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My Daughter’s Cake on TV, Plus, What the?…Ewwww!!!!

Ewww gif

The reaction GIF relates to the second item on my post today. You’ll see.

Couple of things for you today. First up, last Friday, a cake my daughter made appeared on the BBC’s “The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice”, in their failed bakes section. Yep, our motto is – if you fail at something, don’t hide it away, put it up for public ridicule! We’re highly delighted by the appearance of her cake on the show, as I’m sure you will be too when you watch it. Here’s the clip:

Next up, and let me make it perfectly clear that is second thing is in no way whatsoever, whichsoever, or howsoever, related to the first thing. Have you heard of the UroClub? It’s been around for a few years apparently but I hadn’t heard of it until I was unfortunate enough to encounter it on my Facebook timeline. At first I thought it was a joke, actually I’m still hoping that it is, but I have a horrible feeling it isn’t…

Apparently, not having anywhere to pee while you’re on the golf course is a big problem. It turns out that running off to pee in the woods is frowned upon (well I wish someone had told me sooner, not that I play golf, but I mean in general). And so some bright spark has invented a golf club that you can pee into. Yes really. Or that men can pee into at least, so far there thankfully isn’t a female version. The top half of the club is a hollow tube with a screw cap on the end. It even comes with a handy clip-on privacy towel to cover over your crotch area. They describe it as discreet. Discreet? I don’t think so, it’s bordering on obscene. Here it is in action:

Uroclub being usedAnd here are the instructions from the website:

Uroclub instructions

I can’t help noticing they’ve missed out quite a vital stage in the instructions, the stage that would go in between step 2, and step 3. I’d like to see a golfer doing that part discretely; hands fumbling around under the towel. Well I wouldn’t ACTUALLY like to see it, but you know what I mean.

The website tells us “The UroClub™ is intended to eliminate anxiety and any feeling of uneasiness on the course” Right, because peeing into a tube while people are standing around watching, waiting for you to take your shot and wondering why you’ve just clipped a towel over your crotch, is totally going to make you feel at ease. The website also says “Imagine, giving the appearance of taking a practice swing, while both privately and confidentially, you are able to relieve yourself without any embarrassment” Wait, so now they expect you to be swinging it while you’re peeing too. Really, I would rather see someone go off into the woods to pee than this. To clarify again, I wouldn’t ACTUALLY like to see it.

And here is the link to the website itself in case you can’t quite believe it and want to see it for yourself https://www.uroclub.com/ and if you really want to see more, you can seek out the commercial for it too on YouTube. I did.

Have you seen any surprising inventions lately? Or have you tried to bake a cactus cake that didn’t go to plan and was subsequently shown on national television?


Sweets For My Sweet…

I have an announcement. Drum roll please…

Are you ready? Here goes…I have started up a second blog! Da Daaaa!!! I know what you’re thinking; this is madness, to give myself something else to fit in to my busy schedule. That’s what you’re thinking, right? You’re probably right, but let me explain…

Back in September I wrote a post entitled ‘What DO you do about fudge that hasn’t set?’ That post has ended being my most visited post of all time. The post features quite high up on the list if you type things like ‘why hasn’t my fudge set’ into Google (or it does on the UK Google when I’ve tried it anyway). In December alone that fudge post received 676 views, which I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty high for a three month old post. Obviously December is a big fudge-making month, what with Christmas ‘n all, but even before December, and now post-Christmas, not a day goes by without several visits being made to that page.

I found myself thinking that I should do more for all these people who are coming here wanting fudge advice. WordPress advise doing follow-up posts if you have very popular posts, and I considered that, but in the end I decided to set up a completely separate blog, not just about fudge, but about all kinds of sweet things. I’ve called in Sugarness – see how clever that is? ‘Sugar’ because it’s about sweet stuff, and ‘Ness’ because that’s short for Vanessa! (Yes, I am rather pleased with myself about the name. I’m going to say it again…Sugarness). You can go and check it out here – http://sugarness.com/ Or by clicking on the screen grab image of it here:

Screen grab of Sugarness site

I set it up on 1 January, so there’s not a whole lot on there yet, and I’m still tinkering with the layout and the widgets and the oojamaflips, but seeing as a few people have already found it and ‘liked’ the two posts I’ve put up, I thought I’d better officially unveil it. It has two followers already, yay! Both my children enjoy cooking and baking, so it’s something I can get them involved with. I’m also hoping that as the site grows, people will submit recipes etc to me, so that I don’t have to do ALL the work (that’s a hint by the way; info on how to submit recipes is on the ‘Get Involved’ page on the site). Anyway, we shall see how it goes, it’s all quite fun so far.

And speaking of drum rolls, I completely forgot to announce the winner of the Amazon gift card I gave away on my author chat post. I didn’t forget to do the draw; I put all the names in my son’s cycle helmet and got him to draw one out, and he drew out littlemisswordy I did let her know, and bought her the gift card, so I did all that malarkey, but I just forgot to announce it on here for anyone who might have been waiting anxiously to hear! So anyway, congratulations littlemisswordy!

Yep, I think that’s all my announcements. You can put the drum away for now.

My week in pictures

I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, but I do like to try and digitally capture our lives as we go along. I thought I would select a few photos from this, a fairly random week, to show my week in pictures.

So, firstly we baked…

A plate of cupcakesBread and flapjacks

The cupcake decorating was my daughter’s handiwork. The three of us decorated cakes, but hers were the most photogenic. I am solely responsible for the slightly odd bread with the split in the side, hence the strategic placing of it in front of the bread bin in the hope that the word will help identify what it is. In the tub are flapjacks.

On Tuesday I was privileged to have been one of the judges for an art competition at the Turner Contemporary gallery (although not quite as grand as being a judge for the Turner Prize which my friend mistakenly thought I meant when I told her about my judging experience!). As you will no doubt know, Turner was famous for painting sunsets and so it was fitting that I should photograph a sunset from the gallery window on that judging evening…

A sunset across the sea

My daughter photographed her eye. A slightly strange inclusion in this post perhaps, however photography is something she is becoming more and more interested in, so I wanted to include one of her pics from this week. It’s also the only photo in this post taken on a proper camera rather than my phone…

A close up of eye

On Thursday I got to dress up as a welder for the filming of a DVD that I am in. You may think this is a very unglamorous picture, but I’m sure you will change your mind when I tell you that what you can’t see are the high-heeled strappy shoes I was wearing…

Vanessa dressed as a welder

My son’s school football team made it to the final, and Saturday morning was the match. They didn’t win, but it didn’t matter, they were pleased to have made it to the final and it was a good game. Plus they got medals and cookies. My son is in yellow, in the middle of the photo, just left of the ref…

School football game

After a dull and misty morning, it brightened up and I got the barbeque out. Ok, it’s just a little disposable one that I had knocking around from last summer, but it did the job. After eating we made a volcano…

Vanessa cooking on barbequeSon making a volcano

Sunday we took a little trip to the visitor centre at the Hornby trains factory which isn’t too far from us. They also make Scalextric and Corgi cars. The visitor centre is a mini museum with a couple of hands-on sets to try. My son has wanted to go there for a while; my daughter didn’t, so we took the opportunity to go whilst she was at a friend’s…

Son playing on Scalextric set

A pretty good week I would say. How was yours?