: Tuileries via photopin (license)


37 responses to “Sunday Sundries – Can You Help?

  1. Good luck with the POD search. I got the impression they were all set up to be uniform, but you never know.

    Great idea promoting the blogging books brigade.

    When I was about 8 i could crochet. that’s about my lot 🙂

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  2. Prehistoric wonders and chairs with communicative issues–yes, these were wonderful additions to your newsy bits.

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  3. The only print on demand company I know of, Vanessa, is CreateSpace, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to help with your reproductions… they may do, though. Anything’s possible. My book isn’t out yet (it’s still somewhere in my head!) but when it is, I’ll let you know! 😀

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  4. I don’t know about the POD question. Sorry. Sounds like a great idea he has though. As for the book page, thank you so much for including mine again. Much appreciated! Looks like that took a lot of work to put together. Nice of you to support all these authors.

    Now, off to follow your new knitting sites. Happy Sunday!

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  5. TermiteWriter

    My first thought was Google Books, but I think they just reprint, not make facsimiles. So I Goggled “facsimile printing” and found this: . but it looks like it does scholarly stuff like manuscripts printed on real parchment, etc. Your friend might want to check out that and some other entries under “facsimile printing.” I’m pretty sure CreateSpace doesn’t do facsimile work but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
    Love the rock (I’m sure Neil is relieved it doesn’t look like Jesus!), and I went over and liked KnittingNess on FB? Where were you last winter when I was bald? Heh heh

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    • Thanks Lorinda, I don’t think he’d thought of using the word “facsimile” in a search, so that’s helpful.
      Yes, the rock’s great isn’t it, it sits on my kitchen windowsill.
      Thanks for liking the knitting! I saw you’re asking for some feedback on a post you did yesterday – I will come over and have a look later.

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  6. Wish I could help on the printing, but just went over to the Books by Bloggers page… great idea! By the way, the stone looks like a minion, and I love that photo of the chairs… makes me wonder who’ll fill those up, in time.

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  7. I love the stone. I’m thrilled to be on your books by bloggers page too. That looks like a ton of work. Cooking, knitting, and all the rest make you truly multi-fasceted. I’m off to Tweet out the books page.

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  8. Wow you have been one busy girl. From cooking to knitting. I’m wondering is there anything you can’t do? 🙂

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  9. Kourtney Heintz

    Thanks for having me on your Books By Bloggers page!

    That rock so made me think of an owl. I have no idea why.

    Congrats on the knitting projects. I hope you get lots of sales.

    For Print on Demand, BookBaby and Createspace are the ones I use. But it’s for my self-pubbed book. I’ve never tried to do a reproduction. You could call them and ask about it. Createspace has pretty good customer service–they always answer my questions. 🙂

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    • But of course I would have you!

      An owl? I’ve not heard that one, I’ve heard minion a few times, but not owl, although now I’ve had another look at it, I can see it! The shape of the head maybe.

      Well I’m a pretty slow knitter so I wouldn’t be able to keep up if I got too many sales. What I’m aiming to do is build up a bit more stock over the warmer months, and then do more of a push on promoting it when we get to Autumn/winter.

      Thanks for the Print on Demand info, will check it out.


  10. Thank you for including both my books on your page. You’re a doll! I don’t know anything about the POD, sorry! Hopefully, another blogger wiser than I can help you (yeah, good luck there!). 😉

    Happy to follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Hope you get lotsa business! I am not a knitter, but I would love to learn. It looks so peaceful and homey.

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    • I didn’t even realise you had published the second book until I went looking for the info about the first to post – I don’t think you’ve really shouted about the second one have you? Of I’ve missed it if you have!

      Knitting’s very therapeutic. I like to watch a bit of TV or Netflix in the evening, but I always feel as if that’s time-wasting (we all struggle with allowing ourselves to relax don’t we!), but if I knit at the same time then I feel like I’m still doing something productive. We’ll see how it goes though, I’ve knitted on and off for years, but there’s often several years in between the bouts as I get fed up with it!


    • Oh and thank you for the follow!


  11. You are quite the introvert with many talents.

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  12. I love your random list of things to do! It’s better than letting them float around in your head waiting to be forgotten by another random thought when it starts getting too crowded in there. Sadly, my mind doesn’t know how to prioritize and usually bumps whatever random thought happened to be nearby. I find writing them all up and getting them out of my head is quite useful and allows more room for…more random thoughts!

    I did Google reproduction printing and came up with this link. They do POD and have quite a few options for paper and binding. It might be worth checking. and this company does vintage book printing but I don’t know if they do POD and lastly, there is this collection of reproduce books that are already available, perhaps your friend’s book is on the list.

    :D:D many thanks for the shout out on my book!

    Now, I’m off to look at knitted hats which I have absolutely no use for, living in Florida…but might perhaps come in handy if I were to travel to some colder climate. Travel, yes…(dreaming about visiting the United Kingdom)…ooh, I’d like that!

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    • I had to rescue your comment before it ended up in spam, phew that was close! I think it’s because you had three links in the post, WordPress got worried. Anyway, thanks for those, I’ll pass them on, I’m not sure what sites he’s checked out already.

      Well you could always order a hat and then come to the UK to collect your order in person! 🙂

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  13. I’ve used both blurb and Amazon’s CreateSpace for my novel, and at least blurb does photos, so PDFs of scanned pages might work. They likely couldn’t help reproduce the cover, though. If money is not an object, your friend may want to look into a specialist of facsimile editions. Here is one I found after a quick search:

    Good luck with the knitting projects! Those fluffy hats would look cool at any time of year. 🙂

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  14. Check your mailbox soon for a surprise!

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