Nobody Wants to be Tuna

Drawing of a tuna by Vanessa

Yes, I drew this tuna

Is it too late to do a New Year’s Resolutions post? It kind of is, isn’t it. It’s just that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was going to be to blog more regularly, and I haven’t posted on here since early January, so you know, we’re doing well so far.

    • If it wasn’t too late, I was going to resolve to go back to posting once a week, and return to regular visits to the blogs I follow.
    • If it wasn’t too late, I was going to resolve to pick up that list of challenges  you all set me that I was supposed to do over the year, last year. I did a few of them, but not many.
    • If it wasn’t too late, I was going to resolve to finish some of my writing projects before starting new ones. Well, not just writing projects, many things.
    • If it wasn’t too late, I was going to resolve to exercise regularly throughout the year, and not just in the few months leading up to when I’m going to be seen scantily clad on a beach somewhere.
    • If it wasn’t too late, I was going to resolve to do some mass de-cluttering at home. There is far too much stuff around that simply isn’t needed. I hate clutter, I aspire to minimalism, but it constantly clashes with my fear that I will regret throwing something away.
    • If it wasn’t too late, I was going to resolve to do some other stuff that I simply can’t remember now because I’ve left it too late to note them down.

Alice in Wonderland's rabbit

In any case, I’ve previously mentioned how goal-setting really doesn’t work for me. I subscribe to the problem-solving approach to getting things done, rather than the goal or target setting approach. Thing is, I keep forgetting that, and keep setting myself goals; I don’t actually call them goals, but that’s what they are. And then I don’t achieve them. And resolutions are the same thing too, heck I didn’t even get as far as setting them, THAT’S how bad I am at achieving them.

But whatever we call them, and however we approach things, it’s generally a good idea to have some things to aim for. Otherwise we’re just tuna chunks sitting in a can of brine, waiting to be mashed up with mayonnaise, some freshly ground black pepper, maybe a squeeze of lemon, some chopped up pickles if that’s your thing, and placed between two slices of fresh crusty bread, ready to be eaten. And NOBODY wants to be tuna.

It’s not that I lounge around not doing much, it’s that I try to do too much (I’m fairly certain most of you can relate to that one). I have been really busy this year, both with work, and personally. I always imagine I can fit a lot more in than I can, and I forget to factor in some down time. I actually did write a book proposal for a cookery book I’m writing, and sent that off to a couple of publishers – I’m not going to say what the book is about yet, so don’t bother asking. But I was very pleased with myself that I got my act together on that one. And if that gets a positive response then I’ll definitely be focusing all my attention on that. I’ve also been doing some proofreading for a magazine which I’ve really enjoyed.

Additionally, Neil and I have been songwriting together and singing at a few open mic nights in pubs. Here’s a picture of one of those – you can see how the audience is totally engrossed in our performance; they’re glued to their seats…otherwise they’d have left (yes, I stole that joke from Dennis Pennis).


Vanessa and Neil at open mic nightAnyway, I hope you’re all well and I really will attempt to pop around and see what you’ve all been up to. Happy March everyone!


35 responses to “Nobody Wants to be Tuna

  1. Seriously most of your resolutions are the same as mine!!!
    I do need list. And goals. Without them I drift off like tumbleweed. But recently I have lost my diary which has all lists in it. I cannot find it anywhere. I am presently merrily going along in holiday mode. I keep thinking the book will turn up at some point, then I’ll realise I forgot a whole lot of appointments/presents/birthdays. #facepalm

    Good luck with your cookery book!!!

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  2. I’ve given up on the New Year’s resolutions as well. I just try to do something productive each day, and some days are better than others. And then I don’t have a list to beat myself up about.

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  3. Welcome back … and of course it’s not too late … then again, it seems open mic night took the main stage over blogging. Then again, as I like to say, life can get in the way of blogging. Keep smiling!

