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Is This Hat Ridiculous Enough Carrie?

Vanessa in a colander hat

If you missed my last post because you were Christmasly absent, you still have time to enter to win a prize! In short I’m asking people to suggest silly, frivolous things I can do over the year, and show on my blog. Carrie Rubin suggested that I count the new year in down from 10, and then finish with a tuck jump, wearing a ridiculous hat.

Well ok then! Here is the video of me doing that – for obvious reasons it had to be done in one take, so it’s not…erm…COMPLETELY perfect. First the video starts from me counting 9 not 10, secondly I seem to be having trouble holding up the right number of fingers as I count down, next my tuck jump is rather pathetic, and finally my son interpreted in his own way my request that he throw a handful of sparkly stars over me at the end. But at least it was fun, and that was the objective!

If you want to join in, and be in with a chance of winning, you have until 15 January to do so, pop back over to the previous post and leave your suggestion in the comments there (but don’t forget to leave a comment here first about how hilarious you found the video, not for my benefit you understand, just so that Carrie feels her suggestion was appreciated! Yep, that’s the reason, for Carrie’s benefit, I’m fine, but she needs that kind of reassurance you know).

What fun have you had so far this year?


10 Minutes More (and a Chance to Win a Prize!)

New Year 1950

After swimming a couple of months ago, I was showering next to two people (don’t worry, this post isn’t going in THAT sort of direction, I’m just setting the scene). The guy was in his 60s I guess, and he was chatting to a woman.

(I’ll get to the prize thing in a minute, stay with me).

She asked him if he still swam for an hour every day, and he replied that he now swims for an hour and 10 minutes every day. He went on to tell her that he had made a decision in his life a while back to give everything an extra 10 minutes. “If I can swim for an hour, I can swim for an hour and 10 minutes right?” he said, “If I can work in my garden for two hours then I can do it for two hours and 10 minutes. If I can do my paperwork for half an hour then I can do it for 40 minutes, see?” He explained that giving everything just that little bit more time, pushing himself just that little bit more, made him feel generally more satisfied with himself and with what he was achieving.

As we head towards the end of 2015, many people will be thinking of new year’s resolutions. We all know that most new year’s resolutions are likely to be abandoned before January is out, but that doesn’t stop many of us setting some anyway. What that man in the shower said has stayed with me, and my resolution therefore is going to be to give things 10 minutes more. It doesn’t always have to be a literal 10 minutes of course, it’s about giving things just a little bit more effort, a little bit more focus, a little bit more time. Generally when we think we’re done, we could probably give it just a little bit more. All those little bits should add up to a lot right?

So that’s my sensible, but not very exciting resolution. My other resolution is to do more silly frivolous fun things, just because. So here is where the prize thing comes in. I’m giving away a £10 (or your equivalent, e.g. $15 US), Amazon gift certificate. All you have to do is suggest something fun or silly I can do, if it’s challenging then so much the better. It does need to be something that I can practically do and that I can evidence having done with a photo or video on the blog. Anyone who suggests something in the comments will go into the random drawing for the prize, your suggestion doesn’t have to be a good one to be in with a chance of winning. Additionally I will aim to do as many of the suggestions as I can over the year.

You have until 15 January to enter. I’m giving quite a long time because some people are away from the blogs until the new year, so I’ll post a reminder at some point. And Happy New Year to you all!

photo credit: 78/100: Drink via photopin (license)

It’s Time to Play Again!

Fairground ducks

We previously had such fun playing the Five Truths and One Lie game on here. Do you remember? So I thought we’d play it again. Last time, the prize I gave was to write a poem for the winner and record myself reciting it (prizes don’t get much better than that right?). Darla from She’s a Maineiac won last time:

I thought I’d do a different prize this time, but couldn’t think of anything good, so I’m doing the same prize again.

Here we are then, five truths and one lie about things from my past. Tell me in the comments which one you think is the lie. If more than one person gets it right, there will be a random drawing. If nobody gets it right, I will do a poem for the person who I think gave the best reasoning for their answer.

