Do you have a spare 5 million? If so, I have a bargain for you

And I’m not joking. This really is a bargain (for those who have around £5M). For that, you could bag yourself Bleak House – the former summer home of Charles Dickens, and the very place where he wrote David Copperfield.

Bleak House

Imagine what a wonderful and inspirational place this would be to live in and run writers’ retreats at. I know this sounds like something that is going to lead to a punchline, but it isn’t. Plus it’s in a great location, right by the sea, so has wonderful sea views, and the icing on the cake is that it’s only about 20 minutes away from where I live, so I can come and visit you, (Yay! Right?).

Inside of Bleak House

I spotted the article about it in our local online newspaper (KM’s KentOnline) this week…

Article about sale of Bleak House

I would certainly dispute the last line on that snippet though – one of the most renowned, yes, but one of the most expensive, certainly not! There are plenty upon plenty of more expensive properties in the country. Take this example, a fourth floor apartment in one of London’s most prestigious areas, £25m, nearly five times as much as Bleak House…

London flat for sale

A very nice apartment, yes, a very nice location, sure, but does it come close to living in somewhere like Bleak House in Broadstairs? With its history? As I say, Bleak House is quite a bargain by comparison. Direct trains from Broadstairs into central London only take 1hr 20mins too, so it’s really quite perfect in every way.

And look at these other excerpts from the news article…

Excerpt from news article

See the bit in bold? A mere 3 years ago it was only £2m, and now it is £5m, wow! How much could it be worth in the future?

I genuinely can’t understand why millionaires aren’t racing to snap it up; it’s been on the market since October. And I’m also really surprised that it is just available for general sale for anybody to buy like that.

And look at this bit…

Excerpt from newspaper

It’s already operating as a business, geared up for bed and breakfast, so perfect for running those writers’ retreats, right? So who wants to come in on it with me? And when I say “Come in on it with me”, you need to put in all the money and I’ll…erm…help run the writers’ retreats. Ooh and I can make cakes too; writers need cakes.

Long term followers of this blog may just remember that I did a short video about this very house a few years ago when I was part of Limebird Writers. Here it is again… (sorry that it’s really hard to hear me during part of it because of the wind.)

So I did a video about it, and now it’s up for sale, that means it’s destined to be mine, right?

Would you buy this house if you had the money? Can I visit?


35 responses to “Do you have a spare 5 million? If so, I have a bargain for you

  1. Let me just grab my checkbook…

    Imagine living there! Imagine the stories it would fuel for our fiction. And perhaps the ghosts that would fuel it as well.

    Loved your video clip!

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  2. In a perfect world, you’d be doing those writers retreats and perhaps healing in other ways retreats there. With cakes! And all free of charge! Universe, help this woman!

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  3. I’m running out right now to put a bid on it! I especially like the idea of my own prison cells! (I also thought they misspelled “artefact,” but I looked it up and that’s a British spelling of “artifact.” Who knew?!!)

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  4. Sea views? And furnished with chairs and history. Who could want more.
    Buying lottery tickets….

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  5. I’ll check the couch for coins when I get home. I’m sure there will be enough.

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  6. What an amazing rags to riches turn around for Dickens. I’m surprised he made enough from his writing to afford that (though I realize it was cheaper back in the day). Still, seems most famous artist types don’t make their money until after they die!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just did a quick search, and he did start to make quite a bit of money as he progressed through his writing career, so maybe he was one of the lucky ones who managed to actually benefit financially from his success while he was still alive!


  7. I remember old Charlie well; it’s too bad that you didn’t ask ME for my ideas about his work as you did those in your video. Oh, the tales I could tell!

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  8. Awesome place, and not horribly priced – considering.

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  9. As I happen to not have $5mil in my pocket quite yet (waiting, like Carrie Rubin, to earn ‘book’ money from multiple sales, sometime in the near future, but perhaps not near enough to buy The BLEAK House), I offer to be one of the writing instructors for your Writing Retreat. And yes, I think your idea of a perpetual writing retreat in the house where Dickens wrote one of his masterpieces, a brilliant idea. I teach Creative Writing for Fun on both coasts of the U.S. – I think it’s now time to bring my lessons and exercises over the pond to the gorgeous country of England, inspired and perhaps cheerfully haunted by Dickens. So count me in, please.

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  10. Are you on commission?

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  11. They should call it something else. It lacks je ne sais quoi and curb appeal.

    Those flats in Mayfair cost a lot because of their opulence but also because when you step out the door, you’re in Mayfair. Same thing in Manhattan. Crappy little flats. It’s what’s outside your door is what makes it so expensive. Nice VID.

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    • What, they should call it something other than the name of one of his novels? 🙂

      Yes I appreciate why those flats are so expensive, and under different circumstances I would love one. I’m a London gal, I was born and grew up there, but now, the position I’m in in life, the Dickens mansion suits me better!


  12. Don’t you think we could all pool our resources and us it as a kind of timeshare?

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  13. Well you know how I adore you on video but no I wouldn’t but it. Do you know how many places I could travel with that kind of cash? 🙂

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