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    • Hi Frank! One of the reasons I do want to keep up the blogging (aside from enjoying the interactions with everyone) is that I do want writing to be part of my life, so not only does blogging give you that writing practice, but it’s also very helpful these days to have that platform out there if you want to get published etc isn’t it.

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  4. So much going on–go you! I think real-life always needs to take precedence over the online one. I love that you’re writing songs and that you sent off a book proposal. Best of luck with them both!

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  5. These could be early resolutions for 2018. That would put you well ahead of the game. Don’t force yourself to post once per week. Do it when the spirit moves you. Don’t turn it into a job.

    I hate clutter, too. We should form a support group and say bad things about my kids.

    I like your tuna. Too bad this touch screen isn’t scratch-n-sniff.

    It’s super-nice to see you. How about a video of you guys singing, PLEASE?

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    • Yes I’m not very good at forcing myself to do things! I used to be in a routine of posting about once a week, not a set day or anything, but roughly that and I would like to get back to that again but won’t force it.

      It was funny with the tuna pic because I drew it, took it a photo of it on my phone and then messaged it to myself so that I would have it on my laptop for the post, but I accidentally messaged it to a friend instead of myself, so he had this random drawing of a tuna come through from me!

      Well I’ve posted a couple of videos of us singing previously. There was a recent video taken at one of the open mic nights but I looked to stiff and rigid in it I don’t want to share that!


  6. I believe you stole into my house and plagiarized my list of resolutions, except for the list of challenges you had your readers give you. How cool that you are out there singing! And writing! And avoiding working out! You rock. And about that clutter thing, I did a massive purge around her in January and I don’t miss a thing!

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    • I have actually got back into exercising, I’ve started swimming again, and go to pilates classes, but of course this now counts as the few months leading up to beach time! It’s whether I can keep it up after the summer that will be the telling thing.


  7. Great to see you again! I want that tuna sandwich now, but then, I’m pregnant. Food always interests me these days. Good for you for sending off the book proposal! I can only imagine how great that must feel. And you’re putting yourself out there with the music. Regardless of the response, I’m sure it must be fun for you both. Maybe you get a few bub too? Do Brits still say “bub”?

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  8. Writing books and a musical career? Well I’d say you have achieved a great deal. I’m always happy to see you when you want to visit. I always tell folks who ask, please don’t ever visit because you feel you have to. That’s not what I would ever want. When you have a moment and think ‘I wonder what that crazy pair has been up?’ to pop on by.

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    • Well I’m not quite sure that singing at a few open mic nights in pubs counts as a musical career! But it’s certainly an achievement I’m quite proud of. I really don’t have a strong singing voice (that’s not just me being modest), and I’m not a confident singer, so to be able to go and sing in front of people like that, including some songs that I’ve written, does make me feel rather pleased with myself. And it’s a nice thing for Neil and I to do together. I’m always amazed by how many different things you and Dave do, and have done, it’s perfect that you both have such an adventurous spirit, it would be really hard if one did but not the other because everything would be a compromise for one or other of you!

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  9. You’ve cloned by brain, I’m sure of it!

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  10. Ha ha! Your this year sounds like my last year. But I have resolved to change it…this year, I am doing all the things I wanted to do last year…and it worked!

    I too am an absent blogger/reader for a lot of the same reasons. I found that concentrating on the most important ones and getting them done at least sets you up that by the end of the year, you feel you have accomplished something. It sounds like that’s what you’re doing with your cookbook and songwriting. For me it was publishing my children’s book…which I did accomplish last year…but that’s about all. I didn’t consider the year a total loss.

    This year, I am pleased to say…2nd book is at publisher’s now! 😀 😀
    And I plan to visit some of my blogging buddies this year…tickets purchased for two trips! This has been a dream of mine for several years, visiting blogger friends, that is. So, scrap the list and just do what is pulling at your heartstrings…it will be a blast for sure!

    So good to hear from you!

    BTW, sweet or dill pickles on that sandwich?

