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Do You Know The Man They Call Frank?


At the end of last year I asked you all for suggestions/challenges for fun frivolous things I could do this year, which I could photograph or video to show here. Not content with seeing the earlier torturous time I went through writing and recording myself reciting a poem for Jilanne, Frank from A Frank Angle challenged me to write and recite a poem for him. Just to add a bit of zazz (that’s a word right?), he specified that I need to dress up like the queen, and impersonate her while reading it. I could have ignored his request, after all I hadn’t promised to do ALL the challenges I was set. But Frank’s request was different, it was a request that I do this for his birthday, which is today, so I could hardly refuse!

I’m not sure I can pull off an impersonation of the queen (I certainly can’t pull off an impersonation of a good poet!), but working on the (probably unjustified) impression I have that Americans think we Brits all sound like the queen anyway, I’m just going to use my own voice. There are some limits as to how far I’m willing go in making a fool of myself around here. I get some marks for the costume though right?

Happy birthday Frank!