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Last Sunday of the Month – Views from my Bedroom Window

Well this post hasn’t turned out to be half as interesting as I’d hoped it would be when I planned it a year ago, but seeing as I did spend the whole year doing it, I’m jolly well going to post it! I give you a year of views from my bedroom window on the last Sunday of every month, for no particular reason (there are really only changes in light and foliage, not sure what I expected really). Anyway, I didn’t blog much in 2016 but I’m definitely planning to step it up again this year, and I’m certainly off to a great…a good…an average…well a start anyway…

View over fields, January 2016

Last Sunday in January 2016

View over fields, February 2016

Last Sunday in February 2016

View over fields, March 2016

Last Sunday in March 2016

View over fields, April 2016

Last Sunday in April 2016

View over fields, May 2016

Last Sunday in May 2016

View over fields, June 2016

Last Sunday in June 2016

View over fields, July 2016

Last Sunday in July 2016

View over fields, August 2016

Last Sunday in August 2016

View over fields, September 2016

Last Sunday in September 2016

View over fields, October 2016

Last Sunday in October 2016

View over fields, November 2016

Last Sunday in November 2016

View over fields, December 2016

Last Sunday in December 2016

Next year – views of my kitchen floor on the third  Tuesday of every month.


Meeting Another Blogger

Vanessa with JM

Last week I met one of my bestest blogging pals from the States for the first time, jmmcdowell, hurrah! I had heard a few months before that she and her husband were planning a trip to England, so of course I insisted on a meeting. She tried to put me off with cries of “Oh but surely you’re far too busy!” But no. I wasn’t. And so she had no choice. Leading up to the day I was excited and a little nervous about meeting her, not that there was anything particular about her that would make me nervous, but as an introvert, meeting new people is always a bit scary! Would I be awkward and stuck for things to say? Would I chatter on incessantly in an overcompensating-for-my-introvertedness way and not let her get a word in? Would JM be happy with the British weather and British food during her visit (both of which I obviously felt personally responsible for. Thankfully both weather and food were fine thus far at the time of our meeting. Phew), but most importantly, would those people on the table behind us mind being in our photo?

I needn’t have worried. Both JM and her husband were lovely, and it was a pleasure for Neil and I to meet both of them, there were no awkward silences and hopefully I didn’t chatter on maniacally too much (I’m sure JM would be far to gracious to say anything if I had!). It was early on in their trip when we met them, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing how the rest of it went. I won’t say anything about where we met, or what they did on their trip because I think JM will want to talk about what they did on her own blog, so look out for that any day now (no pressure JM to get on and post about it quickly ok? Just ANY DAY NOW is fine). Meeting a blogger that I’ve been following and reading for a long time felt a bit like meeting a celebrity – JM likened it to meeting a pen pal which is also a good comparison. So kind of like meeting a celebrity pen pal. There.

Have you met any fellow bloggers before? Or any celebrities? Or any pen pals? Or any blogging celebrity pen pals?