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  11. Blows me away that your community , me included I guess, loves you so that even after a month and a half of writing nada, we all show up!
    Good for you for the cookbook proposal. I think that beats all the best decluttering attempts. Yes, when we aspire to too much, we feel like we’re standing still. But truly, you are a racehorse.
    Yes to scrapping the freaking list and doing what interests you. That’s where the happiness lies.
    And yes to stopping by your favorite blogs! I’m still here posting Mon, Wed, and Fridays until I decided to do something else.
    Love to You and your open mike life,

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    • Hi Shalagh, ahh, you’re too kind! I’m amazed that you’ve managed to post so regularly for so long, without getting burned out or running out of things to say! That’s quite a feat in itself. I shall come right over now and visit…

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  12. Of course the crowd isn’t engaged. They can’t see your uvula from that distance! That’s the hook that draws them into your artistic world.

    On another note: *sigh* I totally understand the doing too much thing. My summer blog vacation lasted more than six months, which is a very long summer. And I am still not reliably pulling off weekly posts. So, you are not alone on that score. At least you found time to draw a tuna.

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    • My uvula, people are still discussing my uvula! Who’d have thought it would have generated such long term interest?

      When you’re in the flow of blogging a lot, you can feel like it’ll never end, and so when you lose that feeling, or when you take a break, it can be disheartening to find you’re not really feeling that thing any more when you try again! But yes, as the old saying goes – If you don’t have time to draw a tuna, you don’t have time for life.


  13. I am a goal-setter with some things and a problem-solver with others when I can’t figure out the ultimate goal I want to achieve. A great example is my blogging. I don’t know what I want my blog to ultimately accomplish. I knew at one time, but things have changed and I don’t have the same feeling about my blog that I used to. So, that’s a problem. And I’m currently solving the problem by writing posts just to keep it active. But that’s not effective in terms of making it count, you know? It’s pointless to write content with no objective. I’m spinning my wheels with it. Eventually, I will need to set an actual goal that will solve the problem that is my blog! Ack.

    I know you said you won’t tell us about your cookery book and I want you to know I think you’re being a big brat. 😛 We’ll find out soon, you know, and then who’s gonna get the last laugh?? So there!!

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    • I think in some ways the problem-solving approach and the goal-setting approach aren’t hugely different, it’s more about how you articulate it to yourself, and how you approach it. Like the problem-solving approach involves thinking about what you want to achieve as a series of little problems to solve, but where that can go wrong is if you think of it just as problems without knowing what you want to achieve (which is kind of where you’re at with your blog. Maybe you’re thinking that you need to figure out what you want your blog to be before you set the goal for it, but maybe the first goal could be that, just to figure out what you want it to be, and so you would think about what series of problems you need to solve in order to get yourself to that point). Similarly, with the goal-setting approach, where it falls down is if you set goals but then don’t have a proper plan about how to achieve them (and that’s what I do wrong when I set goals), the plan often takes the shape of several steps, but those steps might actually be problems, we just don’t think of them like that. For me, thinking about things as a series of little problems to solve, somehow enthuses me more and makes it seem more achievable because I like figuring out solutions to problems. You have to get past the idea of “problems” being a negative word though otherwise it just feels like a load of negative things to get over!

      I think I’ve built the cookery book up too much now for you! When we keep something secret people imagine it must be something incredible don’t they. It’s only because I get a bit paranoid about people stealing ideas, but maybe that’s just very big-headed of me to think the idea is so good that people would want to steal it! 😀


  14. How cool that you’re doing singing gigs – that’s a fabulous accomplishment! And I hope you use that tuna drawing for your cookbook. Looks like a cover shot for sure.

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    • The singing is a fabulous accomplishment in terms of me being pleased with myself that I have the confidence to do it, but I’m not sure the sound I make is fabulous! 🙂 Oh yes, I COULD use that tuna as a cover picture for the book, hmmm…


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