Only one guess per person folks. You have until this time next week. Ready? Go…

1.  When I was a child I used to think that horses made that clip clop noise with their mouths rather than with their hooves. I think it was probably because when people pretend to be horses they often make that noise with their mouths.

2.  When I was about 22/23 I went out shopping with my slippers on, and didn’t notice until I was in the shopping mall, and so quickly popped into a shoe shop to buy an emergency pair. I spent rather too long browsing, and after a while was approached by two policemen who spoke to me in kind tones, smiling and glancing at my slippers, telling me it was time to go back to the centre. I wasn’t quite sure what centre they were talking about, but I eventually managed to persuade them that I didn’t need to go back to any centre, and had simply made a footwear error!

3.  In my early 20s I had a makeover done in a magazine. This was my first experience of discovering that magazine/newspaper writers can completely make things up. They printed a supposed quote from me saying “I never thought my hair could look like this, I’ve got curls!” Seriously, who talks like that? (Try saying it out loud).

4.  I was extremely greedy as a small child, and one of the ways this manifested itself was that I used to sneak tubs of margarine out of the fridge and eat them with a spoon. My parents used to find empty tubs of margarine hidden in my room.

5.  When I was about 11/12 (1981/2) a well-known TV comedian kissed me on the mouth backstage after a live show, not in a creepy secretive way, but in a joke way. He did that thing of pointing at his cheek for a kiss and then turning his head at the last second when I went to kiss his cheek. It’s a real sign of how times have changed because there were other adults around, everyone laughed, it was no big deal, and I wasn’t bothered by it (other than feeling a bit silly that he’d tricked me). Now when I look back at it I find it a bit inappropriate, but back then it all seemed quite normal. I’m not going to name him because he’s still a well known personality and these things can get blown out of proportion, it was innocent at the time.

6. When I was five I went on a trip to Malta with my Mum, and we took a ride on a horse-drawn carriage. My head got bashed repeatedly throughout the trip by something hard sticking out of the carriage. It hurt so much I was having to fight back the tears, but I didn’t say a word about it, because I was embarrassed to in front of the man driving (is “driving” the right word?). A couple of days later, I fell down some marble stairs outside the hotel and cut the back of my head pretty bad, I still have the scar. It wasn’t a good trip for my head!

If you’re short of posting ideas, why not do a Five Truths and One Lie game on your blog? If you do, let me know so that I can come and play yours!

photo credit: Sutton Coldfield Carnival 2012 via photopin (license)

I would have way more time to do cool stuff if I didn’t spend so long…

Gogglebox Steph and Dom

I would have more time to receive baking certificates from Gogglebox’s Steph and Dom (This won’t be impressive to those of you outside of the UK I know, but trust me, Steph and Dom are cool!)

Ever wonder why you don’t have more time to do all the really cool stuff you want to do? These are some of the time-wasting things that stop me doing more of the cool stuff I’m doing in the photos…

– Looking for my keys.
– Looking for a pen.
– Looking for my phone.
– Untangling wires and wondering why the world isn’t more wireless by now.
– Trying to decide what to wear.
– Lamenting over having nothing to wear.
– Trying to decide what to eat.
– Trying to decide what to watch on Netflix.

Still from a film

I would have more time to be in films like this one (yes that’s me in the dark glasses). It’s uncanny how we look EXACTLY like the girls from Sex and the City right?

– Pairing socks (and wondering why socks from the same pairing age at different rates).
– Sitting in traffic (in the car you understand).
– Trying to entice my cats to come indoors (and believing that reasoning with them will help).
– Waiting for things to stop buffering.
– Waiting on hold on the phone (and making increasingly loud scoffing noises each time the recording tells me how important my call is to them).
– Answering unwanted marketing calls (and wishing I was brave enough to do some of those joke things people do to those callers).
– Trying to decide what to read and changing my mind too many times, thus cutting into my actual reading time.

Dog selfie

I would have more time to take selfies with dogs. I don’t have a dog, but taking selfies with other people’s dogs is cool.

