Last Sunday of the Month – Views from my Bedroom Window

Well this post hasn’t turned out to be half as interesting as I’d hoped it would be when I planned it a year ago, but seeing as I did spend the whole year doing it, I’m jolly well going to post it! I give you a year of views from my bedroom window on the last Sunday of every month, for no particular reason (there are really only changes in light and foliage, not sure what I expected really). Anyway, I didn’t blog much in 2016 but I’m definitely planning to step it up again this year, and I’m certainly off to a great…a good…an average…well a start anyway…

View over fields, January 2016

Last Sunday in January 2016

View over fields, February 2016

Last Sunday in February 2016

View over fields, March 2016

Last Sunday in March 2016

View over fields, April 2016

Last Sunday in April 2016

View over fields, May 2016

Last Sunday in May 2016

View over fields, June 2016

Last Sunday in June 2016

View over fields, July 2016

Last Sunday in July 2016

View over fields, August 2016

Last Sunday in August 2016

View over fields, September 2016

Last Sunday in September 2016

View over fields, October 2016

Last Sunday in October 2016

View over fields, November 2016

Last Sunday in November 2016

View over fields, December 2016

Last Sunday in December 2016

Next year – views of my kitchen floor on the third  Tuesday of every month.


48 responses to “Last Sunday of the Month – Views from my Bedroom Window

  1. I like it. That’s awesome that you’re surrounded by so much country. My dream home wouldn’t have another house in sight, but living in southern CA, that’s a toughie. Crazy the change in grass color from July to August. Well, and June to July, really. Must’ve been a dry month. Did you take these pics at the same time of day every time too?

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  2. Ah, the kitchen will definitely give us more story than the trees. Brit wit–subliminally delicious.
    Happy New Year!🎈🎊

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  3. And the leaves come and go! October was foggy, for sure! But November and December had blue sky that would make Colorado proud! If that typical for Kent?

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    • Well Kent is one of the more sunny counties in England, but I think we’ve been extra lucky with blue skies this year, or last year I should say. Usually we’d have had a lot more grey and murky weather over the autumn/winter. I quite like the foggy view too actually, but not so fun to drive in!

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  4. Sweet. October was the only month that looked sort of gloomy and icky…but it gave your studio some variety…not just that lush, gorgeous green all the time (hee hee). Looking forward to the kitchen floor pics–as long as you don’t have mice. Then please, do some editing. 🙂

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    • Yes I was quite pleased that October at least looked significantly different! Well we do have pet mice, but hopefully they never end up in the kitchen, so we should be good 🙂

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      • I know there are mice around here too. During the last huge snowstorm, a mouse found himself trapped in my basement window well outside…which meant when I went in my hobby room, I could see him scampering to and fro trying to figure out a way to escape the steel well (which wasn’t going to happen anytime soon). My son felt bad for him and tried to go out with a shovel to help it escaped, but as soon as mousey saw him, he burrowed and we haven’t seen him again. Is it bad that I’m hoping he froze to death?

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  5. Christopher Lampton

    This is a great idea. The landscape changes color like in one of those newer computer games where the scenery responds to the time of day and weather. (I’ve been on a gaming jag lately and can only think in those terms. I’ll return to normal eventually.) You may have inspired me to try something similar, though I wish I’d taken photos of our front yard this year because we were having it landscaped and it’s gone literally from grassy plain to succulent-filled desert, our contribution to the war against drought in Southern California. Maybe I could do a sequence of the yard by time of day…

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  6. A great idea. Interesting how the pictures do change even slightly till the fall. It’s noticeable. I look forward to the next series from the kitchen window. Happy New Year, Vanessa. 🙂

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  7. All you’re missing is weather! We’ve got some here in Colorado.
    Happy New Year!

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  8. Is there a subtle dig in there somewhere about the state of the garden? …


  9. This was very cool, Vanessa! Thanks for posting!

    Did you have a stand for the camera? Because it looks like exactly the same framing, as one might get with a time-lapse set-up. I have always enjoyed seeing how the seasons change – or, if they change – over time from the same vantage point. This was a neat idea, one you should think about continuing into the new year. Maybe of the garden? 😉

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    • No I didn’t have a stand, it was just on my phone, and I tried to frame it closely similar each time based on the wall just under the window. Nah, I’m doing something different this year, but you’ll have to wait a year to find out what it is 🙂

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  10. I had the same idea, but looking out onto a lake near my former home. At least you did it. I like the pictures. The differences are subtle, which makes you look more closely at them. 🙂

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  11. Well it looks beautiful and ridiculously green all year long! Can’t wait for the kitchen floor scenes. Happy New Year!

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  12. Several thoughts as I scrolled down your photos. (1) Gorgeous open view of the country (2) Typically gray much of the time, huh? Although you do have more blue sky than I expected… (3) The trees are not growing as quickly as I thought they would. (4) In my weird mind, I did expect a little hobgoblin or elf to skitter through one of the shots, thinking no one would notice. Um, maybe you should keep this going. One of these days, I’m SURE a leprechaun or dwarfish creature like that will appear.
    And (5), glad you’re back!!

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  13. A lovely view no matter what the season! Looking forward to the kitchen floor too. 😁

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  14. That’s really cool! I am in awe of such a spirit of planning, and sadly aware that I’m already too late to do 365 days of ANYthing for 2017. Another fail.

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    • Well funnily enough Peg it’s because of my lack of planning that I did this project on the last Sunday of every month, because I didn’t think of it till near the end of January, otherwise I may have done the first Sunday of every month!


  15. I have enjoyed looking through these scenes.

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  16. Given how impossible planning of any sort is for me, I love cobbling on to yours. Who-hoo!

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  17. What a view! So much sky! October is my favorite. Or, if you must, favourite.

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  18. So neat! I was actually surprised not to see more rain, mist, and fog! 😉 I like how open the space is. Great view for writing!! Can’t waaaiiittt to see your kitchen floor.

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    • I don’t think our weather is always as bad as people think. It’s very variable, but in December I think we had more sunny days than grey days. And we only usually get a few foggy days in a year. But yeah we do get those periods of day after day of grey murky rainy weather, we just thankfully haven’t had any long stretches of that this winter so it’s easy to forget!


  19. I do like the sentiment of spending time examining the landscape and noting the changes. I’ve considered a similar weekly Sunday project of taking a picture and being mindful of the changes.


  20. Have to admit that November takes the cake. So mysterious and, well, moist. Always looking for alliteration. Thank you for seeing this project through. Cheers!


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