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I’m a Writer at Now

A few weeks ago I applied, and was accepted, to be one of the writers at Below are the first four articles I wrote for them. All four of these are article ideas and titles that the lifehack guys came up with, and I just wrote, but I also have a couple of my own article ideas pitched to them, waiting for approval. Plus I’ve completed a couple of other articles for them which are waiting to be edited and published.

It’s not a paid position, but it is good exposure – the first article I wrote for them, (the beach one), which was published on 29 May, has received over 60,000 shares at the time of writing this. They won’t all be like that, the supermarket one which was published three days later has only received about 150 shares. I say “only” but if one of my posts on this blog was shared 150 times, I’d be thrilled to bits! There’s a wide variance in how much the articles are shared, you just never know which ones will snowball. The most recent one, about fearless mindsets, which was published on Saturday seems to be starting quite strongly with several hundred shares so far in the first couple of days.

Aside from the exposure, and probably more importantly for me, it’s a good writing discipline because I’m writing to a spec and to a deadline, so it keeps me writing, and I’m finding it all very enjoyable.  I also have to search out the photos to accompany the articles, and so far this has taken me longer than the actual writing, trying to find the ideal photo each time, but hopefully I’ll get quicker on that. Anyway, here are the four so far, in the order they were published, if you fancy reading any of them…

18 Things Only People Who Live By The Beach Understand
Girl on beach

It Is Now Illegal For Supermarkets To Throw Away Food In France
French supermarket

24 Old English Terms You Should Start Using Again

10 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Have A Fearless Mindset


Photo credits: on individual linked article pages.


I’ve Had Two More Articles Published

Regular readers of my blog will know that whenever I have an article published, I post it on here. I would like to point out that this isn’t just so that I can show off, no, that’s only PART of the reason. The other reason is so that I can file them all under ‘Published’ at the top of the page and then I have a nice handy dandy link to send people when I want to show them examples of my work. Shall I get on with it now?

Firstly, a music article I wrote for the Canterbury Index magazine, ‘Sounds of the City’. Note also how it is the main featured article on the cover (I’m not showing off or anything) –

Index Mag Oct 2012 CoverMusic article Oct 2012

And if you can’t read it from the picture, then the online version is available here, pages 12/13:

Secondly, an article in the general women’s interest section of Parent Guide News, ‘Beware of the Frenemy’. I have Nicola Davies to thank for getting this one. Thank you Nicola!

Oct Cover of Parent Guide NewsFrenemy article

And the direct link for that one:

That’s all folks!

Two more of my articles published

I have two articles in the September 2012 issue of the Canterbury Index magazine. The first is a look at some of the history of pubs in and around Canterbury. The second is an interview article with the wonderful comedian, writer and broadcaster, Jon Holmes. As always, click on the pictures to open up a bigger version…

Front cover of the Canterbury Index magazine

Article about historical pubs in Canterbury

Article about Jon Holmes

You can go to the online version of the magazine by clicking on the link below. The pubs article is on pages 10-11, and the Jon Holmes one is on page 13:

My latest published article – Stephen Hussey

You may have read the post I wrote for the Limebird Writers site last week – Interviewing for Magazine Articles. Well, here is an example of an article I have written which was based on an interview. This has just been published in the June 2012 edition of the Canterbury Index magazine. The article is about Stephen Hussey, the founder of the Urban Soul Orchestra. An extremely interesting and talented man.

Canterbury Index June 2012 coverArticle about Stephen Hussey

If you can’t read it properly above, you can go direct to the online version of the magazine here, the article is on page 43:

Beer and stone and charities

Well here are my latest published articles for the Canterbury Index magazine. I wrote two articles for the May issue which is just out – a Charity of the Month article about the homeless charity ‘Catching Lives’, and a VIP (Very Important Person) article about Richard Frost, the Head Brewer at the Shepherd Neame Brewery. For the April issue I wrote a Charity of the Month article about the ‘Canterbury Oast Trust’, a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities, and a VIP article about Heather Newton who is Head Stonemason at Canterbury Cathedral. As always, clicking on the article image will open up a bigger version, but if you still can’t read it you can follow the links below the articles to the online copy of the magazine.

Cover of the Canterbury Index May 2012 editionCanterbury Oast Trust articleRichard Frost article

Cover of Canterbury Index April 2012 editionArticle about the charity Catching LivesArticle about Heather Newton

May issue, articles on pages 7 and 8: Canterbury Index May 2012 issue

April issue, articles on pages 9 and 10: Canterbury Index April 2012 issue

As always, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to talk to such varied and interesting people about their lives and work, and I would certainly say that getting a tour round a brewery is the type of research I could get used to!

Chocolate and beautiful gardens

Here are the latest two ‘Day in the life’ articles I wrote for the Canterbury Index magazine. The first was published in the February edition and the second in March. You should be able to view a larger (readable!) version of the articles by clicking on them, but If not, I’ve posted a link to the online version of the magazines below the pictures. One of the best things about writing these articles is getting to interview such varied and interesting people. Then the challenge is trying to capture the essence of what they do in only 250 words.

Canterbury Index magazine cover Feb 12Magazine article about Sandrine May

Canterbury Index magazine March 23 coverMagazine article about Lesley Dawes

Direct links:

Canterbury Index February 2012 – Article is on page 17

Canterbury Index March 2012 – Article is on page 48

Homeless doesn’t mean hopeless

My next ‘Day in the life of…’ article has now been published in the Canterbury Index magazine. This time it is Mike Barrett, the Chief Executive of the charity Porchlight which supports homeless and vulnerable people in Kent. Mike was very interesting to speak with, and I could have written 10 times the permitted 250 words! Either click on the picture of the article below to make it bigger, or go to page 39 of the online version here:

December cover page of Canterbury Index magazineArticle about a day in the life of Mike Barrett

She was the one from Jonny Briggs

My first article in the Canterbury Index magazine has been published. The article is on page 39 ‘One Day in the Life of…Sue Devaney’, so if you can’t read it well enough by clicking on the image of the article below, then here is the link to the online version of the magazine:

Sue was lovely and charming to interview, and having been a big fan of Jonny Briggs as a kid, I was somewhat starstruck (but I think I hid it well). Some may know her better from Coronation Street or Dinnerladies. Whether she is known to you or not, if you’re in Canterbury this Christmas season, do pop down to the Marlowe Theatre to see her in what I’m sure will be a fabulous performance of Cinderella.

December Index Canterbury magazine coverMagazine article about Sue Devaney

Tackling disadvantage in university applications

University guide for studentsUniversity guide for staff
Research commissioned by Aimhigher Kent and Medway (AHKM) in 2010, identified that widening participation students may be disadvantaged in the university application process, when compared to some of their peers. Additionally, the wealth of information on the internet can be overwhelming if students are not given the proper guidance and support to work through it. AHKM decided to produce a guide for students which addresses some of these gaps, as well as a guide for the staff in schools and colleges who support these students through the process. I was tasked with researching and writing these guides and as part of this I consulted and interviewed widely in order to both identify the main areas of weakness, and to recognise best practice. At the time of writing this, the guides are being printed, ready to send out to schools and colleges in early September. Download electronic versions here:
(Oh, and if you’re wondering about the different last name of the author, it’s because Chapman is my maiden name that I am gradually returning to…)