– Playing with the settings on my phone, and then changing them back to the settings I had in the first place.
– Staring at envelopes that come in the mail for me for far too long trying to work out who they might be from before actually opening them.
– Rummaging through the freezer hoping there might be a tub of Ben & Jerry’s I’d forgotten about in there.
– Rummaging through the kitchen cupboards hoping there might be some chocolate I’d forgotten about in there.
– Rummaging through various jacket pockets and bags hoping there might be some cash I’d forgotten about so that I can go and buy ice-cream and chocolate…unless…let me just go check the freezer again, I didn’t actually pull the drawers right out and look behind them…

Vanessa and Neil in front of tractor

I would have more time to sit in front of tractors (yes, sitting in front of tractors IS cool. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it!)

– Looking at YouTube videos of cats and dogs doing cute and hilarious things…oh no wait, that IS one of the cool things I wish I had more time to do.
– Examining clothes scattered on my kids’ bedroom floors, trying to figure out if they are for the laundry or the wardrobe.
– Looking at stationery, imagining what I could write in those gorgeous hardback notebooks, or store in those beautiful files, oh and look at that textured paper, and that cute little set of art deco patterned paper clips! (come on, who doesn’t love stationery?).
– Planning little projects at home that I know I will never get around to.
– Googling trivia that neither matters, nor will be retained by me.
– Writing grocery shopping lists that will have completely disappeared by the time I actually need them, only to resurface after the shopping is done.

Camel balls

I would have more time to scour the shops for hilarious candy like this.

What time-wasting things stop you from spending more time doing really cool stuff?

Fun and Frolics with Food

I wanted to be sure that those of you who don’t follow my Sugarness food blog wouldn’t miss out on seeing the fun I had with this five-minute cooking video I made with my film-making friend, Stacey Morgan, from Morganic Films, and my partner Neil. You’re welcome. Do you think someone will give me my own cookery show after this? They’re bound to, right? RIGHT?!

So, Who Identified the Truths Correctly?

Last week we played five truths and one lie on here, and lots of you had a go at guessing. I can now reveal that the lie was…the juggling! I’m afraid I cannot juggle five balls. It’s true that juggling is a skill I would love to have, but I don’t have it. Seven of you guessed correctly, and the randomly selected winner from those was Darla from She’s a Maineiac! Hurrah, congrats Darla!

I’ll give a bit of a run down on the list in a moment, but first, as promised, here is your prize Darla, a poem written and recited for you, by me…

The run down on the votes was:

1) The juggling, 7 votes.
2) The knitting, 12 votes.
3) The Piccadilly line, 3 votes.
4) The scary sea experiences, 3 votes.
5) The changing schools tale, 7 votes.
6) The stand-up comedy, 2 votes.

Regarding the knitting – this one received the highest votes, with several of you saying that you just don’t see me as a knitter. I figured this one would receive the highest votes because I don’t really see myself as a knitter either! And yet I love it. As I mentioned, I just don’t have time to do it these days, which is probably why it’s never come up on my blog. My grandmother was a great knitter and she taught me when I was a young child, so maybe there’s something comforting about knitting that reminds me of happy childhood memories with her.

Regarding the Piccadilly line – yes, I know it off by heart. It’s not the most interesting of party tricks to watch, so it’s best just done in my head.

Regarding the scary sea experiences – not much to say here, they happened as described!

Regarding the changing schools tale – this one received quite a few votes. It seems that several of you believed I could do that but you found it hard to believe that anyone would allow me to change schools without parental approval. I know, it is pretty hard to believe, and yet they did! We’re talking 30 years ago though, I doubt that could happen today.

Regarding the stand-up comedy – yes, I twice put myself through it. I’m pleased only two of you voted for that one though, or I’d have been all insecure like “Nobody thinks I’m funny enough!!!” The reason I did it a second time even though I found the first time unbearably nerve-wracking was that I wanted to see if the second time around the enjoyment would go up and fear would go down. It kind of did, but not enough to make me want to pursue it further. I’m not saying I would definitely never do it again, but I don’t think I would.

Well, congrats again to Darla, if you don’t already follow her fabulous blog, then go check her out, tell her Vanessa sent you. And if you have a go at this game, do let me know so that I can come and have a play!